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Mission name: Night patrol
Mission rank: D-rank
Objective: Patrol Kumogakure
Location: Kumogakure
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: You've been assigned night patrol along with several other genin, chunin, and even a few special jounin, your job is to roam the you've been given along with your assigned squad, or even alone if you're assigned that way, and just make sure the village remains safe. As a D-rank mission your job is to report any serious threats before attempting to engage in them.
Mission details: It's pretty normal and safe, maybe the occasional weird thing to happen.

Tomohiro had awoken from nap as his alarm went off. He stood up from his bed and prepared himself to exit his apartment. The scent of hot ginger tea filled the air of his apartment. It was quite soothing and it helped him sleep. He prepared to put on his poncho as snow had already heavily covered the ground outside. The white scene outside of his window caused him to frown a bit. The fact that it was snowing outside would make it a bit troubling for him. It would be his first mission out in the white fluff that summoned itself from the sky. He finally had gotten all of his gear on. Today, he wore his red full bodysuit instead of the black one. Tomohiro would wear his hood instead of his straw kasa thinking that he didn’t want to have to knock off the snow every fifteen minutes.

The kitchen was filled with the aroma of the tea. His gloves became warm as he poured tea into a cup out from a thermass. He sat down at his breakfast table and enjoyed it. After about fifteen minutes from finishing the tea, he placed the cup in his sink and exited his apartment. The blade that hung off of his waist shifted as he adjusted it. He went rooftop to rooftop making his way to the village front gate. The mission was another night patrol. This time he accepted the mission to try and keep himself busy. His mind had been distracted and he wasn’t able to find complete balance yet.

The village gate came into view as other shinobi slowly started to show up in either groups or alone. This time he was to work with a team of a jonin, a chuunin, and another genin. He had been the only genin in the group that he knew of. Tomohiro checked their names, but didn’t bother to get their faces. Whatever happened tonight, he would be mostly prepared for it. These missions were normally just report whatever you found. They normally wouldn’t engage unless given permission. The fact that he had been teamed up with a jonin meant that they would probably be given permission via their say so. It made things easier to handle than having to deal run all the way to a jonin or find the closest squad leader in charge.

He stood there for a few minutes as shinobi seemed to greatly gather around near the gate. Tonight it seemed a little more crowded than usual. Multiple conversations could be heard around ranging from this being their first mission and others that complained about the weather. Tomohiro wasn’t bothered at all by the conversations or that he was still waiting. He felt a tap on the shoulder causing him to turn around. He looked into the eyes of a fresh genin about the age of fifteen. They had newly graduated out of the academy. The younger girl had dark hair and carried a katana on her hip and a wakizashi on her back. The look on his face was a bit unchanging as he wondered where he’d seen her before. She smiled and hugged him ever so tightly. Tomohiro wondered who was she and why was she touching him.

“Hey Tomohiro-senpai. It’s been awhile...what you don’t remember me? I’m Nakir, Min! We met a few months ago at the compound.”

“Ah,” he responded.

He had slightly forgotten about her. The other member of the squad was supposed to be another Nakir, but he didn’t realize it was her. It was good from time to time to be paired up with a clansmen. Nakir didn’t seem to work in groups that often outside of working in the mines. Large scale missions like this was pretty normal for clansmen to work together. He struck up a conversation with her and discovered that she had successfully graduated near the top of her class. The conversation went smoothly until the other two of their party showed up.

The other two squad members had introduced themselves as Jina Yoshi-sensei and Takome Ryu. They stood around getting to know each other a bit until the head jonin in charge got everyone’s attention. He went through the usual spill about getting permission before engaging and safety. All that jazz he heard before the last time he took the mission. Once the jonin finished, they started to make their way to their destinations. They headed out to the outskirts of the village and kind of stood around on a roof for a few hours. Time continued to pass before Tomohiro they would begin moving again.

They moved across the rooftops as a group. Screams could be heard as they passed by. It was an old tavern. People started to run out of the tavern and dashing across the snow. A chair flew out of the tavern’s window busting it out. Tomohiro looked toward Jina as she motioned for them to go ahead and intervene. The group moved toward the tavern. Jina and Takome went inside first to check on the situation as Tomohiro and Min watched the outside of the bar. There were a few clashes and sounds of broken dishes as a man stumbled out drunk and fell face first into the snow. Min used her boot and turned the drunk man over. Jina then walked out and poured a cup of cold water water on him to wake him up. The man mumbled as he stumbled getting up. The man walked away and disappeared into the night.

Tomohiro and Min looked at each other as they shrugged their shoulders. Jina mentioned that the man wouldn’t be returning. Tomohiro sighed as they continued on through the rest of the night. There really wasn’t much going on. A few kids had been seen building a snowman. There were a couple of suspicious people here and there, but they weren’t doing anything wrong. It seemed to be a normal night. There wasn’t going to be too much to report from there end. The snow started to pick up as daylight hit, but it was dull to say the least. Jina and Takome had left and gone on to turn in their mission reports. Tomohiro and Min stood near the entrance gate and continued talking.

“Tomohiro, it wasn’t too bad was it? I mean outside of the drunk guy and all. What do we do next?”

“Well, the first thing we need to do is turn in our paperwork. It’s generally pretty easy to fill it out. I usually do mine by hour. It makes things a bit easier.”

“Umm..what about us? How about breakfast? I know a tea shop opening up we could go and have tea. Maybe you can teach me Agni’s Pulse?”

“Sure, why not? I could go for some tea. Agni’s Pulse isn’t that difficult to master. It may cause some problems for your dual wielding style though. You can only use it for one blade. There is a technique I’m working on that you use both of your weapons. I could show you later today at the compound.”

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