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1 D-Rank: Night Patrol [Mission/Private] on Mon Dec 25, 2017 12:04 am




Mission name: Night patrol
Mission rank: D-rank
Objective: Patrol Kumogakure
Location: Kumogakure
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: You've been assigned night patrol along with several other genin, chunin, and even a few special jounin, your job is to roam the you've been given along with your assigned squad, or even alone if you're assigned that way, and just make sure the village remains safe. As a D-rank mission your job is to report any serious threats before attempting to engage in them.
Mission details: It's pretty normal and safe, maybe the occasional weird thing to happen.

The night was well underway. Tomohiro finished his tea as he stood up. The young Nakir left a couple of ryo on his table. He stood up from his booth and exited the small tea shop. There hadn't been much on his mind today. It had been a relaxing day. Most of today was spent reading and spending time alone. Finding some alone time had been hard for him over the past few weeks. Family would harass him throughout the day, that wasn't anything out of the norm. It was good to rest and take breaks every so often. Today had been one the best days he had in awhile. No younger siblings, no rambunctious cousins, and no nagging elders messed this day up.

The day was a great build up to this mission. It was a very simple easy mission that any shinobi should be able to handle it. It was a simple night patrol mission. Nothing that would be out of the norm. Patrol missions didn't ever see any action, but it was the closest thing to it. He hadn't gone on a night patrol mission before, so he was interested in figuring it was about. Tomohiro was eager enough that he would show up early to see if he could find out what was going on.

Tomohiro made his way to the edge of the village where other genin, chunin, and special jounin had already gathered. He didn't see any shinobi that he knew and none of them seemed too enthusiastic about being there other than him. Was there something they knew or were they just having rough days? It was something he wondered about. Tomohiro kept his distance from everyone else and waited about half an hour. As he waited, one of the special jounin cleared his throat trying to gather his voice among the countless mini conversations that were going on. Other shinobi had gathered into squads and he was pretty much alone. He had been assigned alone, so he didn't mind.

“Hey everyone, quiet down! We're going to begin the patrol. This is a simple mission you are to spend the night traversing across the village and report anything suspicious you may find. If you do find anything you find questionable, genin, report it to anyone higher than you. Do not engage anything or anyone without permission. Go as you see fit and no slacking. Travel as you see fit. Kapeesh?!” presented the special jounin who seemed to take charge.

Mostly everyone nodded their heads or verbally agreed. Then some groups began to disperse in almost a domino effect. Tomohiro waited to see the direction the other groups went. The young genin was approached by a younger boy who seemed to be about fifteen. The boys attire seemed to be that of a chunin or higher ranked shinobi than he was. The young boy smiled as he approached. He bowed slightly before introducing himself.

“Hello, my name is Anda. Would you be interested in joining my squad? Right now it's just two of us. We could use a third wheel for an hour or two,” the higher ranked kid stated.

“Sure, I'll temporarily join your squad. I'm Tomohiro. I was originally assigned to be alone and may separate myself later on without warning,” Tomohiro responded slightly enthusiastically.

“That's fine. It would be good to kill some time while being around others for the time being," Anda responded.

He didn't want to be rude and turned down the shinobi's offer. It would probably be for the best that he joined a small squad temporarily. The night would probably go faster with a group than going alone. Though, the short time they would be together wouldn't have made that much difference with the passing of time. Anda nodded and he joined the other individual that made up their squad. The other guy never said anything. He just nodded to any question that was asked. Tomohiro spent a couple of hours with the group, but nothing seemed to happen while with them. Tomohiro then broke off and began patrolling the village alone.

Tomohiro continued throughout the night without seeing any thing suspicious or abnormal. He sighed as he stood on the roof top on the outskirts of the city. The sun started to come up and there wasn't even an ounce of crime. No one needed to be saved heroically or aided. It was an overall peaceful night. A great yawn emerged from his maws as he started to feel the effects of having been up for almost twenty four hours. He sleepily went back to the mission start area to report back. Tomohiro didn't regret taking on this mission. The young Nakir just wished that he could have seen at least a thug or two.

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