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Teaching some kids (D-Rank Mission)

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1Teaching some kids (D-Rank Mission) Empty Teaching some kids (D-Rank Mission) on Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:46 am

Akito Miku

Akito Miku

Helping the Academy:

Mission name: Helping the Academy
Mission rank: D
Objective: To teach the students the basics of a Genin
Location: Ninja Academy
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: the teachers at the academy are looking for some small assistence. The individual that takes this mission must teach the students about the basics of a Genin.
Mission details: The kids sometime can be loud it depends what class the person gets.

That feeling Jamie had when he woke up in the morning as he shook his head to make his hair come right. He did not know how he felt, but he did feel like teaching the kids might teach him as well since he was taught long ago. He could not remember it all, but he knew he could assist as the main teacher at the academy welcomed him as he entered wearing some basic genin shinobi gear. The children all looked a bit suspicious at him at first given how he looked younger then all of them as the teacher announced that he would be the assistant teacher in charge of helping with their training. Some children began laughing as he just ignored them as he took out some of his notes he looked through and then announced something that silenced them all.

"I will begin your lesson, have you all learned about chakra?" as he looked for a show of hands only two actually knew which was the one kid with glasses and the one tall kid who seemed snobbish.

"Okay, then let me read to you from the textbook."
As he looked through the desk he found it and began to read.

"Chakra is formed when two different energies gather together and are effectively also part of your stamina. Your physical energy is something that exists in every cell of your being, which is why if you lose an arm you lose a large portion of your chakra as well as a result. The chakra in your body can be increased by training really hard everyday, through the use of exercise as well as in some cases stimulants like food pills"

As he read this book he understood most of it, though he added a few lines of his own as well to make it a bit more clearer as most of them listened. He was fortunate the class was actually rather well behaved as he continued with the lesson though two at the back seemed to not care about the class. As two shuriken made a buzzing sound as they just passed over the heads of the two children all while he was still reading the text book as now all of them were dead silent. This was when they realized he was a real genin and not simply some random kid teaching them about some of the basics of being a genin.



Teaching some kids (D-Rank Mission) B2GS6lV
No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

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Akito Miku

Akito Miku

Jamie went to go drink a glass of water as they remained still, shinobi should not show tears, but showing fear was also bad though he would not bother them with that now. He continued where he left off as he explained more about the concepts of chakra that every genin should have a general idea about.

"Chakra also consists of spiritual energy or as some people say mental energy, which is gained from within your mind through studying as a diligent student, meditation in order to focus your mind better and experience so that you learn. When these two energies combine one is able to use their chakra, for many things including ninjutsu that can range from changing the weather to growing trees or making mountains. There might also be a techniques for helping you kids learn better as well, the possibilities for chakra are endless."

As some of the children actually cared, while a handful fell asleep in the class as he took note of their faces for later. He then continued reading through the entire lesson as he then stopped and told them one more thing.
"A shinobi who does not understand the importance of chakra and how to use it, will never become a shinobi"

Then one child in the class raised their hand as Jamie looked to the girl and said, "What is it..." as he looked for the name in the register. "Saruka?" as she then spoke up with the deepest of respect. "Sensei, can you show us a jutsu?" as he thought about it there was no harm in doing so as he motioned for them to follow him outside.

He began to mold his chakra slowly as he formed a basic hand seal involving a prayer stance, followed by a triangle stance as they noticed the movement of air around him as he activated the harmless technique while the children were in range as they felt the force as it pushed all of them away a bit. It was a harmless technique as they all said that was cool, and for the next few days they were motivated to train a bit harder until the hype died down. However they learned a bit that day and would be better shinobi for it.


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Teaching some kids (D-Rank Mission) B2GS6lV
No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

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