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1D-Rank Mission: Helping the Farm 2 [Private] Empty D-Rank Mission: Helping the Farm 2 [Private] on Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:15 pm




Mission name: Old Mcdonald had a ai oh
Mission rank: D
Objective: Help the farm
Location: Land of fire, outskirts of konoha
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission Description: A farm(s) needs help on getting things back together, so help them manage the daily task as well as repair.
Mission details: When you get there you will either come across the farmer or the farmer will find you, the farmís problems are up to you. Was it harmed by a storm? Attacked by bandits weeks ago? Or just your usual funding issues? You can decide to help repair and do the daily chores on the farm and decide the outcome of the farm.

Name: Farmer Mcdonald
Age: 45
General Appearance:
Personality: Old, wise and kind.
Motivations: To get his farm back up running
Fears: Losing the farm
Other: N/A
Samuru had walked through the forest path. He was back at it again. The farmer he had helped before needed additional help and remembered to request for him specifically. It had been well worth helping the farmer out the last time. He only had to build a fence and it wasnít anything special. From what he could remember, there was plenty of stuff to do on the farm. He knew that the man still needed to regrow the crops that he had lost to the bandits. Though, the little bit of farming he did know about. The burning of the crops may have been a good thing. Burning crops, if done correctly, could increase the richness of the soil. Samuru wasnít sure why he knew that. He spent a number of days burning down defenseless villages and some farms included.

He didnít care for those days. Being in the criminal field wasnít always worth it. Everyone wasnít trustworthy especially when it came to payment. It seemed like the only way not to get scammed was to work for a village. The village work wasnít that bad at an entry level. Though, he wished that he could do something more than just help an old man on a farm. The time would come when he would be able to find something more than simple task. He said that he wouldnít becoming a lapdog, but it seemed like he was still as much as a lapdog now than he wished. You had to start somewhere, but he wished that it wasnít at this level. There was money to be made. He still needed to buy a few things before he was able to travel.

It wasnít much longer to the farm as he noticed the shape of trees started to change. He started to notice streaks running through his eyes. There was no legitimate reason why he would be seeing streaks through his eyes so he thought. He reached up and wiped his forehead. Droplets of water had graced his hand. The sweat caused him to sigh. Even though he couldnít feel it, his body was still reacting as if he could feel. It had to be his adjustment to the cold climates. That was mostly what he knew. The rigid tundras in the Land of Demons apparently had nothing to the heat of the Land of Fire. Samuru had grabbed a rag from one of his pouches and wiped the sweat from his face. The sweat didnít really bother him, but he didnít like anything obscuring his vision.

The farm came into view as he cleared the forest line. There didnít seem to be much change outside of crops now growing in the farmerís fields. The barn still looked a little out of shape and he now had animals out in about running around in their own pens. The farm was still a farm and there was money to be made. He wouldnít let the sweat get to him too much. His clothes were a bit overkill for the region. Before he made it to the farmers house, he removed his upper layers of clothing revealing his bare chiseled torso. He wrapped the hoodie and turtleneck around his waist. He started to walk up to the house as the farmer exited and greeted him.
ďHello there. Itís good to see you. As you can see, I have been able to grow some crops. The only things I need for you to do is finish out the southern fields and feed the animals. The supplies are in the barn. I just need you to plant corn. The corn seeds are located at the entrance, but the animal feed is located at the very back.Ē
Samuru nodded at the request the man made before heading to the barn. He would first feed the animals. He found it relevant to feed the bigger animals like the hogs first. The hogs seemed to eat anything. The farmer already had some slop in a barrel. The scent would make a normal human being gag, but he was alright. As soon as he exited the barn, the hogs started running around in circles in excitement. Samuru filled the trough with the slump and the hogs started to instantly devour it. He could have seen one of the hogs wanked at him, but he turned his back and went on to the other animals. The next animals seemed just as happy as the pigs were. He assumed that the farmer hadnít been doing his due diligence to his property. He really didnít care it wasnít his business.

He then started on the crops next. The back of the barn was extremely dirty. The corn seed had been sealed in large bags. He threw a few bags of seeds into a wagon and pulled it out the field. Once he arrived at the field, he noticed that the field had already been tilled. He would just need to plant the seeds. He spent the next hour planting seeds into the field and covering them up. Samuru figured that he would also go ahead and water them by taking a watering can and filling it up occasionally. The events of the day had been finished. It didnít seem like there was anything else for him to do. Samuru would look around and check to be sure that he didnít miss anything.

Once he finished, he began moving toward the Mcdonaldís house. The farmer met him outside. They just kind of stared at each other for a minute before they both nodded their heads as Samuru walked away. He would return to the village and turn in his completed mission. He somewhat hoped that the farmer would call him back. There was a lot of time he needed to burn. He heard about the recent activities of the chuunin exams and figured that he may stick around long enough for it. The idea of a chuunin exam was something foreign to him. He had heard of it multiple times, but wasnít quite sure of what it was. It would be something that he figured would probably be good to check out.

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