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Mission name: Stop the Vandal!
Mission rank: D
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: An elderly gentleman has contracted a shinobi or two to catch a adolescent street youth in the act of vandalizing his home. Said street youth is the young boy in the Academy who lives in the buildings next to the elderly man, who claims that the boy often has his young shinobi heathen friends over for general hoodlum activities. In addition, the mission-taker(s) are also encouraged to help paint over the graffiti that has vandalized the man's home.
Mission details: Not much to this one, you just have to catch the person vandalizing the mission-contractor's home in the act and stop them. They normally preform these shenanigans under the safety of night.

Name: Old Man Kareru
Age: 84
General Appearance: An elderly man with a slight hunch and limp when he walks. He carries a cane, which he often shakes violently at kids as they walk by his house. Kareru wears a short tan Kimono with black pants and wooden sandals. When outside, he often wears a straw hat either on his head or tied off so that it doesn't fall when worn around his neck.
Personality: Normally a relatively pleasant old man with a heart of gold, Kareru has recently fallen victim to vandalism tomfoolery that has turned him into a rather mean spirited old fellow. Kareru has become paranoid and slightly afraid of the vandals that tag his house, and appears to be in a hurry to find out who the vandal is.
Motivations: Catching vandals in the act, being an outsanding member of the community.
Fears: Tomfoolery, shenanigans, the number four, hoodlums, his deaf wife, etcetera.
Other: He thinks his dead wife is still alive and watches television while knitting all day. He also calls anybody under the age of fourteen a “street youth”.

Name: Akane “The Vandal” Fuji
Age: Ten
General Appearance: A short and pudgy kid. Akane wears whatever clothes were picked out for him for the day by his mother, and normally has a consistently runny nose.
Personality: Akane is very cocky and arrogant, even for his age. He believes that his mother can get him out of any trouble he's in, and is essentially the definition of a brat. However, Akane has a good side deep down inside that does feel slightly guilty for vandalizing the house of a once nice old man.
Motivations: Graffiti, candy and sweets, mischievous activities.
Fears: Getting caught, his mother's yelling, vegetables.
Other: It's possible to convince Akane to confess to his mother and apologize to Kareru if the mission-taker would like to take a less brutal approach to punishment. This would generally be regarded as the win/win scenario of the mission, as Akane would then be tasked with cleaning the graffiti if he does confess rather than the mission-taker.

Samuru walked through the village with the details of the mission in his hand. He was to stop a street young from vandalizing his home. Samuru didn’t really care that the kid decided to express himself the way he did, but he was given the mission to do it, so he would. The money was all that he cared about at the moment. He donned just his sleeveless hoodie instead of his normal long turtleneck. It was suggested that he not wear his turtleneck due to the severe change in climate from what he was used to. Compared to the northern reaches of the Land of Demons, this place was considered a bit hot and his body had not quite adjusted. He kind of disliked having to go to a professional about his body, but it was something he had to do.

It was still day time and he would need to visit the man to see if he could get anymore details about his problem. Samuru wasn’t in the industry of helping others, but the only missions he had available to him did just that. If knew that he would probably have been a special jounin if he stayed in the village those years ago, but he wasn’t obsessed with rank. He was just concerned with keeping his wallet lined with ryo. He mulled over a few things in his mind as he almost made his way to the front of Kareru’s home. The house was a one story building, but looked like it could hold maybe five people if the architecture was done right. As he approached the front door, he looked around and noticed that the man’s windows had been graffitied. It looked liked the man gave up trying to clean it off.

Samuru knocked loudly on the front door and waited. After about a minute passed, he knocked harder.This old balding man opened the door and squinted at him. The old man’s eyes met Samuru’s cold ones. They literally almost had a solid minute of them staring each other down. If anyone walked by, they may think they would have a quickdraw challenge. Samuru started to get the idea that this man was something special. The old man has this much conviction that he probably could of handled the problem himself.

“Who are you and what do you want?”

“I’m here to solve your vandal problem, Mr. Kareru.”

“Really? I thought they would have sent someone shorter, but you’ll have to do. Come in and have a seat...don’t like my jokes? I’ll get you some tea.”

Samuru ducked slightly trying to get him and his axe through the door. He unlatched the weapon from his strap and leaned it against the love seat in the front from. The wanderer sat down and waited patiently for the old man to return. He crossed his legs as he sort of looked like he was too big for the seat he was sitting in. The old man returned to the room with a tray of tea. He sat the tray down and poured the tea into a small cup. Samuru picked up the up and instinctively blew into the cup he sipped it and sighed. The man then poured a cup for himself before sitting down in a recliner across from him.

“My wife doesn’t usually like weapons in the house, but what she won’t know won’t kill her.”

“How many times has this problem of yours been going on?”

“Well, let’s see,” he said as his faced rolled up, “It’s been one too many times. I requested the village for help and is seems like it’s been brushed off. Why even have shinobi if they can’t handle a simple street youth?”

“I see. I’m guessing the Konoha Police haven’t done anything about it either have they? I’ll straighten out your problem. You won’t even have to worry about you and your wife getting disturbed again.”

"Thank you, sir. I do appreciate it. You’ll have to wait awhile. I usually don’t find anything until the street rat is gone. I almost caught him once, but he won’t get away this time."

Just Samuru had waited around outside of his house. Samuru sat squatted within a bush and waited for the troublemaker to show up. It was about 2300 hrs as this chunky short kid appeared with spray cans. He waited until the kid thought he wouldn’t be caught. Samuru stood out of the bushes slowly walked toward the kid. The kid didn’t notice him until Samuru’s hand was on his shoulder. The kid started to freak out that he dropped the spray can tried to run. Samuru gripped tightly to the kid’s clothes drawing him backwards. The kid bit into Samuru’s hand, but Samuru felt nothing from it.

“Let go kid, I don’t feel pain.”

The kid didn’t let of him. Samuru took his free hand and chopped him in the neck. The kid let go and fell to the ground gripping his shoulder. He didn’t say anything with his runny nose and angry demeanor. A crow shifted in the tree line which caused Samuru to quickly shift his focus somewhere else. The kid tried to run, but Samuru stuck his foot out and tripped him up. Samuru smiled evilly trying to frightened the boy. The boy stayed on the ground and didn’t move due to his innate fear.

“What’s your name, street youth?”

“None yo business...Ah!!!”

“Wrong answer,” he stated as he kicked the kid into the wall of the house.

“Fuji, Akane.”

“You do know that vandalism is a crime right? This can get you thrown in jail. Your whole shinobi career will be over just like that,” he said as he snapped his fingers, “Now you’re going to go home and tell your mother what you’ve done.”

“NOOOO!!! Not mother. She’ll yell at me and make me eat only vegetables for a month.”

“Maybe that’s what you need. The only reason I haven’t killed you right now is because I need the money and your head isn’t apart of the deal. So, you’re going to tell your mother or I’ll punish you. You’ll also apologize to the old man. I’ll try and negotiate with your mother to give you a break on the vegetables.”

The boy nodded in agreement. Samuru went up to the old man’s house and knocked on the door. The old man showed up rather quickly and saw the boy. The boy bowed in apology to the man and the man accepted. Samuru promised the man that he would take him to his mother and let her know. The old man agreed and shook Samuru’s hand firmly. Samuru followed the boy to his house and watched as the boy looked like he feared for his life. He looked down on him with contempt and tried to start up a conversation.

“You’re lucky kid. You still have a mother. By your age, I had already done a lot worse than vandalism. If you’re going to do something like that, go for something big. Go for the Hokage’s faces. Start with Rippa’s first then work your way backward to the first. Not many will be watching for it at night.”


“You heard me right kid. The only reason you even got caught was because tagged the same house. If you went to a different house, in a different neighborhood. You would have been good. You your head kid and then apply it to your shinobi training. The key is to never get caught.”

“I see...what are you?”

“Just a stranger that needs ryo."

Samuru and little Fuji arrived at his house. Samuru made Fuji knock on the door and tell his mother what he had been doing. His mother became furious and started yelling. Samuru tried to intervene with not much luck. He waited until she finished and let mother Fuji know to not be so hard on him. She seemed to calm down a bit and handed her son some cleaning supplies. The boy looked distraught as they went back to the old man’s house. The wanderer watched as the boy cleaned off the graffitti and painted the walls with the paint Kareru provided. When every last bit of it was cleaned, he walked the boy home before going to turn in for the night. The mission was a bit more difficult than he would expect, but it got done. That was all he cared about.

“That boy has such a waste in potential.”

[Exit Thread/End Mission]


730 remaining after mission

600/600 [+150 extra ryo for additional word count]

130 used words remaining

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