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Mission name: Sword Maintenance
Mission rank: D
Objective: Clean and maintain a swordsman's blade
Location: Kumo (general)
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: A wealthy and once great (not really, but he likes to tell everyone he was) swordsman can't be bothered to find time to clean his prized katana these days between drinking and attending parties. However, he still needs it to be shiny to impress the slow-witted people with whom he associates. Perform maintenance on the sword and polish it up for display. Submitted with the mission was a special request that only swordsman who could appreciate the true value of a masterpiece like his precious blade and his unmatched grace need apply. While the second point may prove to be an impossibility, the first stands. Only shinobi who have taken the kenjutsu specialty in some form may participate in this mission
Mission details: The owner of the blade (appearance is entirely your choice) is an enormous waste of perfectly good oxygen. He fancies himself a samurai, but has never actually participated in a fight and only has a sword because he comes from a wealthy family. Will brag about fights he has never been in. Upon arriving to maintain the sword you will be informed that you need to have the blade ready for presentation in less than an hour as he is throwing a party and needs to show off his sword.

It had been a long night for Tomohiro. The night had been filled with rigorous training and he wished it could have waited for a night that didn't involve him going on a mission. The mission seemed like it wasn't worth anything. Though, the bills had to get paid somehow. He yawned every couple of feet or so from his tiredness. The air this morning was slightly cooler than he anticipated. The dawning sun streaked across the sky with deep shades of orange and purple. Tomohiro wore his traditional attire with his straw kasa covering his currently matted morning hair. His sword attached to his hip as he finally started to adjust to it's weight.

The mission was straight forward for the most part. He was to clean and maintain another swordsman's blade. Due to Tomohiro growing up with a clan of swordsman and kenjutsu users, he wasn't sure of what respectable blades-man would let another individual clean their blade. Tomohiro's father would barely even let him look at his blade nevertheless touch it. It could have been just his family, but he was a bit uncertain about it. Tomohiro would respectably clean the man's blade, but he wouldn't have any respect for the man himself. Respect had to be earned and he wasn't to keen on showing random people who were all talk and nothing to show for it.

The proprietor of the mission was someone who like to brag about his accomplishments. He called himself some big shot samurai. Though, he could never give any names of he defeated or battles he fought in to bring truth to his words. This man was truly a disgrace to swordsman everywhere. The very thought of the man made Tomohiro's skin crawl. Out of all of the missions he accepted, why did this guy have to be one of the most dishonest clients he heard of. Tomohiro wish that he could just challenge the man to show the man that he was a fraud, but thought better of it.

He tightened the grip on his blade as he approached the man's residence. It was a small manor that had a flower bed split by a path to the front entrance. Tomohiro walked through the iron gate and moved toward the front of the house. He knocked a couple of times to no answer. Tomohiro grunted before knocking a minute or so later. A young woman in a maid attire greeted him at the door with a smile. Tomohiro didn't really care for maid outfits. He was more of a two piece bathing suit kind of guy. He quickly shook the thought of seeing the young woman in a bathing suit. Tomohiro hated when his mind drifted. He totally missed what the young had said to him at first.

“Umm...sir, are you here to see the great Su-sama?” she asked concerned after seeing the blank look on Tomohiro's face.

“Yes, I'm the genin assigned to the mission he requested,” Tomohiro responded in sort of a whisper.

The young lady opened the door and led him down a broad hallway. The inside of the manor was quite intriguing. There were artifacts and old shinobi armor that lined the hallway. They looked to be very expensive, but Tomohiro didn't have an eye for such things. The woman led him to a door and motioned for him to go through it. He walked through it as the door closed behind him. Lanterns lit his path on the walls as he walked down a long flight of stairs. As he reached the bottom, a candle lit chandelier hung over a high ceiling. The room held many old items and weapons. It seemed to him that the client was a collector and definitely all talk.

“Hello there!” said a short squib of an old man, “You must be the help. The cleaning supplies are on the  worktable in the corner. I'll be back in forty minutes. I need the blade for the party I'm throwing at noon. I'm a great warrior and a great warrior needs a suitable blade. It's beyond me to clean it. Good luck and I better be able to shave my beard on it."

Tomohiro didn't have time to get a word off before the grey haired old man walked up the long flight of stairs. It was probably better that he didn't. For someone who didn't have much to say, he definitely had a lot to say to the man. He figured that he would go ahead and get started with working on the blade. Tomohiro sat down at the worktable and picked the sheathed blade up. The young genin sighed as he picked up the blade. When he unsheathed it, the blade didn't shine at all. The blade was made of ivory and was a bright white. Tomohiro's eyes lit up at the sight. He wondered where the old man could have fetched such a weapon. He was almost unsure what to do while in his state of awestruck.

The young Nakir attempted to shake off the mix of emotions that plagued him. He began working and quickly began cleaning, sharpening, and polishing the blade. In less than an hour, he finished maintaining the blade. The blade itself was truly a masterpiece. Curiosity drove him to ask the man when he returned to anything he knew about it, but remembered that the client wasn't respectable. Tomohiro sighed as he went on and waited for the next few minutes while the old man returned.

The old man reentered as Tomohiro removed himself from the worktable. Su-sama reached toward the sheathed blade and drew it in front of Tomohiro. The blade was in greater condition than it had been before. Su-sama chuckled and laughed out loud as he playfully swung the sword like a little kid. Tomohiro widened his eyes as he watched this skeptical occur. He was too through. There was no way this guy could be a true swordsman. The temptation to challenge the man even more weighed heavily on him, but he had to resist to pass the mission.

“Alright, young one. You did ok, but you could have done better. This will do for now. I have somewhere to be, so off with you,” the old man stated.

You're welcome,” Tomohiro responded ungratefully.

The young genin made his way back up the stair case and was escorted out by the lady in the maid's attire. Tomohiro sighed as he left the manor. This mission better have been worth it or he was going to stress his concerns with the Raikage. Then he thought again and realized that definitely would have been a bad idea. The Raikage was a very scary man according to the rumors and Tomohiro really didn't want to have anything to do with him. The only thing he needed to do was turn in the reportor the mission's success.


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The Grey Blade of Kumo

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