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1 Judgement of the Sand on Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:29 am



Anyone who was in Sunagakure at the beginning of the "Hellfire and Brimstone" thread is able to participate. You may do each mission that your rank would allow. If you wish to protect the village you may face the invaders, though as a word of caution this thread is death enabled.

Mission name: Evacuation!
Mission rank: D-Rank
Objective: Evacuate citizens from the village!
Location: Sunagakure no Sato
Reward: 2EP
Mission Description: There are flames burning in the village center, the administration building and surrounding area is under attack. Bodies are piling up and you need to evacuate as many as you can!
Mission Details: You will start by hearing screams of terror as people are rushing by you trying to get away. Flames will be spreading throughout the village and the shinobi will be doing their best to fight off the invasion and save the civilians. Your job is to round up civilians and escape out of the village to an outpost with them,  with the village burning behind you.


Mission name: Academy Student Escape!
Mission rank: C-Rank
Objective: Round up Academy Students and get them to safety!
Location: Sunagakure no Sato
Reward: 2EP
Mission Description: With flames and explosions all around, the academy students have run off to hide, trying to get away from the danger. Unfortunately, they need to be evacuated, you must find them!
Mission Details: You will be tasked with searching through a perilous and burning Sand Village to find five (5) academy students who ran away when things started exploding and flames started spreading. You're to find and evacuate them from the village as quickly as possible while buildings are burning and debris is coming down. Once you have gathered all five of the academy students, take them out of the village to an outpost outside of it, the village being destroyed behind you.


Mission name: Destruction Breeds Greed
Mission rank: B-Rank
Objective: Save the Genin from Bandits and Escape!
Location: Sunagakure no Sato
Reward: 2EP
Mission Description: You will find the village being destroyed by an unknown force, but you will not be joining in to fight it. Instead, the jonin of the village have instructed you to find a group of genin that were lost along the way of evacuating everyone. There has been talk of criminals in the village, drawn by the destruction. Save them before it's too late!
Mission Details: You will find the village under attack with explosions and flames rocking the buildings. Instead of being able to go and help them, you will instead need to find a group of seven (7) genin who were supposed to arrive with a chuunin for evacuation. Upon finding them you will see that the chuunin was killed by a small gang of four (4) C-Rank criminals with B-Rank weapons and their leader who is a B-Rank criminal with an A-Rank weapon. They will all have tier-0 of their rank in stats. Kill the criminals and evacuate the genin from the village to an outpost on the outside of the village's walls as the city is destroyed.


Mission name: To Protect A Village
Mission rank: A-Rank
Objective: Kill the Bandits and Criminals drawn to the destruction!
Location: Sunagakure no Sato
Reward: 2EP
Mission Description: You're contacted by the village's Jonin and ANBU to try and help stem the tide of criminals/bandits that are flooding the streets for looting thanks to the destruction of an unknown force on the village. You must do your best to stave off the criminals and kill whoever tries to attack the evacuating civilians.
Mission Details: You will find the village burning all around you and must fight to defend it! You will be tasked by an ANBU to go rescue a jonin who's fallen to a group of bandits that have invaded the village. There will be six B-Rank bandits with B-2 stats and A-Rank weapons (Axes/Hammers/Spears). They will be led by a single A-Rank behemoth of a man who has A-1 stats save for A-3 strength. He will wield an S-Rank greataxe in both of his hands. Kill the bandits and escape with the rest of the jonin to an outpost on the outside of the village walls, barely escaping the destruction with your life.


Mission name: The Bell Tolls for the Sand.
Mission rank: SS-Rank
Objective: Destroy the Village Hidden in the Sand
Location: Sunagakure no Sato, Administration Building
Reward: 10EP
Mission Description: Too long has the village been without real leadership or guidance. Too long has the council sat in the safety of their offices, silently controlling the masses and a puppet Kage. No longer will this go on, it's time for the destruction that has been needed for ages past to come to fruition. Ask not whom the bell tolls for, Sunagakure, it tolls for thee.
Mission Details: You will be part of the unknown force destroying the village hidden in the sand. Among everything else, the administration building and the council (wherever they may be hiding) must fall, there can be no survivors. There are five council members, more of political voices than fighters. The village, however, will be over run with a large force of forty (40) B and A-Rank Jonin, twenty (20) B-Rank ANBU and five (5) A-Rank ANBU captains. They will each have Tier-2 of their rank in stats with an assortment of them carrying weapons one rank higher than their shinobi rank. You will be fighting tooth and nail to get to the administration building, but when you finally spill council blood and destroy the administration building, that last bastion of power in the sand village, you will find the reward is that much sweeter. For all intents and purposes, this is a crime mission.


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