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Akito Miku

Akito Miku

D-Rank Mission Stop the Vandal:

Mission name: Stop the Vandal!
Mission rank: D
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: An elderly gentleman has contracted a shinobi or two to catch a adolescent street youth in the act of vandalizing his home. Said street youth is the young boy in the Academy who lives in the buildings next to the elderly man, who claims that the boy often has his young shinobi heathen friends over for general hoodlum activities. In addition, the mission-taker(s) are also encouraged to help paint over the graffiti that has vandalized the man's home.
Mission details: Not much to this one, you just have to catch the person vandalizing the mission-contractor's home in the act and stop them. They normally preform these shenanigans under the safety of night.

Name: Old Man Kareru
Age: 84
General Appearance: An elderly man with a slight hunch and limp when he walks. He carries a cane, which he often shakes violently at kids as they walk by his house. Kareru wears a short tan Kimono with black pants and wooden sandals. When outside, he often wears a straw hat either on his head or tied off so that it doesn't fall when worn around his neck.
Personality: Normally a relatively pleasant old man with a heart of gold, Kareru has recently fallen victim to vandalism tomfoolery that has turned him into a rather mean spirited old fellow. Kareru has become paranoid and slightly afraid of the vandals that tag his house, and appears to be in a hurry to find out who the vandal is.
Motivations: Catching vandals in the act, being an outsanding member of the community.
Fears: Tomfoolery, shenanigans, the number four, hoodlums, his deaf wife, etcetera.
Other: He thinks his dead wife is still alive and watches television while knitting all day. He also calls anybody under the age of fourteen a “street youth”.

Name: Akane “The Vandal” Fuji
Age: Ten
General Appearance: A short and pudgy kid. Akane wears whatever clothes were picked out for him for the day by his mother, and normally has a consistently runny nose.
Personality: Akane is very cocky and arrogant, even for his age. He believes that his mother can get him out of any trouble he's in, and is essentially the definition of a brat. However, Akane has a good side deep down inside that does feel slightly guilty for vandalizing the house of a once nice old man.
Motivations: Graffiti, candy and sweets, mischievous activities.
Fears: Getting caught, his mother's yelling, vegetables.
Other: It's possible to convince Akane to confess to his mother and apologize to Kareru if the mission-taker would like to take a less brutal approach to punishment. This would generally be regarded as the win/win scenario of the mission, as Akane would then be tasked with cleaning the graffiti if he does confess rather than the mission-taker.

It was not a good day to be an outlaw as Jamie made his way towards the mission board, he took hold of the mission involving a secret vandal as he was tired of all these vandals who made trouble for other people. They were a nuisance and he was going to make them suffer for what they had done. Something deep down inside of Jamie had broken as he had become a lot less kind since his encounter with the heavenly Hanbei.

He took his time to reach the location as he met with an elderly man who told him to help catch the misguided youth that was destroying his home. When he got there he saw written in large graffiti the words 'Grumpy Old Men Should Die!' as those words stood out the look in Jamie's eyes began to make the elderly man worry. "Please try not to be too violent" as Jamie simply nodded, though his expression was not very convincing at that very moment



The little punisher(D-Rank Mission) B2GS6lV
No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

2The little punisher(D-Rank Mission) Empty Re: The little punisher(D-Rank Mission) on Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:44 pm

Akito Miku

Akito Miku

Jamie had been waiting for a while as the old man said he usually shows up at night as he laid down hidden silently on the roof swaying his legs up slightly every now and then since they could not really be seen in this darkness. Listening to himself as he thought about how to handle his next target, just when he felt like falling asleep he heard a light sound as he rose up slightly he noticed the boy drawing the graffiti as he appeared behind the child and then touched his shoulder.


The boy gave a yelp that made a bit of noise as the old man now woke up from his sleep. The old man was still tired as he took his time the boy who was rather short and chubby, yet still bigger then Jamie calmed down since it was just some random kid. However as he grinned and spoke Jamie was not amused as he held out the paint brush.

"You want to help out the great Vandal-sama right?" as this ticked Jamie off as the boy was not sure what happened as he just felt a sharp pain as his gut was hit with something hard. "Are you going to help clean this up and confess?" as the old man was still putting on his glasses as his sight had not been doing too well lately. The boy was in pain, but Jamie's lacking strength made the boy careless as he stood up afterwards and said. "That did not hurt at all, if you looking for a fight I will show you how great I am. You better take a look at my face, you know who my mother is, she is..." as he was talking nonsense he just felt something hit him against the side of his head as he was a bit dizzy falling on his side his ears ringing in pain as the boy stood over him glaring down. That was when the fear of truly being caught sunk in as his mouth could not save him this time.



The little punisher(D-Rank Mission) B2GS6lV
No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

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Akito Miku

Akito Miku

"aaahhhh!!!!!" as the cries made the old man startle as he ran outside in the midst of the darkness he could make out two children. One was a familiar shinobi while the other one who was being kicked repeatedly was the child of one of the neighbor's children. Jamie had knocked him down and had pinned him down with the sheath of his blade pressing into his shirt as he got kicked in the gut. He wanted to fight back as he tried to counter only for Jamie to then step on his ankle as he cried out in pain again.

The boy was crying as the old man ran as fast as he could walking slowly to get close as he said in a rather horse voice. "Please, stop..." as the young boy was looking up to his savior as the boy finally stopped. The boy had tears in his eyes as the old man looked towards the boy he had hired, he was expecting the boy to be rather peaceful and kind with how cute and innocent he looked. However it seemed like Jamie was a cold blooded shinobi ready to beat the truth out of anyone in his path, while the truth was that he simply had lots of pent up aggression with no other outlet then his missions.

The boy cried out as he got up slightly limping as he ran to his savior as Jamie just stood there since his mission was mainly to capture the boy and deal with the graffiti as the old man held out a stop signal to Jamie who waited. He motioned for the boy to go inside and told Jamie to rest for a job well done as he looked to the sky and said. "I will stay until my mission is complete" as the man knew he could not send the boy back having a shinobi's pride he may invoke some unknown horror upon himself and the poor young boy as they slept at night he simply watched over them.

The next day came as Jamie just stayed in his position as the boy woke up early to escape as he saw his route blocked he went back inside knowing there was no way out. The old man got up and motioned for them to wait as he went and brought the young boy's mother as she came there to ask what was going on. As soon as she got there the boy ran out and hugged his mother crying. "I am sorry mom, I won't misbehave anymore, I promise. Please do not let him take me away" as the beating had gone on for longer then the old man realized and the psychological fear was intense as he looked to the old man and said. "Sorry, mister Kareru, I will clean everything up okay, so please forgive me" as his mother glared at Jamie who did not seem to show any emotion.

The boy actually cleaned the graffiti up as the old man got out the shinobi mission scroll and gave his stamp of approval as he felt he should never have let a shinobi handle this problem in the first place. Jamie bowed as the boy apologized and was too scared to vandalize again, his mother was in so much shock she did not even want to think of a punishment as they went home closer then ever before. The old man felt regret, however at the same time he understood that it may have been for the best.

Jamie made his way back to the mission board as someone noticed the look in Jamie's eyes had become even colder then before as people began to wonder what had happened to the cute innocent little shinobi who simply liked to gather herbs.


Exit Thread

750 (Mission)
+400 (Extra Pay 25[4] = 100 ryo)
1150 Words


The little punisher(D-Rank Mission) B2GS6lV
No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

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