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1 Walk The Streets (Closed) on Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:24 pm

Kenta Inuzuka


Kenta felt a bit out of sorts waling around in full Hokage robes; the stares it attracted made him feel far too visible; but that was the point, really. Get his face out there, let the people see him, know who he was. Better to see him alive, in person, then some face on the mountain above him. Even now, just a few days into his term, they where mapping the area his face would be carved into; scaffolding being erected, sculptors hired. Waaaay to much fuss over him; but it wasn't everyday a Kage was named.

He wasn't on top of the mountain, either; instead down at the base in the Market District. As it was a bit of a holiday week; the Pre-Academy and main Academy had the day off while the Sensei's got the Auditorium ready for him to make some big speech tomorrow; he really should sit down and write that eventually; there where tons of small children and ninja-in-training floating around. The younger's would run right up to him and tug on his robes, smile shyly, ask him inane questions that made him smile as he thought about what his kids would be like at those ages. Parents would walk up and shake his hand, or apologize for their children being so bold and disruptive; something he would quickly dismiss, explaining his own children made him immune to it.

The kind of thing's that made him relatable. The kind of interactions that would make the populace feel safe with him. Better a figure they knew, saw, could approach then just a name and a stony face.


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