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1 Hark! The Herald Comes. on Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:34 pm



Rise of the Thunder God: Ep.0

Mission name: The Herald Comes
Mission rank: D-A
Objective: Deliver the Message (1-4).
Location: Saga
Reward: 500 Ryo + 1 EP
Mission Description: Summer: 1332
The Raikage has sent an envoy to each of the 5 nations to deliver a message to its kage and the people of the nation, some criminal elements are likely to try and attempt to stop this messenger, while others may enable her to move more freely through their countries.
Mission Details: (at least 3000 words per thread to Complete + 4 threads & Travel.)
Raiu Mizuki has been sent to each of the five nations by the new Raikage Miyamoto, Hastur in order to deliver a message to each of the Kage and/ or the people of the village in the form of planting a specific item to be seen by their people upon her exit. Criminal PC's may seek to interrupt discourse to create an obstacle at will and NPC's may also be apped by the players to do the same with the agreement of the other active players in the thread.

Note: This is a narrator mission that has a pre-determined ending that culminates in the ultimate success of this mission and is strictly no kill. How that effect is reached, is up for participants to determine. This mission can be undertaken once per village, and any thread where Raiu Mizuki is acting in the interests of the ultimate goal is considered part of this mission (including travel threads).  These threads are considered OPEN and have a posting time limit of 72 hours for each participant, but with the exception of Raiu Mizuki can only be completed once per character. Each thread has a maximum participation of 4 characters in each thread, and those within them who double the required word-count will receive an additional 1 EP. The rank of this mission is determined by the highest rank an individual entrant is able to partake in. Enjoy!

A Flag by Another Name:

Name: Black (Raiton) Recievers?
Type of Item: Lightning Needle (Story)
Rank: SS
Elemental Alignment: Black Raiton
Quantity: 4
Ability/Function: Upon being implanted in the ground, the reciever begins to give off a translucent black chakra resonance which causes clouds to begin to gather around the area, taking 60 seconds before the resonator is struck with a single bolt of black lightning. This process repeats, until the reciever is removed from the ground. These have no combat function or application.
Appearance: A singular long black cylindrical metallic rod about an inch wide and about 1.5m long with no other distinguishable features. They seem to have a resonant relationship with raiton, almost calling it and elements which have it as a parent element towards it, like its attempting to inhale them.
History: There is a long assumed history with the black receivers, having a long unforgotten connection with the Rinnegan and the sage of the six paths. A history that almost lead to the destruction of the world 300 years ago. A history rife with divinities, and angels from the moon.


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EP: 5

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