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Akito Miku

Akito Miku

D-Rank Mission Punishing Students:

Mission name: Punishing Students
Mission rank: D
Objective: Punish unruly academy students through labor or other means.
Location: Konoha (General)
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: The academy has had a recent influx in students whom either don't pay attention or are constantly disrupting the class. The senseis of the academy can not take time to deal with the insubordinates, and have asked that you deal with them. Ensure that the student will be attentive and well-behaved in class through physical labor or other means; note that you may not physically or mentally damage the child above what is normal at the academy (the maximum level of harm acceptable being a knockout). As there are more than one of the insubordinates, this mission may be taken more than once.
Mission details: The students in question will not listen to you at first, so you will have to either intimidate them or teach them the importance of paying attention in class through some scenarios.

It was not a good day for the unruly students of the academy that day as three of them were laughing while throwing trash around and playing around with their doppelganger technique as their clones were just running and hopping around like mad things. They expected someone to come discipline them, as they waited to see who would suffer the humiliation as Jamie opened the door to the class they looked intently as Jamie looked up for a moment as  he saw the dusted it puff into smoke as the children laughed until one of them noticed the duster was cut in half. Jamie was layered in puffy dust as he managed to close his eyes and could see through the dust cause of his contact lenses. He went to the board as they noticed his sword was dirty he wiped it clean with the dust cloth as the other two had not noticed yet. The fate of the board duster as Jamie took a deep breathe before speaking.

"I will be in charge of you today, please misbehave if you want to" as they were a bit confused as they were not certain if they were being given permission to misbehave or if he was threatening them if they did. The double meaning began to stress them out to the point that they forgot he was a small little kid and the sword also helped increase the intimidation as well.



Here comes the pain(D-Rank Mission) B2GS6lV
No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

2Here comes the pain(D-Rank Mission) Empty Re: Here comes the pain(D-Rank Mission) on Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:28 am

Akito Miku

Akito Miku

The children were behaving for a while as they felt they were relatively safe still as two of them read through their work, but then one of them who was the biggest and baddest of the three got up and walked to the front. "Hey, go back home to your mommy little kid. You not allowed to hit us or anything so there is no way you will..." as Jamie glared at him he froze for a moment as he got caught off guard.

"HA!!! Glare at me all you want, I can do what I want, when I want because I will become the strongest shinobi ever. I am already the strongest in my class, what do you think you going to do. Just cause we make noise or have fun you want to punish us, bunch of cowards!!"

As he got mad he through a punch at Jamie, if he had not been so angry maybe the swing would have hit but it was too wide as Jamie just caught his arm and did a shoulder throw as he landed on his back with a thud. He got up not being hurt too badly before feeling the back of something hit him on his back as he fell down. Jamie had sheathed his sword and hit the hilt into the stubborn boy's back hard enough to make him lower himself into the ground. Jamie then tossed three kunai as the boy got such a fright as the blade landed near his face, however it was actually in his clothing as he realized he was stuck slightly as Jamie stood on him. He was rather light weight, but he began to lecture the other two.

"I am allowed to fight back, just not seriously" as he looked down the boy was growling as he was strarting to break free Jamie stomped on his back as he hit into the ground again as Jamie continued speaking. "I am really weak, if you can not even beat me you will just end up dead." at the strict tone they seemed to all be silenced as the boy was still enraged as he shouted out. "You got training, if i was trained as well as you I would be the one on top right now!"

Jamie took his sheathed blade and then drew it out and stabbed it right in front of his eyes and then spoke. "How can you expect people to train you if you keep interfering with the training, speak one more time and I will make an example out of you" as the boy was about to say something more the other boy finally recognized him and shout out.

"We will behave from now on, please don't hurt us." As the two began to whisper to each other as Jamie got off and removed the shuriken and told the boy to head to his desk. He wanted to attack as he was walking away he was gritting his teeth having underestimated the boy as the other two got to him quick and whispered as he began to sweat. Little did Jamie know his beating up of the prankster had spread some rumors among other pranksters so some of the academy students knew about him. With this the students behaved out of fear of what he would do to them if they did not.

Jamie reported his mission as successful, while there were doubts the very next day the children were early to class. They were still a bit noisy outside, but they had become angels inside the class as the children began to wonder who it was that had given them their disciplinary lesson.


Exit Thread

750 (Mission)
+100 (Extra Pay 25[1] = 25 ryo)
850 Words


Here comes the pain(D-Rank Mission) B2GS6lV
No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

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