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Mission name: Old Mcdonald had a ai oh
Mission rank: D
Objective: Help the farm
Location: Land of fire, outskirts of konoha
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission Description: A farm(s) needs help on getting things back together, so help them manage the daily task as well as repair.
Mission details: When you get there you will either come across the farmer or the farmer will find you, the farm’s problems are up to you. Was it harmed by a storm? Attacked by bandits weeks ago? Or just your usual funding issues? You can decide to help repair and do the daily chores on the farm and decide the outcome of the farm.


Name: Farmer Mcdonald
Age: 45
General Appearance:
Personality: Old, wise and kind.
Motivations: To get his farm back up running
Fears: Losing the farm
Other: N/A

Samuru was given the chance to take on a mission during his time in Konoha. The first mission he was tasked since he returned to the Land of Fire. He made his way to the outskirts of the village. His red hair seemed to reflect the sun as he traveled. It was a good day. The sky had been partly cloudy. Dark clouds could be seen moving in the distance as the wind began to pick up. He new the conditions. A storm was brewing in the distance. Though, it didn’t seem like it would be coming in the direction he was going. It would be a good thing, but a little water or lightning didn’t bother him in the slightest.

His days on raiding ships were pretty much over. Samuru wasn’t quite sure if he would miss the days of stealing and theft. Samuru wanted to live to continue seeing the world. That former lifestyle was one to easily get you killed if you weren’t careful. He sighed as he thought about the old band he ran with for awhile. Samuru didn’t care for them and they probably didn’t care for him. Though he did seem to miss the expressions they gave while they fought. It was one of much pleasure. Pleasure that he wasn’t able to feel or experience. Everything he did was mostly on instinct or by interest. His current interest was money and trying to kill time.

The mainroad to the farmer’s homestead was quite riddled with lots of stones. It was a narrow dirt road through an area with lots of brush. The closest thing he see as he continued his way was see the large tip of a brown barn or what was left of it. The barn was scorched to the ground. His fields were turned an ashen grey. The only thing that seemed to be ok was the farmer’s house. He figured that it was probably a bandit attack. From his experience, destroying property was an easy way to get what you wanted. He wished to hear more from the farmer though on what exactly went on. The place probably looked nice at some point, but now it was a wreck that wasn’t even worth calling a farm.

As Samuru made his way to the front of the house, an older man in his mid forties opened the door. Stricken grief riddled his face as he crumbled his straw kasa slightly. Samuru stood on the man’s porch. He seemed to tower over him as he got closer. Though, he was only about seven inches taller than the man. Samuru looked down and refused to introduce himself at first. He sort of looked the man up and down while studying his features. The man seemed to need help, but Samuru started to question if the man had the galls to finally say something. They just casually stared at each other before either sad something.

“I’m here on behalf of Konohagakure to help you in your need, old man. Say something already,” he sounded off in a low tone.

“I’m sorry, sir. I was expecting someone younger. Umm...I hope your trip went well…”

“I don’t need the pleasantries, gramps. I just need you to tell me what happened and what you need help with.”

The old man bowed his head respectfully as he explained what happened. Samuru had been right. It was bandits. Old Mcdonald failed to produce enough crops to finance the bandits and send enough produce to his normal vendors. The bandits burned his fields and his barn. Samuru knew how this situation could have been avoided. Though he didn’t really find an interest in helping the farmer too much, the ryo he received put in place an artificial interest. He nodded his head throughout the farmer’s heavy laden description. If the mission paid more, he would have just taken out the bandits himself, but he was only here to aid the farmer and that was all.

“Sir, if you would be so kind and help me rebuild the fence. I have the supplies in the back of my house. I need a fence around my house and one around the barn. I’ll have to ask the village for additional help later,” the old man asked respectfully.

“I’ll help you, Mcdonald. Though, if you are truly in need of help. I would suggest that you partition the village for additional assistance with ridding the bandits. From my experience, the bandits will continue to exploit you until you are either consider not worth anything. Your life may be in danger. I’ll help you install the fencing around your property. If you want to keep the farm, asked the village for additional help.”

Samuru turned away from the village and made his way to the back of the house. There laid lots of precut lumber. The old man had plenty of nails and other equipment to install the fence.  Samuru then began getting to work. The work itself was easy and simplistic. He was able to continue working without rest. The farmer would occasionally bring him water in a pale and snacks. Samuru ended taking about five to six hours installing the fencing. The farmer’s homestead had been very sizable for someone this far on the outskirts of the village. It took him longer than he expected, but he finished in a decent time. After completing his task, the farmer thanked him and told him that he would probably follow his directions.

“You don’t understand how much of a help you have been. These old bones don’t move like they used to. I’ll also suggest that you were a great help to the Hokage. The fence will help me keep my property divided. I’ll just need to order some wire to add later. Thanks again, sir.”

“Whenever you feel like you need anymore help, ask for me next time you request a mission. I’ll take on any task you throw at me. Don’t be afraid to ask Samuru. I’ll be waiting for the next mission you have waiting. I’ll do whatever is necessary to help.”

Samuru nodded his head as he made his way off the ranch. A lot of what he said, was just useless jabber. If the old man was willing to pay, he was willing to help.  He hoped that he Hokage would pay him handsomely for his efforts, but he wouldn’t get his hopes up. He knew that he wouldn’t be allowed to do any C-Rank missions yet without gaining at least some acknowledgement. Mission completion was probably the best way to get missions done. He looked up at the thick forest trees as he walked toward the village. He had someway to go before turning in his mission. Samuru would lose himself slightly in thought as he probably should also see if his weapon arrived yet.

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1179/750 words
429 words [remaining after mission]

Stat Training
STR: 75/75 [E-0 -> E-1]
SPD: 75/75 [E-0 -> E-1]
END: 75/75 [E-0 -> E-1]
PER: 75/75 [E-0 -> E-1]
REA: 75/75 [E-0 -> E-1]

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