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Kōdai Hiryū

Kōdai Hiryū

Back to the grind huh Kodai Kodai thought to himself as he walked to the Fissure Training Ground, he knew this place was a common place for ninja to train, which made it all the better, maybe some the genin here will be in the chunin exams, knowing their strengths would be a great advantage going into the exams. However this was a double edged sword, the others here training would know how strong he was also. After walking a short distance from the Village Hidden in the Rocks, Kodai finally makes it to the Fissure Training Grounds. Looking, for an open dummy he eventually sees one. Wow, the training grounds are really packed, must be the exams they were definitely packed, nearly every piece of training equipment was in use, luckily Kodai got an open dummy before it was taken. He began beating on the dummy; punches, kicks, even a few knees and elbows. He stayed away from using capoeira, hoping the nimble acrobatic style would be an advantage if no one knew about it. After beating on the dummy for an hour or two he took a small break, getting a drink and eating a snack bar. As he walked back to his dummy he saw it was taken, a tall lanky boy was punching, or trying to punch, the dummy, but his form was off and his punches were weak. “Hey, uh, I was using that” Dangit why do you have to be so nice to people all the time Kodai, especially now weeks before the chunin exams “…but you can use it, I am done. Hey would you like some tutoring or something, your punches look a little sloppy; and weak” “Oh, uh, sure I guess. Thanks man, my fighting skills are lacking and I'm trying to get them a little more honed for the chunin exams, are you gonna be in them?” “Yes, lets get started before I change my mind, helping competition isn't exactly a good idea if I plan on winning” “Oh, right, thanks again” “Show me a couple punches” The boy punched the dummy 3 times, each one a wild haymaker, his eyes closing during the swing, his footwork was just unspeakable; atrocious. “Well, I'm gonna be straight with you, now sugar coating. those were some of the if not the worst punches I've ever seen. First things first, eyes open the entire time, no haymakers only straight punches like this” Kodai shows the boy a basic punch and proper footwork “…and get you feet right. Now try it again doing what I showed you” The boy punched three times again, this time following the instructions, his punches were actually hitting the dummy constantly and causing an impact. After going through a couple basic punches for a while, they moved on to kicks. “High kicks aim for the head or a mid air opponent, side kicks are fast but not as strong, only as strong as you leg is. Spin kicks and back kicks are the strongest but also the most obvious and telegraphed, and they leave multiple weak points open. Keep them for when you opponent isn't ready or is much slower then you. Got it” “Yup, high kicks for hitting the head or a target in midair, side kicks for a quick change of attack, spin or back kick for when your opponent isn't ready for it. Got it!” The boy performed kicks on the dummy for a while, practicing every form of kick he was taught, high kicks, side kicks, spinning kicks, and back kicks. By now the training grounds were basically empty, Kodai and his new student moved over to an open empty area, just flat ground probably used for sparring “Ok, now your gonna go against me, lets test what you've learned, you think you can take me, huh?” “Maybe, lets go then. Ready! Go!” the boy ran towards Kodai, he was surprisingly fast, probably due to his long legs. “Woah, someone's eager for a betting, huh” Kodai entered a low Capoeira stance, the boy went for a spinning kick, which Kodai assumed would be what he tried, seeing as the boy showed great interest in the move. Even though the boy had a long striking range due to his legs, Kodai was able to get close enough to him to sweep his legs before he kicked, The boy was knocked into the air a few feet, when he hit the ground Kodai placed his fist on the boy's head, “I told you not to lead with a spinning kick." The boy thanked Kodai again and they each returned to their home, battered and tried from yet another day of training.

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