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The salty sea air burned his nostrils. Though, he couldn’t feel it. The natural feel of the wind blowing on his face, the adrenaline running through your veins as you rushed forward over the blue sea was lost on him. He hated traveling by sea, but it was the only way back to his homeland. The land of his ancestors. It had been four years since he made his way here. There weren’t many reason why he didn’t stay. Though, his innate hunger to move forward. He didn’t like staying subtly in one place for too long. The need of traveling abroadwas one that had been instilled in him at a young age. His father reminded him everyday that he needed to keep moving.

Samuru’s father was one of the few individuals he could honestly say he admired. The wanderer had met many individuals that had spent time with in his life. Most of them were in and out of his life within weeks or even months sometimes. The man always told him, “Make the world yours and don’t let the world control you.” It was that phrase that made Samuru who is was. In this land, he was free to start anew. Here he was basically a nobody. All he had were the weapons on his back and a small pouch of ryo. He wasn’t able to bring his trophy of an axe with him. The way he took to get to the Land of Fire required him to ship his main weapon to a dock clerk and may take a moment to get there. This meant that he had to wait and check for his weapon to get there. It was a drag, but he wasn’t going to leave the land before grabbing it.

The ride had took him three days before he was even able to see the shores of Hi no Kuni. The boat in which he arrived had been a fishing boat that had been decommissioned into a small cargo transport. He was supposed to act as a guard for the boat to pass if anyone was suspicious. A man dressed like a shinobi with a large axe was too suspicious or so his employer thought. There had been a lot of things going on in the black market, which didn’t make sense. Unfortunately, he would have to go with whatever they approved. It was all for the sake of money. He wasn’t sure what he was in for, but he hoped to be prepared for it.

The boat arrived to the port. He had two passports prepared. One was a fake and the other was his real one. He would have remembered to give the correct one, but he knew not to make simple mistakes like that. The smells of vendors on the docks could be taken in from the boat. It would have been pleasing to a normal person, but did nothing for him. He figured that he would get something to eat once he made it a shore. He stood up from his spot in the cargo hold underneath the ship and made his way topside. Other ships had been docked or were docking. Men on the dock prepared the onboarding ship he was on to dock. The ship docked as he removed himself from view.

It seemed like dockworkers combined with some leaf shinobi asked the captain for identifying papers. The ship captain showed his identification and ship manifest. Everything seemed hunky dory. Samuru had made his way to exit the ship and showed his real passport. Everything seemed to clear with the people in charge. Samuru exited the boat down the plank and began making his way toward the multitude of vendors. He arrived to see many of the food vendors, but they mostly served fish. He requested an order from a vendor that had squid and fish kabobs. The vendor took his money and handed him three kabobs. The price in this land seemed to be a lot cheaper than back in the Land of Tea or Land of Demons for that matter. Everything there seemed so much more expensive.

Samuru sat down on a bench and slowly consumed the meat he had in his hand. The meat was good from what he could tell. He swallowed shortly after a few chews. Samuru looked out into the ocean and tried to gather his thoughts. He wasn’t sure to do next while he waited for his weapon to be transported. If he hadn’t destroyed his bow before he traveled, he would have gone out hunting to pass the time. It had also been a few days since he last trained. He would probably need to go out and train his body. Samuru would need to find work and he wasn’t sure what to begin.

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Akito Miku


All this time he wasted, all his life he only wanted to follow her. In the end she left him alone as he looked to the sky and back to the ground, he looked to the sky again and back into the sea. The horizon calls to me, is what he had thought inside his head as he walked towards the docks. His feet were moving on their own as he could not understand why it was that he was moving all the time.

He began to write in a small little note book he had gotten from the bookstore. The tales of a kitty as he was not sure why this appealed to him. It was a strange dream that he had, so he decided to put it down on paper.

'Once upon a time, there was a lost little lamb, who was actually a kitten'
'The sheep had raised him as a lamb, teaching the kitten to eat grass as it began to starve'
'The time they spent together was okay for the kitten, who did not know any better'
'It was only later on that the sheep knew it had no choice as it lead the kitten to the country of cats'

'It was a long journey as the kitten simply followed like a lost little lamb with nowhere else to go'
'If only he knew, but how could the lost little lamb ever know'
'The sheep had hair that was as white as snow, while the kitten had fur red like the fire'
'The kitten was color blind and knew not that they would soon part ways'

'The little lamb soon realized something was wrong as he woke up the next day'
'He looked all around searching for the sheep and wanting to play'
'Lost in the land he came upon the village of cats as they welcomed him as one of their own'
'Soon he tasted meat, and had he known back then that he would be eating lamb, he may have died all alone'

'The trees that were so high, that no sheep could climb'
'As he soon forgot about the sheep, and moved on over time'
'The seasons bloom, the seasons fall'
'Winter was coming, as the kitten could hear the call'

'He was adopted by a pack of wolves, unusual among them as his howl would fail'
'He thought he was the same, even though he had no bushy tail'
'In the end the kitten knew it was a cat'
'However was there anything he could ever do about that'

As Jamie finished writing in his note book as the dream was so confusing to him, then his hunger spoke and he noticed something with a beautiful texture that no kitten could resist. The fresh fish was calling to him as he moved towards the smell as it guided him to a strange man. As the man devoured the kebabs Jamie had moved over to the table and stared at him with begging eyes of a lost little lamb and a hungry little kitten as he wanted to taste those kebabs so badly, but had no money on him today.



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The wanderer had thought that it wasn’t much use waiting around the dock. If he knew what the feeling was like, the feeling would have to be bored. Time passed very slowly, as he kept track of the sun’s position. He continued to chew making it to the end of his first kabob. As he chewed, he noticed the presence of another. A boy with red hair similar to his, but slightly brownish from what he could tell. The boy seemed young and innocent. Samuru watched him carefully as he had seen kids just as innocent impale a man. There were a lot weird things he had seen in his travels. Things that would have made the average man cringe. Though in a world of shinobi, what could you perceive as average?

The boy had a slight gleam in his eyes. It was the look of want or need. A look he all knew too well. Samuru shifted his cold eyes between the his remaining two kabobs. He stabbed the metal stick of the kabob into the table to use as a weapon if he were to be attacked. Samuru took a moment to think about if he should give this kid any attention. It wasn’t like it would hurt him to. Handouts were never given to him as a kid and he didn’t like the idea of giving free stuff to kids. Though, he hadn’t met too many redheads. That was enough to get him to pay attention to the boy. Looking at him sort of reminded him as a kid. The look of loss. Tomohiro never experienced hunger, so he could never really suffer from it.

Samuru reached toward the boy with a kabob in his hand. He hoped that the kid would take it. It didn’t bother him if others needed food. This world was cruel and unforgiving. Anyone could be a victim to almost any tragedy. Samuru figured that this kid was probably a victim like he was. Though none could change how the world worked or how fate cursed people. Those that could survive fate’s cruel narration became stronger. Those that couldn’t were lost to the sweet embrace of death. The idea of death wasn’t anything that he could forget delivering. Hopefully, this boy wouldn’t be victim to death’s embrace today.

Something was very strange about the boy, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. What could this boy possibly want with him other than his food. What strange play was fate scheming? Questions similar to that swirled through his head. People didn’t just casually walk up to him. Maybe the boy had something to offer him. He did need money and maybe the boy knew how to earn some. Samuru knew that it was possible to probably work missions for the village. He was already logged in Konoha’s records from the last time he was here. Samuru didn’t change much outside of his features had become less childish than they were. First things first. Who was this boy?

“Kid, who are you? What do you want?” he inquired. “You can call me, Perun.”

There were a lot of questions he wanted to know, but he would start off slow. He had plenty time to wait. Hopefully, all of his questions would be answered. Samuru would watch him carefully to watch his mannerisms. There wasn’t a lot that he knew about kids. He never spent any time around them. From what he could remember, it had always been him and father. His father was the only example of family he ever had. Everyone else was just a means to an end. This kid may also be a means to an end.


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Akito Miku


The boy had been waiting, like an animal stalking its prey. His eyes locked onto the kebab like he was the master of the sharingan, not that Jamie had too much knowledge on those magical eyes. The boy reached out and took the kebab without asking any questions, it was being handed out so he must be polite and take it. Not like there would be any poison in it, a special forbidden substance Jamie knew nothing about. He took a small bite not being as vicious as he normally was with food, remembering the embarrassment of the eat out with Megami like it was yesterday.

As Jamie was busy taking a bite of the second small piece of meat that was part of the kebab, he was asked about who he was and what he wanted as he thought for a bit as he tilted his head. He took a few moments to chew quickly and gulped down the piece and then spoke with his soft voice.

"I am Jamie of the Leaf, I wanted this" as he showed the kebab to Perun before bowing his head slightly. "Nice to meet you Perun and thanks for the food" as he went on with eating the rest of the kebab again. Chewing like a little cow or a hungry little goat as he kept on eating his kebab, it was now his and he did not mind doing something to return the favor if Perun asked. Though the name was as unusual as his name, so Rerun must have been a wanderer like he once was as well. As the time passed the chewing became a way of life as Jamie enjoyed the juicy texture of the kebab meat, it may have been grilled and with the perfection in which it was skewered as not to allow one to mistakenly bite the stick. The extra flavor of the seasoning and spices as you felt like angels were dancing upon your tongue as if the taste hit you.

The God of Thunder had met with Jamie's taste buds as the Hammer of Thor would smite the enemy of all hunger, with the deliciousness of a Valkyrie making one taste meat so good you could swear you had entered valhalla. This Kebab must have been Mjollnir and with that his mind felt like it would explode as he had not eaten a good round of meat in such a long time, his most recent dish being mostly noodles and rice. It was like destiny took hold of his small frame and waged a war upon his hunger, soon this illusion of pain that would growl from the depths of his stomach's empty void would betray itself like Loki had played a trick upon his mind and the hunger never existed.

Jamie's mind going a bit into lalaland as it seemed a bit of extra spices was soaked inside the meat. Jamie would blush as he would wait to hear if the man had anything else to ask before he would go on to his next delicious portion of the kebab.



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He watched the kid began to eat. Looking at the kid, he may have thought that the kid may have been homeless. He knew better than to assume, but he was taken back by the kid viewing his food like an owl about to snatch up a mouse. The redhead seemed to enjoy what he was eating. Samuru thought it not wise to give out his real name. He was a little wary about just casually giving his name out. That was something that his father had taught him. He needed to be vigilant at all times especially with those you didn’t know. This kid...Jamie he said his names was, seemed ok for the time being.

Samuru toyed with the kabob spike unconsciously. Samuru then eyed the last remaining kabob. An idea hatched in his head. He figured that asking the boy for questions may be successful. Though, he figured that he may be asked questions in return which wouldn’t bother him in the least. Not much seemed to bother though anyway either than not having what he wanted.

“Jamie, what can you tell be about finding work in Konoha? What can I offer you in return for helping me find work? I could show you fighting tips or train you how to use weapons efficiently in combat.”

His questions were sincere, but he asked them in a certain way. Certain people would give out information that he didn’t usually ask for. The question he asked about work was to see if Jamie knew anything about the black market in Konoha. He knew of a guy that could introduce him, but that had been over four years ago. That man probably was dead or arrested. It was what happened when you worked off the grid. Samuru offered up his other kabob toward Jamie. Hopefully, he could offer Jamie some training. The guy looked like a walking stick. Samuru definitely hoped that he had something to offer Jamie. He did know the art of the bow and the usage of a wide variety of unorthodox weapons. Maybe there was something he could help the kid with.

Samuru slightly grinned trying to be a tad bit friendly, but coming off kind of dull. Not that he wasn’t trying or anything. Being numb of pain or feelings, has some consequence. He stopped smiling and continued to stare at the kid hoping for more than just a name and location. The only reason he was even showing the kid the time of day was because he was curious. If had been under any circumstances, the kid would have been ignored or kicked in the gut.


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Akito Miku


As the man finally gave a reply as the ginger partners looked like two brothers eating together, as he spoke to Jamie he asked him about work in Konoha and that he could help him train how to use weapons better. It was something strange to ask as he blinked a few times taking a quick mental scan of what this guy might be capable of. This Peron man could be a threat to the village or simply naive as he once was, though it was not completely clear to Jamie at the time.

The other kebab was offered as he felt like it was a bribe, though maybe the guy was just paying it forward in good faith as he finished off his current kebab. He then thought about it for a bit before answering him, as he thought on it for a while. He began to weight the pros and cons of the exchange as he looked at Peron while tilting his head.

He had red hair just like Jamie, but his weird name could be fake.
He gave Jamie free food from the heavens, but maybe it is a bribe to gain information on the village
He offered to teach him how to use weird weapons that could be useful
He also asked him about jobs, so a few more pros then cons.

"We have a lot of jobs that need to get done, but if you really want something reliable you should do herb gathering. If you teach me I can maybe recommend you to the hospital, they always need a lot of herbs."

It might sound stupid, but it was one of the more reliable jobs, and it was either that or doing odd jobs and eventually ending up on box duty.



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The kid started to speak his language. To get something, you would need to take something. The information the kid provided was only partially what he was looking for. The kid was definitely innocent. He figured that he knew better than to expect underworld information from someone he just met. Samuru would keep his word and train Jamie. This would be a time where he would feel satisfaction. He at least figured out the types of missions that needed to be done. Herb gathering must have been some low rank mission for sure. Samuru was no man’s herb gatherer.

The young Natake wanted to take his boot to someone’s face. He wanted combat, but he needed to retrain to get stronger. Training your body was something his father would expect him to do. HIs body’s lack of feeling sometimes came in handy, but when your body came to its limit you didn’t know. It was a blessing and a curse. In the past, he figured out that he had torn muscles from overworking his body. Broken bones that had to be rebroken to heal properly, problems with his internals after a fight, and large cuts that he didn’t even know that had been festering were all negatives. The good thing was it took a lot to bring him down. It was also unfortunate that he would occasionally need to visit a hospital or clinic to get checked.'

“Alright kid, I’ll take a look into this herb gathering mission. So, what do you want to learn from me? I can train you in the use of unorthodox weapons. I'm also pretty good with the bow if that's something you don't already know. We’ll start as soon as you’re ready. I’ll have to gather supplies before we do any training. We can meet at one of your shinobi training fields. That would allow for me to have less travel time. Does that sound alright to you?"


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Akito Miku


The stranger agreed to Jamie's terms and that he would take a look into gathering herbs, as he then asked Jamie what it was that he wished to learn from him. It did not take long to know what he wanted as he looked at him with a slight bit of curiosity before thinking about it some more just to be double sure.

"I need to learn how to use some weird weapons so that i can use all tools equally" as he slowly and carefully took out a new weapon of his that really looked strange. It was some strange kunai linked to a chain that gave the impression one could use it as a sword as well and no one would know the difference. "If you can teach me how to use this then it would be great" as some people started staring he bowed his head slightly as they went on their way.

"After that I can take you straight to the hospital okay?" as he was a bit more livelier though he did not smile which would seem strange for a child that looked like he wanted to smile so badly, but simply did not know how. He then looked around as he thought about the training some more and his new friend Peron.



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The kid was adamant. What kind of took him a bit off guard was that the kid had a weapon on him in. Samuru stared at the weapon for awhile and it was a bit odd, but nothing he couldn’t show the kid how to use. He wondered what kid carried a kunai with chain around with him. Had Konoha gotten that dangerous that kids carried weapons they had no idea how to use. Well, it wasn’t really his problem. He knew that carrying around a weapon that you were ignorant about could get you killed. You needed to know the pros and cons of a weapon before handling. He wasn’t sure who originally taught this kid, but he didn’t think they did a very good job.

Samuru would follow Jamie as he picked up the kabob stick out the table and placed it within his sleeve. The training was only to introduce the kid to the basics of the weapon. He would also show him some tricks he learned as a kid. The use of the kunai and chain had a whole lot of possible combinations. There really wasn’t too much of a wrong way to hold, but the movements you made with it could be detrimental to you and your opponent.

He followed Jamie until the ended up in an open forest clearing. It had been a large opening that seemed to stretch out about fifteen meters in each direction if you were to stand in the middle of it. Samuru reached out his hand hoping that his new student would allow him take temporary possession of the weapon. This seemed to be a decent place to train him. There weren't any spectators that he could tell. It was a decent scene for a one on one training.

“Jamie, I’ll need to see your weapon. Try to stay back and out of the way,” he started, “This is a quick rundown on the weapon. The kunai with chain is very similar to a kusarigama and other chained weapons. Perfect the use of a chain and other chained weapons can come just as easy.”

He hoped Jamie would catch on to what he was saying. Samuru wasn’t the guy to repeat things over and over. Writing what he said down wouldn’t bother him. If the kid could catch on to what he was saying, the teachings should stick to him like glue. Well, so he thought it should. The use of it wasn’t that complicated if you get the foundations.

“The first thing is safety. You must always have some awareness of where your weapon is at all times. If you’re not using the wrapping to secure it to your arm, it can make an excellent counter weight to solely use the chain. It takes the abuse off of the blade if you use the chain alone. The chain won’t wear out as fast as the blade, so remember that. I personally don’t like using the wrapping because it can cut off your circulation if you’re not careful. You will then lose the grip on your weapon and can potentially be disarmed. Kapesh? Though for your size, it should make a good sword.”


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Akito Miku


They left the area of the docks as they made their way to an open forest clearing, it was big enough for them to use for training and small enough for Jamie to know his way around with ease. As he reached out his hand to grab the weapon he handed it over carefully as he then shuffled through his pockets a bit as one could see he had a few shinobi items in them. It was clear that he was a shinobi and not just random child as it did not matter how old you were, a shinobi should never let his guard down until the mission is complete. However it was more out of him forgetting to empty his pockets that day as he did not want to be weighted down by too many weapons.

He let Peron see his weapon and told him to stay back as Jamie did a skillful back step as he stopped near the edge and focused his eyes on Peron. Though he crouched down as his eyes seemed to have gotten even bigger, as he listened to the educational lecture by Peron.

A kunai with a chain was similar to a kusarigama and was like some form of chain weapon. However it could also be related to a throwing spear, a rope dart and many other strange weapons. His understanding of strange weapons was limited since it was such an unorthodox and not as often used weapon due to the high level of skill usually required for the weapons. It was a weapon that was hard to use normally over a sword that could be mastered with the basics, this style of weapon would require constant training just to be descent let alone mastered.

Like a child filled with hope and curiosity he was paying his full attention to Peron as he was keeping it to memory to jot down later. The first thing he said was safety which is standard for most weapons, but in the case of unorthodox weapons comes increased risks due to their strange design, as well as being aware of a weapon that could very easily have its balance thrown out completely. He began to mention the use of the wrappings and the chain, as well as the use of the blade and reduction on wear and tear as well. He listened to everything, though the kapesh word startled him slightly as he decided he would look that up later.

Jamie would simply nod as he waited to see the weapon in action as he pointed at the tree. "Can you use it on that tree over there, please?" as his eyes looked excited as his face was turning pink since his excitement embarrassed him. He still did not smile however, it was one of the things he learned long ago. A shinobi should never show his tears, but in his case he could not show his smile directly.



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Grabbing Jamie’s weapon, he began to quickly study it closer. A slight correction to his early observation the bladed part of the weapon would make a good dagger. The blade was quite unique in its design. It look like it could really some damage to whatever it came across. Samuru gripped the weapon his hand and slung the chain around his arm. He heard the question that Jamie asked. There was only a slight nod from him as he started distance himself a bit more from Jamie.

As he rushed a tree, he swung the blade across his body. The blade produced half inch cuts into the tree as Samuru wasn’t putting a lot of strength behind his blows. He then leaped back and loosened the chain up about 3 meters. The chain began to be flourished in an x-shape pattern as the blade lick the dirt off the ground. The movement only required a slight flick of the wrist to perform the flourish. He then moved forward and lashed the tree with deeper cuts as he started to move the flourish faster. The tree took on the blade as the sap began to drip from it.

Samuru then began to spin the chain in the air generating a bit of air flow from it. He lowered himself and performed a backflip while swinging the chain. He released the chain a meter more as it reached out toward a small hollowed out log that stood against another tree. The blade plunged itself into the log. Samuru then yanked the the chain back to him. The log followed the chain. He simultaneously removed the wrap from the chain giving the counter weight of the chain freedom. The log then passed behind him as he released more chain near the counter weight to a full three meters.

The weapon itself began to come alive with lightning chakra. The lightning chakra surged through the weapon causing the entry point of the blade to become slightly charred. The lightning chakra danced around the whole of the weapon like a rabid squirrel on a tree. He whipped the end of the chain at the log as he pulled the log back toward him. The chain wrapped around the log and began charring the area around the chain. He swung the log toward the tree had been using as a dummy earlier smashed the log into it. The log cracked and broke apart to release the blade. The wanderer yanked back both ends of the weapon with two hands as the chain wrapped back around his arm.

“Did you catch all of that? It may be difficult at first, but you don’t rush through it. The key is to practice. As I showed you, you can even combined jutsu to increase the power of you attacks. There’s a lot of possibilities you use with this. You can even redirect yourself in midair if you’re close enough to an object. The blade isn’t sharp enough to totally impale an enemy, but it should work do for now. Practice on finding what works for you. You probably should also wrap the chain around the opponent and pulled them toward you. That would probably be more ideal until you get a blade that’s sharper. Is there anything else, before you try for yourself.”

He was trying to give some time so that his chakra would wear off. The chakra continued to surge through the weapon profusely. If Jamie had picked up the weapon, he would burn his hands. Samuru looked at Jamie with a plain face. He figured that Jamie would be ready to try himself. Samuru was interested in seeing what Jamie could do after watching him.


Chakra 135/150:

Name: Lightning Release: Oni King's Surge
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Lightning
Range: Contact
Specialty: Bukijutsu
Duration: 1 Post
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Description: Electricity is focused through a weapon giving it a static charge by the user's hands. The concentration of electricity can be seen sparking it's way around the weapon. This ability does no damage to the user, but is able to cause minor 1st degree burns of electrical burn to a target. When released from the user's hands, the charge of the weapon will last for one post. Damage done by the weapon does its original intended output.

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Akito Miku


Jamie observed as the man began to study his weapon like a well trained scholar or at least like someone who knew what they were doing. He watched as the Peron slung the weapon around his arm which was something he wanted to do too, but did not have the skill or understanding to pull off yet.

Peron finally seemed ready to attack as he rushed at the tree that would give the impression of an invading shinobi challenging a Senju as he had learned just a bit more about that clan recently. He watched as the blade moved across as it was not enough to impress Jamie who was expecting so much more as he kept a close vigil on Peron's technique. He then watched as Peron made a leap back to loosen the chain as he made a strange pattern with it before slinging the blade against the tree in a way that was rather unique. While it may take time to train, if he were to master this new style he would be able to use it for the upcoming exams as well.

Peron then started swinging the chain like the blades of a fuma shuriken rotating to destroy its target, while he had some idea of it seeing the technique and the strange arm movement needed to maintain the spin was something new to him. Jamie had a look of awe and wonder in his eyes as he saw Peron perform a back flip during the rotation, something he might not fully master before the exams itself. As he was admiring Peron's unique form the chain was released as it plunged the modified kunai into the log as he had pulled it towards him like a scorpion using its stinger to secure its pray and pull them into its dark embrace of death.

That was when he witnessed something that nearly made him trigger his own technique as the weapon became electrified like an electric eel as he began to char the log before pulling the weapon back into its coiled position with great skill. He began to lecture Jamie on how it was difficult and that you should not rush, which was true for most weapons. The key was to practice and soon he would, as well as the idea to combine jutsu with his items something that he had been too scared to do before. The mentioning of wrapping them in the chain also influenced his idea for combat wire as he approached the weapon it still looked electrified as he thought about it for a moment.

"How long will it take for that electricity to go off?" as he tilted his head looking at the weapon and then at Peron who may have realized showing off that lightning technique put a slight delay on the training, though Jamie had already picked up on a few things already.



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Samuru looked down at the kunai with chain as the chakra dissipated from the weapon. He attempted to hand back to Jamie as he fully removed the chain from his arm. The moves he performed was in no way or shape showing off. It was just the way he would use the weapon. Samuru had no will to impress others. He was mostly focused on himself. It hadn’t been for Jamie drawing his interest, he would probably still be on dock waiting to find some other type of work. The primary reason he didn’t choose the kunai and chain had been that he prefered something that didn’t require you to outstretch your body. That was the reason he choose a two handed battle-axe. Samuru preferred cleaving his opponent through than just merely slashing. The battle-axe did leave openings if you couldn’t adjust yourself appropriately. That was just the nature of using the weapon.

Samuru was now curious of how Jamie would go about wielding the weapon. Now that he thought about it, he figured that it probably be good to spar, but he probably would need to go directly to the hospital. He wasn’t sure how the current Hokage handled things here. It had been a time when the village was under different leadership that he was here last. Samuru didn’t even know who the current Hokage was. It would be something he would figure out in time. Jamie seemed to be helpful enough at least. There still were plenty of other questions that he had left. The Village Hidden in the Leaf didn’t really catch his interest that much. That was the reason he didn’t stay last time he was here. If there was truly something worth staying for, he would have probably found it by now. He wondered what it would be like in the other villages.

Traveling was dangerous when you did it alone. In the past, he was the danger. Now it seemed like someone had nuterred him and put him on a mental leash. Samuru wasn’t usually interested in doing missions that helped villages prosper. He was usually doing missions for the money. Underground work was his preferred method of making money. Getting apprehended wasn’t a major problem for him. The whole point of those missions were to not get caught. Doing village missions required that part of your pay was taxed to the village. Doing jobs that require some level of discretion meant more ryo in his wallet. He wasn't greedy, but he was selfish to the point where he only wanted things to benefit him more than anyone else.

The whole village system worked for those who were able to maintain order. Those, like him, who didn't care for law or order the village system didn't really fit in. Hell, he spent months riding on ships and taking things that didn't belong to him until he found a better way to make money. The last four years had been mostly vicious towards his overall being. It was like he was lost. All he wanted to do was to find a purpose. Konoha seemed like it didn't hold a purpose for him that he could see. What could a village offer someone who had no emotion and no pain? The way he handled things didn't make him seem to fit in. He hadn't met too many remaining members of his clan to see how they felt. That may be his next goal after leaving Konoha. He would travel to try and seek out members of his clan.

“It should be fine now. Let’s see what you can do.”


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Jamie moved slowly towards his weapon as there seemed to be some air of tension as he took up the weapon carefully and began wrapping it around his arm before pulling back slowly as he took a deep breathe. The tension in the air as he did not want to fail even if it was clearly going to back fire as a first try, however he could not lose hope and had to rise above the pressure. He was not able to skillfully get the chain around his arm as easily as Peron could, but he did not need to do more then that as he prepared his special technique carefully.

He began to think back to the past, back when he was smaller to a time he did not even remember. A memory long forgotten, a memory deeply seeded in the heart of one small boy. The boy took to focusing and concentrating with his eyes now full of passion as he began to feel an energy unlike he ever knew before. He remembered someone teaching him the way's of the sword, something he felt he always knew. Someone was there to wipe his tears when he would cry, someone was there only to be forgotten in time as he decided to show his resolve and make his resolution.

Jamie drew his arm back and above his body shaping the stance like his right arm was the stinger of a scorpion, as the blade was held in his right hand, as his fingers clasped tightly with his unyielding grip. His left arm was held in front of him to maintain his balance as he aimed towards the tree, he parted his feet to improve his balance as this moment would be the time he would need to make the best of it. He slung the weapon at high speeds as it crashed into the wood before bouncing off as he felt like he did something wrong, he carefully pulled the weapon back as it looked partially like a mess as he used his left arm to make up for his lack of control before swinging it slightly as he tossed it forward again as it pierced the tree. He struggled to pull it out as he braced himself and used all his strength as it shot out he tried to maintain balance as he aimed it to the other side as his whole body flew forward with the weapon as he moved his left hand to the ground to keep him from crashing face first. As he tried to pull it back in it began to spin around him as he got wrapped up in the chains himself as he stood their feeling embarrassed he finally understood that it was not as easy, as the man made it look.

His first try had failed, but to some degree it was progress as he took a deep breathe before pushing the chains out a bit before exhaling a lot as the chains came loose as he managed to get out as he thought about it for a bit. "Sorry I was not that good, but it's starting to make more sense now Peron-sensei" as he looked up to the sky realizing the time would be getting late if they stayed just to train him all day.

"If you want we can go to the hospital and introduce you there, I get herbs a lot so if I am with you it might help" as he went towards the hospital as he would lead the way there.

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Samuru watched the kid intently attempted to used the weapon. The utter failing of his student didn't cause him to flinch he just looked neutral. He wasn't disappointed that the boy tried and failed. Everyone had to start somewhere, but he didn't expect what he saw to happen. There were multiple ways that he thought could happen and that wasn't one of them. He scratched his chin even though he couldn't feel it. It was a habit he picked up to make himself seem normal. He released a brief breath as he cocked his head to the side. The boy apologized, but he wasn't sure why. There was nothing to be sorry about in his eyes. Samuru's eyes stared coldly at Jamie making it seem like he was being harsh, but it wasn't intended.

"Don't apologize so casually. Makes you seem weak. Stand up and up and look like a shinobi."

Jamie then suggested that they go ahead and head to the hospital. He was fine with it. It was getting a bit late. Though, he would need to quickly head back to the dock to check to see about his weapon. Maybe the dock clerk would be smart enough to send it to him. He pretty much had an idea of where the hospital was and thought about meeting Jamie there. As he began to follow Jamie, a kid with a konoha headband showed up out of breath and out of nowhere.

"Perun, yes?"

"Sure, kido." he replied

Samuru stared at the newcomer as the genin laid down the scroll and unrolled it. The kid formed a hand seal as a large two-handed steel axe appeared before him. Samuru nodded his head as he threw the axe over his shoulder and made his way after Jamie. The genin looked a little distraught that he didn't get a tip, but Samuru figured that the village was paying him to deliver products from the dock. He cared not for giving tips. He was a bit tight on ryo as is.

"Better late than never."

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