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Sasijimi rose quietly from his camp, using a water skin to douse the fire he had going. It had been years since the genin of Sunagakure no Sato had done anything worthwhile, and he realized that as the years went on, he cared less and less about what happened in life. He stopped caring about what others thought of him, what he was doing as a shinobi, just stopped caring about the shinobi world in general. He'd spent too much time out of practice, too much time away from a world of shinobi and their training. For all intents and purposes, he felt as though he was truly just a normal civilian. Sasijimi knew, however, that he would not find the normal life he wished for in the village of the sand, no, he'd need to leave.

His eyes wandered to the ruin and destruction happening within Sunagakure no Sato, before he turned back to the Kaze no Kuni border. With Kusarigama and Gunbai in tow, he began the journey that would take him to the land of fire, hopefully to find a good life for himself. Thinking to himself as he walked, the Mitarashi began to fully consider his options. He had two fine weapons that he would likely no longer have any need for, and he could bring himself to sell them to a shop where they'd likely be melted down or destroyed. He'd want to be sure they go to someone who would use them well, and use them for more than just to kill off the competition. He wanted the weapons to go to someone, well, worthy. There had to be someone like that out there, hopefully in the village hidden in the leaves! One could only dream that they'd find their successor immediately.

His mind was wandering, as he was, unable to really keep track of what he was doing. He felt as though he was walking forever, until the end of time he could be walking and not even notice. His mind was just other places, never focusing on the destination, no journey, but more on what his life had been. What it could be, what it should be. There were so many variables to consider when one thought of their life or where it was going, especially when going against the only thing you'd ever known. Going to become a civilian living a life of normalcy, instead of one as a shinobi, possibly killing for others or money. He was no mercenary, so leaving the world of ninja behind to become a blade for hire didn't suit him. Perhaps he could be a farmer? Something like that might just suit him perfectly. Instead of wielding a weapon like his kusarigama or a gunbai, he could wield a scythe used for cutting grain and a pitchfork to bale hay. He could use a hoe to till the soil and a shovel to dig holes for new plants or trees. The more he thought about it, the more Sasijimi realized how comfortable and quiet a life like that would be. He would never again have to worry about fighting a war for one side, or one village. He could just live his life quietly and enjoy the comfort of an easy going farm life. Sasijimi had been so lost in thought that he barely realized when he smacked face first into the gates of Konohagakure no Sato. His own power of will and daydreaming had seen him walking the entire way without resting for food or water. He suddenly felt so very tired, and after showing his ninja info card, he entered the village hidden in the leaves looking to find a bed before anything else. Then, after he was rested, he would go on to find his successor.


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