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1Bully Beatdown (D rank Mission, Private, NK) Empty Bully Beatdown (D rank Mission, Private, NK) on Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:53 am

Mission name: Bully Beatdown(repeatable)
Mission rank: D
Objective: To find and dispose or detain of some bullies roaming the streets of kirigakure.
Location: Kirigakure, The city
Reward: 85 ryo
Mission description: Some academy students have been being picked on, and brutally beaten. the last victim's injuries were almost fatal. find and take care of these bullies. show them that kirigakure will not stand for these actions..
Mission details: There are three bullies with E-3 stats acrossed the board, who know one D-rank technique from the library(up to the writer which ones) however each of them have a different one. they also know basic taijutsu.
you will find these bullies surrounding and kicking a small kid. once you arrive they will attack you instead. you can do whatever you like to them, besides maim or kill them. if you manage to knock the leader of the group, then the other two will surrender. maiming or killing them will result in a mission failure.

Machi sighed as she moved through the city of Kirigakure. There was nothing that she wanted to do right now, but there was indeed a mission that she had to do. She had to go and put an end to some bullies that had seriously injured academy students. Back in the day that the Village was known as the Bloody Mist Village, this wasn’t much of a problem, however, the village has long since discarded those kinds of practices. So, now she was tasked with finding these bullies and explaining to them just what the village thought of the way they did things.

She had one suggestion to her, and that was the best lead she had. The bullies were last seen in the park where they made it a habit of beating up the weak, at least those weaker than themselves. As she arrived at the park she could see that her prey was indeed here, and up to no good as was their usual want. Frowning she moved in closer watching that the three were beating up on another younger kid. Frowning she stopped a few feet away folding her arms over her chest. Clearing her throat loudly she said, “If you three are done being whimps, why don’t you come and pick on someone who can fight back?”

The three offenders turned and looked at her. The self-designated leader smirked and licked his lips “Sure thing babe, go get her man.” He pointed to his friend who rushed towards Machi who was already in the process of weaving hand signs. Lifting her right hand up to her mouth she made the motion of playing a trumpet and from her mouth spewed water in a high-pressure stream which slammed straight into the bully blasting him backward tumbling and turning as the intensity of the water crashed into him. When he stopped running Machi was already on the move. She forged on making more hand seals for her next Jutsu. With several slashes through the air, she formed one large slash made of wind chakra and sent it surging towards the other bully leaving the leader without an attack being made against him.

The leader rushed forward now with the desire to end this fight before it really could begin. Machi was surprised to see that he was actually faster than her. She inhaled deeply and quickly exhaled a stream of air in order to get away from the bully that was coming after her. She was running low on chakra, but she would keep going. As she flew away from the bully she was already weaving hand seals ready to attack and fight her opponent. She gathered her chakra and landed towards the edge of the park. When she was ready and landed; her chakra exploded and sank into various bits of the cobblestone that formed one of the walking paths that were threaded through the park. These bits of cobblestone levitated off the ground and shot towards her opponent who was now starting to rush her. He was able to avoid most of these incoming improvised shuriken by not only avoiding them but also breaking a goodly number of them. Yet, he was smashed with at least 4 of these stone shuriken and it was enough to bring him to a stop. Machi took the opportunity to rush forward drawing her scroll and the scythe that it held at the same time. She would not seriously injure the Academy student as that had been off limits, but she would hurt him. With her weapon in hand, she swung the flat of the blade towards her target landing a brutal slap against his chest.

Spinning around her target she gripped the shaft of the Scythe and slammed it into the youth’s back sending him face first into the ground. Once he was there she dropped down low in a crouch bringing the shaft of the scythe slapping down onto the kid’s back knocking the air out of him. Leaning down she picked him up by his hair and moved her Scythe blade right below the youth’s throat “If you Value your life, then you won’t pick on any of your fellow classmates ever again. I have been given strict orders not to kill you, but that’s this time. Should you ever step out of line again, or I even hear a whisper of you three hurting or bothering another student at the Academy, then I will find you and let this scythe spill your insides all over the ground.” Slowly standing up she turned and looked the other two boys spinning her scythe in a deadly and threatening manner “I’d suggest you two find a new friend and avoid making trouble for your academy fellows, or I shall kill you both.”

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