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Mission name: Record Transport
Mission rank: D
Objective: Help move the boxed records from the Administration building to the new storage facility in the Construction Areas.
Location: Starts and ends at the Administration Building.
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: Assist in transporting the boxes between the buildings, nothing more.
Mission details: Simple case of carrying the boxes.

Megami had been been tasked with transporting files to one of the construction areas. She had just left from a barbecue restaurant and was really up for it. She slightly mumbled under her breath. There could have been anyone else that was capable of doing this mission, but she was chosen to do it alone. At least she would be paid for it. The money she would get would help her out with trying to find a suitable weapon, but there weren’t many Hyuga who used weapons with Taijutsu. She would have to figure it out on her own. It gave her something to consider. The Juken was very powerful as a technique, but overtime would wear out your chakra reservation. If she could hybridize her Juken with something else, it may be worth looking into.

She began to make her way to the administration building. It wasn’t too much of a long walk from the restaurant at least. She kind of dragged her feet as she headed to the building. The area from the two locations wasn’t that bad, but she wasn’t aware of how heavy these records were or the exact drop locations. Moving boxes was beneath her. The simple act of someone of her status as a Hyuga shouldn’t be lifting boxes so casually. She huffed at the thought, but complaining about it wouldn’t help her situation. The boxes couldn’t have been so bad could they have been? It was just casual labor.

Megami tried to persuade herself that the money was worth it for the mission. It wasn’t like she could deny the mission having already taking it. She would probably be punished if she abandoned a mission she accepted. The punishment for not showing up to the mission was probably harsh. She was too old to be getting punished for disobedience. It wasn’t like she was some thirteen year old genin or an academy student that acted out in class. She was what she considered a grown woman.  There was no way that she was going to be polishing floors with a rag or sweeping the entire administration building. That would have been unnecessary and drastic.

As she arrived at the Administration building, she was greeted by a girl the age of fourteen. She wore a shinobi headband and had been sweeping the front of the building. The girl turned to look at her and a smile grew upon her face. Megami looked at the girl uneasily. She wasn’t sure why the girl looked so excited to see her. Megami just waved and attempted to enter the building before she heard a very loud and obnoxious voice come from the young lady’s direction.

“You must be Megami-san. The records are on the second floor of the main building in the third room on the right. There are currently twelve boxes that need to be moved in all. The map to the construction area should be there as well.”

Megami turned to her and raised her hand in acknowledgement to her. She figured that the girl probably would have ended up carry the boxes herself if Megami had bailed out of the mission. “Thanks, I need to hurry this up so I can go home.”

Megami made her way into the building and took the stairs to the second floor. She turned into the room and the room was filled with boxes. Her face screwed up at the sight of the messy room. Lucky for her, the boxes had been labeled "Records." Megami looked at the stack of three boxes on the ground. The shadow clone technique would have definitely come in handy at the moment. This was one moment that she regretted not having it. With a deep sigh, she womaned up and bent her knees to pick up a stack of three boxes. They didn’t seem to be too heavy, but then she remembered that she didn’t look at the map.

Megami bent her knees again and placed the load of records onto the floor. There didn’t seem to be a map as she glimpsed around the room. Then she realised that it was under another box that was labeled “shred me.” She picked up the map and studied it. The construction site wasn’t too far away. Though, she figured that she would use this time for training. She looked back at the stack of boxes and added a fourth one. She was glad that the boxes weren’t all the same size or she wouldn’t have been able to make it out of the door. She knew that this was going to be a struggle, but it wouldn’t be that bad.

She dipped down a bit trying to get through the doorway, she struggled a bit and then started making her way to the site. As she moved into the hallway, she noticed that she couldn’t see while moving forward or backward. Fortunately for her, she was part of one of the prestigious clans in the leave, the Hyuga. Focusing chakra into her eyes, her eyes changed from brown to a pale lavender. The veins around her eye sockets became prominent  as she began using the technique. This definitely made it easier, but she decided that is would be better walk sideways to get to where she was going.

After about twenty minutes, she was able to move all the boxes to the construction area. She had been huffing a bit from the tiredness as she released her byakkugan. The doujutsu that resonated from her clan came in handy, but she kind of despised using it to carry boxes. At least no one from the main branch had seen her using it. She would have definitely had a different kind of punishment for misappropriating the use of her doujutsu. Megami was glad that she had finally finished up with the mission and decided that it was time to go home. She would probably pick up a snack before heading home. Moving the boxes kind of made her a bit hungry. This would be the last time she picked up a mission like this. She was to be no one's pack mule. The idea of doing this mission over again caused her to get angry. Megami figured that she would go ahead and let someone know that she had finished her mission and needed to highly compensated for it.

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