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1 One Cloudless Night { Invite Only } on Fri Jan 05, 2018 10:05 am

June Koizumi

The Village Hidden in the Clouds was a beautiful village to be sure. The serenity that surrounded the village, built on the mountainsides and connected by a network of complex but convenient insulated bridges, always seemed separate from the heavily militaristic identity that Kumogakure was known for. Flexing their muscles every once in awhile to remind the other ninja villages just why they were one of the five, the bustling of the ninja travelling from mountain peaks to mountain peak never disrupted the peace that always seemed to hang in the air.

At least, that was what her teammate was thinking, June thought. She listened to him drone on and on about the strength of Kumogakure, and of how the village’s strength matched and outmatched those of other nations. She wasn’t entirely sure still if he was a fanatic of the village, or if his philosophies glorifying Kumogakure were put as comedic banter to entertain himself and his team while they ate at one of their favourite barbeque joints following another successful escort mission to one of the nearby villages, but she didn’t pay it any mind. It wasn’t an entirely offensive thing to say, and he was entertaining at times.

Regardless, the redhead excused herself from the table for a moment, walking outside. The shop was located on a small outcropping of a huge mountain, with a large open space – manmade of course – in front of it where people normally rested after their meals if the environment indoors was too stuffy. She spotted a couple off to one far side, doing questionable things on one of the benches, and avoided them like the plague, instead sitting at the edge of the mountain to watch the empty horizon, letting her teammate’s words ring in her ears even as she simply took a break from the world.

She was dressed in her usual attire, her tiara and her collar gleaming slightly in the light but obscured from all but the front mostly by her hair. Her armor was marred with dirt from their mission, and her weapons remained out of sight, June having opted to leave them inside and seeing no reason to bring her weapons out with her. The moon was just rising in the distance, a small but bright white orb lighting up the dark night sky with its luminescence.

With the conditions as they were, it was difficult not to believe her teammate after all.

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2 Re: One Cloudless Night { Invite Only } on Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:05 pm

Zeref Kyōakuna


Zeref sat on his roof in a cross legged position, his sword laid across his lap. In one hand he held a sharpening rock, in the other a rag with polish on it. The moon slowly rising over the horizon, the air was cool on his exposed skin. Zeref moved the blade across the rock, and then use the rag to apply the polish and get rid of any small shards from the blade. Zeref would repeat this a few more times until he was satisfied, once he thought the blade was sharp enough he stood up and held the blade out in front of him parallel to the ground, looking down the edge to check for imperfections. The moon reflected off the polished blade a with a dull shine. Getting hungry Zeref moved off of the rooftop and headed down to street level. 

Zeref walked out of his apartment, his sword on his back, his kunai hanging on his hip, three on each side, and his gauntlets on his hands. His attire did not match that of a shinobi, but of a mercenary, of a born killer. Although he looked out of place, the villagers paid him no mind, some even waving to him, he has made himself known with in the village, taking on missions, and joining a squad, word has spread of him quickly. To Zeref it was only a matter of time before he caught the eye of the kage, a genin who was quickly moving up through the ranks. In the less than a month Zeref was mere days away from becoming a chunnin without the need of the exams. 

Zeref knew there was a few open shops that were still serving food instead of alcoholic drinks. The streets were mostly empty besides a few drunks, and oddly enough an armor clad redheaded girl, with a tiara. Zeref wondering if maybe she was from a royal family, or maybe she was just a girl with a princess complex, either way he never seen her before. Once he got close enough he stopped walking and put a hand up. "Hey, are you lost?" The girl seemed out of place, truthfully Zeref didn't care but he also never past the chance of gaining another stepping stone to use.  

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3 Re: One Cloudless Night { Invite Only } on Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:36 am

June Koizumi

June noted that there was little to do as past time in the Village Hidden in the Clouds. Yes, on one hand, it was admittedly one of the nicer villages, but she failed to see how one could spend half their day staring off into space and admiring the… rocky exteriors of the mountains? The ever-present mist that blended in with the clouds that rose miles and miles above them? Surely the diverse greenery present in the Land of Fire would win hands down if one was looking for something to keep their attention.

Rather, June stared off into space, sitting by the edge of the mountain as if a damsel in distress, when in reality she was anything but. She wouldn’t have claimed to have been the strongest in her academy class, though many sensei would claim otherwise, but she certainly had a flair to her that she wouldn’t deny.

She heard footsteps approach her, but didn’t deign to turn around. There was really no need to; if the person was aiming to speak to her, he or she would; otherwise, they would just pass the girl by and leave her to her thoughts before she wrapped them up and rejoined her teammates back inside. Hopefully by then their jokes would have normalised and been bearable for a normal human being. On that note she pitied her sensei, who was stuck babysitting her two teammates.

“Hey, are you lost?” a voice asked.

June turned around and was greeted by the sight of a boy, roughly her age though definitely not scrawny. He had lean muscles on his figure, showing proudly from the sleeveless vest he wore. Most of his attire was painted a stark black, save for perhaps the two distinct bandages wrapped around his legs, and the white hair that fell straight down past his shoulders, ending in choppy but clean cuts. He had an air of… June would almost mistaken it as hostility, though it seemed more of an indifferent welcome.

“No,” she replied as she stood up. “Though I can see why you would think so,” she added, gesturing to her attire. “I was just out for some fresh air. My teammates are back inside but their jokes can get a bit tiring.”

“Yourself? What brings you out here? Are you looking for a place to eat?”  

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4 Re: One Cloudless Night { Invite Only } on Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:50 am

Zeref Kyōakuna


Zeref crossed his arms as the girl stood up to face him, answering his question at the same time. She spoke of teammates, which would mean she is form the village. Zeref sized her up slightly, she was much shorter than Zeref causing him to look down at her. Now that he was closer he noticed she had green eyes, that stood out against her red hair, all in all she was what most would call pretty. The girl was another new shinobi of the village that must of graduated after him since they weren't in the same class. When Zeref first joined the village there weren't many shinobi, and they had gotten a new kage, he wondered if there was a connection.

"Ah, yea I was going to go grab a bite to eat at a near by shop. I ted to be a bit restless at night as of late." Zeref kept his tone friendly, as he spoke. "I'm Zeref Kyo by the way." Zeref looked towards the near by building where her teammates no doubt were hanging out. He was going to eat there but with the girls words about her teammates being inside maybe him change his mind, he wasn't in the mindset to have to put up with more annoyances then necessary. He brought his eyes back to the girl. "Would you like to join me?" Zeref wanted more information on the girl, she could be a possible ally, or become someone who may stand in his way depending on what path he decides to take.



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5 Re: One Cloudless Night { Invite Only } on Sat Jan 06, 2018 6:31 pm

June Koizumi

June kept her eyes trained on his form. His posture didn’t lend to himself being too welcoming, especially what with his arms crossed, though June decided to file that piece of information for later; no use debating on it now. He didn’t seem too hesitant to continue their little conversation, answering her question without skipping a beat. Perhaps she would find some company for the night yet.

“Ah yea, I was going to go grab a bite to eat at a nearby shop. I tend to be a bit restless at night as of late.”

That was curious. She didn’t show it, but June wondered if his restlessness had anything to do with their new Kage. He’d suddenly risen to prominence within the village circles, his more controversial policies one of the most widespread topics on the grapevine. She’d certainly been concerned about her new leader a few times, but it was a matter well above her paygrade. She didn’t dare pry into it; knowing either way wouldn’t have changed anything. It wasn’t as if she was planning to leave the village if he didn’t turn out the man she wanted to serve.

“I’m Zeref Kyo, by the way,” he introduced.

“June,” she replied with a smile and an extended hand. “Nice to meet you.”

She caught his eyes flicker momentarily to the tea house, no doubt having a small internal argument as to whether he wanted to walk several more blocks (or mountains, since she doubted what remained of the shoplots on this particular one were sufficient to comprise a ‘block’) for a decent meal. In the end, the latter won out as he turned away from the shop.

“Would you like to join me?”

The question took her mildly by surprise, likely evident on her face if he’d caught it in time. She got a mischievous glint in her eye as she replied teasingly with a grin,

“It depends. Will you be paying?”

Nevertheless, though, her mind would be made up. It wasn’t normal for them to disappear on one another, but she knew her teammates would take care of her weapons until she got back.

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6 Re: One Cloudless Night { Invite Only } on Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:03 am

Zeref Kyōakuna


As June extended her hand Zeref uncrossed his arms from his chest so he could take her hand, giving it a slight shake. "Pleasure to meet you as well June." Dropping her hand he committed her name to memory, Zeref wanted a strong pool of 'allies' he could use when the time came to do so. Zeref could tell his request for her to join caught her off guard, she wasn't to good at hiding her emotions that effected her face. June answered saying she would go if he paid, which was a typical response when someone asked another out. "That wouldn't be a problem. After all I did ask you to join me didn't I?" Zeref kept his tone friendly and a light smile on his face as if it was natural and normal.

Zeref turned away from the small tea shop that Junes teammates were in, not wanting to deal with a bunch of loud people. Given how June made them sound Zeref would probably put one through a table for annoying him.  "I know a hidden shop around the corner, they have pretty good dumplings." Zeref started to walk, looking back slightly to make sure June was following before facing forward again. "So are you from here? Or are you a transfer shinobi, seems to be a common thing as of lately.  Zeref wanted to gather more information on the red headed girl walking with him, could she be a tool to use to help him reach his goal, or would she stand in his way, and cause him to get rid of her? At the moment Zeref had two teammates, both were serving his purpose well, helping him gain ryo and to grow stronger. Zeref wasn't foolish enough to think he was all powerful, no, he was much to smart to allow his ego have any place in his plan. "I grew up in the mountains, and only recently joined about three weeks ago. They were pretty welcoming to me when I ask to become a shinobi."

Zeref turned another corner and went down a small path way. Should be right, here. Zeref stopped in front of a small green wooden door, putting his right hand on it he pushed it open, a bell ringing signalling the place had costumers. Zeref held the door for June, and would enter after she did. They were both greeted by an elderly woman. "Zeref, good to see you,
how is the shinobi life treating you?"
Zeref smiled and moved towards an empty table as the woman spoke to him. "Very well, I am almost ready to be ranked as a chunnin. The elderly woman handed them both menus nodding. "Chunnin? so quickly, at this rate you'll give the Riakage a run for his money." The old women left them to look at the menus, Zeref watched her for a split second before looking at the menus to pick what he wanted.



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7 Re: One Cloudless Night { Invite Only } on Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:36 am

June Koizumi

“That wouldn’t be a problem. After all, I did ask you to join me, didn’t I?”

In all honesty, the Koizumi had been mostly – nay, actually completely – joking when she’d teased him into taking the bill for her if he wanted her company, but the nonchalance lacing his response was not entirely unwelcome. June didn’t intend for him to pay, but he needn’t know that; she would just play along, matching the smile he gave her with one of her own, one that held equal parts gratitude for the offer and intrigue.

“I know a hidden shop around the corner,” he suggested, turning around. “They have pretty good dumplings.”

“Well, by all means, lead the way,” she responded, falling into rhythm beside him.

“So are you from here?” Zeref asked, making small talk as they walked. “Or are you a transfer shinobi? Seems to be a common thing as of late. I grew up in the mountains, and only recently joined about three weeks ago. They were pretty welcoming to me when I asked to become a shinobi.”

“You can say that I’m from around here,” she answered.

True, while she wasn’t born in Kumogakure, she’d been living here since she was but a child, seeing more than a decade pass as she blossomed from a kid into a teen. She only occasionally went back to visit her parents, not because she didn’t want to, but simply because she had little time on her hands. Nevertheless, whenever she did end up going back, she brought all manners of souvenirs with her. But that was besides the point.

“I’ve been living here almost all my life,” she added.

As the conversation descended back into relative silence, she pondered about the second part of his statement. What caught her attention wasn’t how he had just joined Kumogakure – wanderers were normal in this day and age, wearing the symbols of countries and discarding them as they saw fit – but she wondered if Kumogakure, and the villages in particular, were always so welcome to foreigners? She knew she had definitely been easily admitted into the ninja program.

The pair turned a corner, walking down a small pathway that June had to admit she didn’t quite recognise. The area they were in was out of the way of her usual spots, but from a quick glance the place didn’t look too shady. At the very least it didn’t resemble some of the poorer parts of the village she’d visited. The two of them stopped in front of a small, green wooden door, with Zeref pushing it open with one hand, ringing a bell overhead the door in the process.

“Zeref, good to see you,” an elderly woman greeted him. “How is the shinobi life treating you?”

“Very well, I am almost ready to be ranked as a Chunin,” he said as they were both led to their table.

“Chunin? So quickly? At this rate, you’ll give the Raikage a run for his money.”

June watched the exchange with interest, readily accepting her menu and giving the items a glance before she softly thanked the old lady for the piece of card in her hand. She saw several attractive orders but first thing was first:

“You two seem to know each other well,” she noted. “Do you come here often?”

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8 Re: One Cloudless Night { Invite Only } on Sun Jan 07, 2018 12:29 pm

Zeref Kyōakuna


Zeref listened to June answer his question, seemed she wasn't born here but had lived her most of her life, so that scratched his theory of the village gathering outside forces. He looked up when June spoke about him and the elderly woman knowing each other. "Ah kind of. I did a mission a while back, where these boar were destroying some crops outside the village, her son was the farmer who owned the land that the boars were destroying." Zeref looked back down for a moment before folding up the menu and laying it on the table in front of him.

The old lady returned to the table with a small smile. "Do you two know what you want to try?" Zeref nodded slightly before speaking. "Yea, I'll have the fried dumplings, and stir friend rice, with a glass of water please." The waitress jotted down Zerefs order before looking over at June. "And for you my dear? What would you like?" After June ordered the waitress would jot down her order like she did Zerefs before leaving taking the menus with her. Zeref brought his attention back to June. "So why did you want to become a shinobi? and what do you specialize in? Element wise and specialization wise?" It was a common question Zeref asked most people he met and talked to for longer then a few minutes. "I'm a ninjutsu, bukijutsu myself with Katon and Doton nature type." The waitress returned with their drinks. "Here are your drinks, your food will be out in a minute." Zeref nodded and gave her a quick thank you before returning his attention back to June.



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9 Re: One Cloudless Night { Invite Only } on Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:36 pm

June Koizumi

“Ah, kind of. I did a mission a while back, where these boards were destroying some crops outside the village. Her son was the farmer who owned the land that the boars were destroying.”

Ah, so that was it. There were definitely many bonds formed between civilians and shinobi simply because of the D-rank and C-rank missions that went around. Often times most civilians were indebted to ninja beyond what they gave for the ninja’s paygrade. June idly wondered if that was one side consequence of missions, apart from building up one’s skills. Fostering friendly relations with the people they were supposed to protect was vital to a ninja’s profession, but it was often difficult to be friends with people who could perform inhumane deeds.

After all, it was a mission that had brought her team to the tea house in the first place, and they had returned over and over.

Taking in his tale, she looked back down at the menu, now taking her time to peruse the contents. There were quite a few dishes that stood out, although most of them were dumplings, as Zeref had recommended.

“Do you two know what you want to try?” the old lady asked with a smile, to which Zeref nodded.

“Yes, I’ll have the fried dumplings, and stir-fried rice, with a glass of water, please.”

“And for you, my dear? What would you like?” the woman asked, now turning to face her.

June glanced down at the menu again, noting that it was really difficult to choose something when everything seemed to make her mouth water. In the end, she just couldn’t make up her mind; not wanting to make the old woman wait for longer than she had to, June returned the menu to her.

“I’ll have what he’s having, thank you.”

Little silence passed between them, as the moment the woman turned around and made a beeline for the kitchen, Zeref was already on her.

“So why did you want to become a shinobi? And what do you specialise in? Element-wise and specialisation-wise?”

“My, my, is this an interview?” she asked playfully. “I don’t really have a reason, becoming a kunoichi,” she answered. “I’ve always been good at using my chakra, so I suppose it was only natural for me to join the ninja program. I graduated and they put me in a squad, and I’ve never once regretted it.”

“My elements and specialisations, though… that’s a bit more difficult to describe. I dabble here and there where I can. Like I said I’ve always been good with chakra, so most jutsu fascinate me in one way or another. Although when push comes to shove I’m want to rely on my sword. Sadly I left it back at the tea house, so I guess you’ll have to take my word for it.”

“I’m a ninjutsu, bukijutsu myself with katon and Doton nature type.”

Ninjutsu, bukijutsu, Katon, and Doton. Not too different from herself, she noted silently. If time permitted maybe she would see how well she matched up against him, and her his team. But that was a thought for another day, when her mornings weren’t filled with ‘war councils’ as her teammates liked to put it, and her afternoons weren’t packed with endearing mission after mission.

“Here are your drinks. Your food will be out in a minute.”

June mouthed a thank you to the woman, and took a sip of her water.

“So why the sudden curiosity over my abilities? Or do you ask every one you meet how they fight?”

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10 Re: One Cloudless Night { Invite Only } on Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:23 am

Zeref Kyōakuna


June, in the end decided to order the same thing as Zeref, it made sense since she has never been to the restaurant. Zeref shrugged slightly at her question about it being an interview. "I like to know about people in my village, that's all" Despite her rebuttal she did answer his question, or she kind of did, stating she liked to 'dabble' here and there, while taking up kenjutsu much like himself. It wasn't really the detailed answers he was looking or hoping for, but it would be good enough for now. 

Zeref drank some of his water before answering her question about why the curiosity. "As I said, I like to know about shinobi in the village. It's always smart to know of others encase certain missions need a helping hand. If I needed someone to help spy, I would bring a sensory type, if I needed someone to help take down some bandits, I would take a more combat shinobi. I guess I would consider it being tactical." He gave her a small smile, he wasn't wrong, it's never a bad thing to know of others strengths and weakness.

The waitress returned once again, this time with both of their foods, she placed the steaming plates in front of each of them. "Here you are, freshly made and straight out of the oven." Zeref broke open his chopsticks giving the waitress a thank you and a smile. "Enjoy your date dears." The waitress smiled leaving the two to continue to talk among one another in peace. Zeref ignored the old ladys comment about the date and continued to speak to June. "Also, it's good to know about those who may stand in your way in the future. We may be allies but in tournaments and exams there's only one winner. That, and you never know if someone will turn on the village. So yea, I ask that question to a lot of people I meet." Zerefs voice was kind, and friendly as he spoke his answer, most of it was true. Picking up a dumpling he put it in some sauce before eating it, allowing the sweet taste to fill his mouth. "I don't think I am every going to grow tired of these dumplings."

After finishing his meal the elderly woman came over with the bill, handing it to Zeref. Zeref took out a few ryo, enough to pay for the meal as well as tip the waitress. "Thank you dear. Have a good night." She smiled sweetly leaving to attend to the other few people that were with in the shop. Zeref stood up pushing in his chair before heading out of the restaurant.

Zeref stopped walking waiting for June to join him, the cool air brushing across his skin felt good, the full moon hung in the air casting a dim light over the village. Zeref put his hands behind his head as he looked at June. "So where to now? Or do you have to be getting back to your teammates?"

Before June, or Zeref could say anything else a older shinobi walked up to the two of them, putting his hand up in a short of wave gesture. "Yo Zeref, there you are.
Couldn't find you at your place, took me forever to track you down."
Zeref recognized him, he was one of the jounin who worked in the mission center, Zeref dropped his arms and faced him. "Ah, what's up?" The jounin handed Zeref a small scroll. "You and Tomohiro have been called on a mission, and gotta go report in. We already got a hold of Tomohiro, he's probably waiting for you as we speak."

Zeref sighed a bit, but nodded as he turned to june. "Sorry, duty calls. I'll make it up to you when we are both free." Zeref leaned in giving her a small peak on the cheek, and turned to leave with the jounin without another word.
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11 Re: One Cloudless Night { Invite Only } on Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:57 am

June Koizumi

“I like to know about people in my village, that’s all,” he answered.

June merely hummed at his response, taking in his words. She didn’t want to admit it herself but she, too, had an itchy curiosity about the people she met, for a variety of reasons, but primarily for her interest in other people. Whether she could beat them or not in a straight up – or not so straight up given they were ninja – fight was completely secondary to whether she knew who they were as a person. Someone who enjoyed kenjutsu often had a different outlook on life than one who pursued fuuinjutsu.

“As I said, I like to know about shinobi in the village. It’s always smart to know of others in case certain missions need a helping hand. If I needed someone to help spy, I would bring a sensory type; if I needed someone to help take down some bandits, I would take a more combat shinobi. I guess I would consider it being tactical.”

She wouldn’t argue with him – or his smile – there. It was common sense that information was the key to survival in the ninja world, though that fact hadn’t completely dawned on her, even then. She had been in a few life-or-death situations before, but none of which where information beforehand would have helped her or her teammates any in overcoming the obstacle. In most cases the normal response to any information pertaining to their missions would have been met with a ‘let’s not’.

To this extent, she surmised Zeref was smart in his own way. By knowing one’s allies you could better prepare for a mission, and given that he seemed to be focused on the more practical aspects of a ninja life, it was little doubt that he was heavily preparing for the mindset of a leader. Perhaps he was aiming for Raikage, but in June’s mind, she made the connection to something much closer to home: perhaps he was gunning for Chuunin. Either way, he was grooming himself for leadership with such an active interest in the skills of his allies, although she supposed the extremists would hide their abilities, citing such open knowledge to strangers a danger in and of itself.

“Here you are, freshly made and straight out of the oven,” the old lady said, placing a plate of mouth-watering dumplings in front of June, eliciting a raised eyebrow. You didn’t know you could lust after dumplings until after you did, so much so that June completely ignored the lady’s following comment.

“Also, it’s good to know about those who may stand in your way in the future. We may be allies but in tournaments and exams there’s only one winner. That, and you never know if someone will turn on the village. So yea, I ask that question to a lot of people I meet,” he said.

“Still,” June replied, “doesn’t that apply the other way round in both cases?” she asked, in a philosophical matter-of-fact. “It’s not encouraging for other ninja to spill their secrets if they’re likely to meet you in a tournament, since you’ll know all their aces. And there’s no telling if someone would turn on the village, so it’s hard to convince people to share their secrets with others, in fear that that other person might have an ulterior motive.”

“I don’t think I am ever going to grow tired of these dumplings.” June could only nod to that, her mouth stuffed.

Fifteen minutes later found the two of them outside the stall, with the old lady paid and their bellies stuffed.

"So where to now? Or do you have to be getting back to your teammates?"

June had already made up her mind – she’d been away from her team for long enough. They wouldn’t worry about her, no, this was still within the safer parts of the village as far as they were concerned for now, but she preferred to go back to check on the condition of her weapons. She did always feel better when they were with her. However, before she could say anything, an older shinobi walked up to the two of them, looking for Zeref.

It seemed Zeref had a mission, with another Genin, presumably, called Tomohiro.  

"Sorry, duty calls. I'll make it up to you when we are both free," Zeref apologised. He leaned in and planted a small peck on her cheek, a gesture so sudden she didn’t react to it, save the blush that grew on her cheeks as Zeref left without another word.

June stood there, amusement written on her face for the better part of ten seconds before she, too, turned around and walked in the opposite direction.

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