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1 C-Rank: At the Crossroads [Mission/Private] on Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:13 am




Mission name: Guarding the Crossroads
Mission rank: C
Objective: Travel to the crossroads and stay there for three (3) days.
Location: Kumogakure
Reward: 300 ryo or C or below jutsu
Mission description:  The village needs someone to guard this large crossroads for three days before reporting back to the Village with any news.
Mission details: The events that happen are up to the writers, nothing can happen, or a group of bandits could pass by.

Tomohiro had already started packing a back. Today he had stepped forth into “real” shinobi work. It was his first C-Rank mission alone. He had worked long and hard to get here. Lord Hastur had approved his promotion. There was something about getting acknowledge by your village’s kage. The feeling was amazing, but he was nervous at the same time. The road before and behind him were long ones. Tomohiro had spent years dreaming of becoming a chuunin. Now that he was one, he didn’t know where he was to begin. He figured that his next step would probably be Anbu. The obligation to do more for his clan and village drew hard upon him. It wasn’t that it had been drilled into him at birth, it was the fact that he started to feel a sense of duty.

There wasn’t much getting in his way outside of himself. His blood lust had calmed down to a significant amount due to the daily meditation. His mind was at ease. Tomohiro was able to find balance within himself that he hadn’t been able to in years. The balance between mind, body, and spirit seemed to be almost incorruptible. Though there were other things that he struggled with, nothing else had gotten to him more than the old desire to shed blood. The balance he found had been that of a cold internal state. He finally found a way to handle himself that didn’t require him to get lost in his emotions. Even taught from a young age to throw away his emotions, some just didn’t part like others. Time would that would require to remove all emotions would be years. Sometimes even the greatest of assassin’s had trouble hiding their emotions.

Tomohiro finished packing his things. He packed dried food which contained boar jerky, nuts, and some dried berries. The weapons he carried had already been on his person. His cache of weapons had been lacking. He definitely would need to upgrade his arsenal. It was too late for that. He would need to make his way to the outskirts of the village. He already lived far enough away from the main gate. The fact that he thought about his weapon cache was a drag, but he needed to make more ryo before he could buy a new sword. It took him a minute, but he realize that his rusty sword had to go. The blade was for sure dishonorable to him as a swordsman.

The mission he had was a pretty simple one. He was to guard the one of the crossroads that led to the village. Tomohiro would also pack a notepad to write down the ongoings of what was happening. It seemed like a more advanced version of the night patrols he used to go on. This mission could easily be escalated depending on how he handled it. Tomohiro sighed as he began to walk out of his apartment. He made sure all of the windows were sealed and everything was in place. The look on his face was neutral as he looked back before locking his door. The walk to village gate was a shorter one than usual. He was eager to hurry up and start the mission even if it took three days to complete.

Once he arrived at the crossroads, it was pretty clear. The sun shined through the trees as the cool wind blew. He made his way into a tree about 30 meters off where he could directly see the crossroads without anything blocking his view. The pack he brought had been strapped to a tree branch as he now stood about 20 meters off of the ground. The crossroads went in three different directions. One road led to Kumogakure, one led to the far north toward the capital and the other led to a bunch of smaller roads that lead into most of the farming and hunting villages. The crossroads had been covered heavily in snow and ice. His body suit was all white to blend in. The usual straw kasa that he adorned was replaced by one bound with steel and leather. Tomohiro sat off of the thick branch he had made his temporary home. He pulled out his notebook every couple of hours and wrote down what he saw.

Day 1:

1500 hrs: There’s not much outside of a pack of wild boar that passed by.

1700 hrs: Nothing has changed. The wind has gotten colder as time passes. Nothing outside of the occasional snow fox or mountain quail.

1900 hrs: A caravan guarded by what seems like armed mercenaries headed in the direction of the capital. Two men driving, five total guards in all. Each man armed with tanto or katana.

2100 hrs: The nothing to report.

2300 hrs: A prisoner transport is heading from the capital to the village. Seemed to have been spotted by one of the Kumogakure shinobi. She just winked in my direction, possibly a sensory type shinobi.

The first day ended on a low note. The prisoner transport was probably way above his current rank. He didn’t even know that  prisoners were taken down this path. There were a lot of other roads that led to the capital from Kumo. Switching up the paths was probably the reason for it. He wondered what the shinobi went through guarding the prisoners. It couldn’t be like any other transport mission. There was probably a high possibility of death. He couldn’t think of too many bandits that would want to free a prisoner in the midst of probably high ranking shinobi. There was a lot of things that didn’t make sense. A lot of people in the world had less than desirable reasonings for commiting crimes. He didn’t like the idea of having to deal with those individuals. That’s was unless they desired death.

The mission had been going straightforward at least. Tomohiro would take short naps throughout his mission to keep from missing anything. He hoped that day 2 would be a sitch. There hadn’t been much happening during the time he was there. This mission was so bad. It was simple and gave him a lot of time to think. The alone time almost seemed like a small vacation. Though, he had to be vigilant in his actions. One false move could end up with him in the grave. He knew that, but he didn’t think that the village would send him on a suicide mission as his first mission. The whole nature of the mission was mostly D-rank work. It didn’t require much on the physical side for the moment. He turned the page in his notebook and began to switch pages to start on the next day.
Day 2:

0100 hrs: A small group of farmers are traveling with empty wagons. Group consist of about seven in total. Four woman, two men, and a child. There are three wagons in total.

0300 hrs: Nothing to report.

0500 hrs: Nothing to report.

0700 hrs: A group of five men armed with kunai and seems like senbon. The men are hiding in the brush of the tree line. Will not engage until they commit a crime. Pretty sure that they’re bandits, but will wait to gather more information. Will try to take them out one by one.

0900 hrs: The group of suspicious men are casually waiting at the crossroads. Two are standing in plain sight while the other three are remaining in the brush.

0943 hrs: There’s a caravan approaching slowly. The caravan seems to have three guards. Though they seem like standard soldiers from the capital. The three soldiers are wielding lances. The two bandits seem standoffish. One of the bandits seeming like the leader is trying to talk to the soldiers. The soldiers are in an offensive stances trying to get the two visible bandits to move. One of the hidden bandits have thrown a kunai at one of the soldiers catching him in the shoulder. The “leader”of the bandits seems to be standing out of the way as the other bandits have shown themselves and began an assault. Engaging hostile combatants.
Tomohiro bounced from tree to tree as he tried to get a different view. He formed hand seals and summoned three fire clones of himself. One clone was handed a kunai and as the others formed around the crossroads while remaining in the tree line. The chuunin converted chakra into fire chakra within his maws and moved closer before releasing it into a large flaming projectile. The flaming projectile melted snow as it raced toward the “leader” and the bandits that remained visible . The unexpected bandits didn’t have enough time to react and fell to the ground in pain. One bandit went into shock from the leader being engulfed in flames. The bandit was then colored the snow red as their neck had been slashed by one of the soldiers.

Tomohiro sent his clones into the fray. The clones begun fighting hand to hand with the bandits as the soldiers maintained closer to the caravan of supplies. One of the soldiers changed his mind and charged in. One of his clones had been dispersed as the bandit caught a kunai twice in its neck. Tomohiro stood in the trees and watched. It was the first time, he utilized the fire clone technique in live combat. He was pleased for the most part. He drew his blade from its sheath and plowed his way through the air. Tomohiro made his way to the ground and impaled the two targets that twisted and turned on the ground to cease their movements.

Tomohiro assisted one of his other clones that seemed to begin getting pushed back the attacks of one of the bandits. Tomohiro took on the distracted bandit with a kick their knee. The bandits knee cracked as it inverted. His sword graced the bandits neck giving death to her. Only one bandit remained and started to retreat. Tomohiro dispersed two of his clones leaving the one with the kunai presence. The clone and him nodded toward each other as they gave chase. The clone’s kunai was coated in katon chakra at a low rank. Tomohiro’s katana also took on katon chakra as they started to gain ground on the last bandit. His katana burned with grey flames that consumed the weapon. The fire clone rushed ahead slashing at the bandits neck, but catching him on his cheek.

The bandit lost balance his bandits having now donned a burn mark on their cheek. Tomohiro approached him sending his white leather boot into the bandits chest. Placing his blade gently against the bandit’s ear. The bandit screamed in pain as he squirmed finding no release from the pain. Tomohiro’s heart started to get taken over as his bloodlust started to increase. The feeling in his own chest gripping at him in excitement. The clone even felt the change giving a side eye to the original.

“Who do you work for? Tell me, now!”

“It was just the five of us. You killed the boss first. We haven’t even been bandits that long. The only thing we did was rob from small villages at night. Please, don’t kill me!” the bandit pleaded.

Tomohiro took his blade and plunged it into the man’s mouth a few seconds before removing it. There was no need to show too much mercy. He figured that the bandit would learn from the event. The man would probably never be ever to talk again, but he didn’t care. It was the punishment that he brought upon himself. Now he would have to live with the scars for the rest of his days. It would take a highly skilled professional to repair the man’s ability to eat or drink. He sighed as he released the bandit. They seemed to have passed out. The clone passed Tomohiro his kunai back to him and dispersed.He approached the soldiers and bowed slightly. The soldier’s bowed back before responding.

“Thanks shinobi! We weren’t aware that Lord Hastur had a shinobi guarding the crossroads. Could you come with us the rest of the way. We’re headed to one of the daimyo's compounds further south.”

“Sorry, my duties lie elsewhere. Godspeed to you.”

“Godspeed, shinobi. We’ll go ahead and burn the bodies.”

Tomohiro watched as the guards picked up the bodies and put them into one of the empty carts. His bloodlust started to come to a calm. It was good for him to have control unlike the last mission he performed. He took a deep breath as the soldiers passed on. The crossroads had been stained with blood and charred earth that had started to get covered in snow. The soldier that he scarred for life had placed out of sight in the brush below his tree. He still had one more day left. It was a good time to go back to his branch and take notes. Once he got to the branch, he continued to keep his eyes on the road and the last bandit. He then returned to take his notes.

Day 2 continued..

1100 hrs: The bandits have been dispersed. The caravan seemed to be covered quite well and on the way. It was headed to a compound south of this location. Soldiers asked for assistance, but were turned down.

1300 hrs: A solo individual had been passing on foot that matched a description of a recent missing genin. The individual investigated the blood stains, but nothing more.

1500 hrs to 2359 hrs: Nothing of significance.

There didn’t seemed to be anymore activity for the rest of the day. Tomohiro decided that he would take a nap for awhile. He went to sleep for an hour before forcing himself awake. The bandit that he moved woke up hours before and started to make his way toward Kumo. It was probably for medical attention. The man’s mouth was swollen burned and deformed. There wasn’t anything else going on, but he continued his notes throughout the third day.

0100 hrs: Animals passing through the brush.

0300 hrs: Something’s there, but I….
He quickly looked up to see the sight of a man in a mask. The uniform was unmistaken...ANBU. The dark hooded figure stood on his branch and didn’t move. Tomohiro didn’t move he just looked up the figure. The figure just looked and moved on from his branch. He didn’t know why the figure was standing there or how long they’ve been watching. ANBU did report to Lord Hastur, but he didn’t know their purpose. He didn’t worry about it. What he wrote down was marked out as he reported “Nothing to report.”

At the end of his mission, he packed up his things. It was time to turn in his mission. Today had been eventful and his mission seemed to be a success. The things he experienced would not be forgotten. Each detail that he saw had been taken note of. The cold air around him seemed to be ignored as he made his way toward the village. He still pondered about why the elite shinobi showed himself. Though, he would put it out of his mind. As long as he wasn’t a target for assassination, he didn’t care too much. He sighed as he continued through the tree line toward the village. What an eventful, mission.

[Thread Exit/Mission Complete]


-20 chakra for clone dispersed in combat
Name: Fire Style: Fire Clone Technique (火遁・火分身の術 ~ Katon: Katon Bunshin no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Katon / Fire
Range: Clones cannot travel more than 30m away from the user.
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Until clones are destroyed or cancelled
Cooldown: 4 posts
Description: The Water Clone Jutsu is similar to the Shadow Clone Jutsu except it creates clones out of fire that have one-tenth of the original person's chakra - taking after the initial activation cost of this technique has been deducted from the user's chakra pool. Like other solid clone techniques, the clones can be used to perform tasks the user is unable or unwilling to do for themselves. The range of the clone is limited however, as it can not travel very far from the original body without losing control. Like other clone techniques, if the fire clones are injured enough they will revert back to their original element before dispelling. Fire clones are capable of only using katon jutsu provided they have enough chakra to cast it. Regular jutsu cooldowns apply - if a technique is used by one clone, it cannot immediately be used by another clone. A maximum of six clones may be created at any one time. The clone automatically disperses when it runs out of chakra, or when hit by any attack that can cause the equivalence of a C rank technique in physical damage [major bruising, 1-2 inch cuts, etc.] or a C-rank/2 D-Rank offensive jutsu. The user may willingly disperse a clone - returning any chakra the clone has left to the user - but this can only be done under the condition that the clone is not under direct attack. Clones which have been dispersed by other means - ie. taking damage - do not return any chakra to the user.

Name: Fire Style: Flame Bullet (火遁・炎弾 ~ Katon: Endan)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: C.
Type: Offensive.
Element: Katon.
Range: 30m.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: 1 post. Flames burn for 2 posts after hitting something.
Cooldown: 4 posts after flames disperse.
Description: The user converts chakra in their mouth into fire, and shoots it at the target in the form of a (4m long x 3m wide x 3m tall) flame projectile that moves at 20m/s. On-contact, this results a painful burning sensation on the hit area. Upon impact the jutsu inflicts major 1st degree burns, which intensify to minor 2nd degree burns after the initial post if allowed to continue burning. This technique can be used strategically to let the ninja cut off an escape route, as the Flame Bullet will continue to burn on any surface it hits, even if not normally flammable.

Name: Kojin's Wrath  [B-Ranked Version]
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C-A
Type: Offensive, Supplementary
Element: Katon
Range: Contact/Melee
Specialty: Bukijutsu
Duration: Maintainable (C-Rank: -5 chakra per post; B-Rank: -5 chakra per post; A-Rank: -10 chakra per post)
Cooldown: Duration +2 posts
Description: The user channels fire chakra into their hands. Weapons they wield can induce major 1st degree burning if contact is made outside of the user. The weapons are able to maintain fire chakra for 1 post when released. When the weapon is thrown, it will still maintain the ability to cause minor 1st degree burns. The weapon imbued with the user's chakra appears like it is consumed with fire. (Burn damage at each rank; C: Minor 1st degree burns; B: Minor 2nd degree burns, A: Minor 3rd degree burns)

Name: Fire Style: Agni's Pulse
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: Katon
Range: Contact
Specialty: Bukijutsu
Duration: Up to 3 Post (-5 chakra per post )
Cooldown: 4 post
Description: The user focuses fire aligned chakra through their weapon. When this technique is active, it has the ability to cause minor first-degree burns if contact is made to someone other than the user. The weapon has to be in contact with the user to remain active.

1117 remaining after mission

1100/1100 [+275 additional ryo]

17 words unused


Tomohiro Nakir

The Grey Blade of Kumo

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