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Kenta Inuzuka


How long has the young Inuzuka been slumped over the desk? He didn't even really know himself; not anymore. Paperwork had never been something he really enjoyed; he'd rather be researching then mindlessly reading and signing things. But there was a rather... intense backlog of important thing's he had to sort out now that he'd been promoted.

To Hokage.

Just... wow. No Inuzuka had ever sat as Hokage; the position held by Senju or Senju relations for centuries. There where some among the Elder's that thought it should have stayed that way; but apparently not enough to block the motion for his naming. There really hadn't been much time for him to even meet with the majority of his staff; hold-over's from the previous administration until he could name replacements, if he wanted; before he was locked away in his office to tackle the insanity that was daily paperwork.

Not to mention he was wearing his new hat, and it did a very good job of blocking his view of anything beyond the small desk lamp that he'd yet to turn off. Once he zoned in on something, nothing got through to him, unless it was intensely important. As nothing of the sort had happened... well, the paperwork backlog was nearly dead. Nearly. Finally allowing himself to sit up, he noted the extreme stiffness of his neck and spine; figuring it was well after dark then; his muscles only felt that tight when he meditated on land for long periods of time.

So it was that he expected to see darkness and city lights when he leaned back over the modest chair he'd dragged into the room; only moderately surprised to see it was high-noon, if not slightly after. He'd begun in the wee hours of the morning, before sunrise; but there was no way he'd finished that much, that quickly. Not with the constant cross-referencing he was having to do to make heads or tails of the diplomatic mumbo-jumbo. No, he'd worked right through the night and into at least the next day. That might explain the knocking he'd thought he'd heard several hours before; his new attendants must have been trying to offer him dinner. Or tell him to take a bathroom break. Or something. He'd figure out in a minute.

Rising to his feet, the young Kage adjusted the still strange robes; for being so completely different from anything he'd normally wear, the robes where surprisingly easy to move in, and just airy enough not to be outright uncomfortable to him, although the hat did bug him with it's dampening of sound and blocking his sight from several directions; before making his way to the door. The sealed door. The door he'd barricaded when he started to block out the constant annoyances of the Elder councilmen that tried to influence his decisions. Yeah no. He made his own decisions; if he needed or wanted help he'd ask. Removing both the large, heavy chest of weapons and Sealing tags from the door; he allowed his worried attendants and guards to enter the room, waving them off with hand and exiting the room. "I'm fine, the paperwork is done, I need air. Thank you, bye!"

A quick little sprint, as well as jumping through an open window, and he was free for a few hours. He'd take his walk, then go back to finish the rest before his kids started shredding the house to find him.


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