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Las Crowly

Las Crowly


Whatever progenitor that had sold its soul to the devil, had sealed the fate of all to come. Cursed the moment she breathed life, she was destined to bring ruin wherever her wings would bring her. The stench of death pursuing her, the taint of decay flowing through her veins. An unholy hand guiding her path.

The words of madness were carried by the winds that caressed the wings of this giant black bird. Exhaustion was approaching, tormenting body and soul. Demanding rest. The bird refused. It would much rather prefer to escape the encroaching darkness and succumbing to its own exhaustion, knowing it had flown to the best of its abilities than to rest now and be forced to look over its shoulders in restless slumber.

Demons always had their way to catch up to those who were shackled by the thoughtless bargains done by ancestors, and the poor choices in their own life. The bird could fly freely to its heart's content. Today. Tomorrow. It would not matter to what extend it enjoyed its own life. The horrors would come to claim their rightful due, master of a fate that struck all mortals - death. No one ever escaped death. And as such, no one would ever escape the demons in their own image.

The black bird would not hear it, flapping its mighty wings once more in an attempt to dominate the currents of the wind. They failed. As its eyesight worsened, the last it could see was the rapidly approaching ground before instinct forced it to wake up in a sudden rush of adrenaline. It had avoided a fatal crash just barely, but the landing remained rough nonetheless. A mess of feathers and dust rolled over the Lands of Earth.

Demons always had their way to catch up to those who hid behind masks. Mocking. Sneering. It mattered little what form the Beast took, did it not? Monster, Man or Bird. All masks crack eventually. So too cracked the shape of the Black Bird, its feathers falling off to reveal that of a woman underneath it. Bewildered. Lost. But mostly tired.

Looking back from whence she came, all there was to be seen was a dark cloud roiling at the horizon. Gluttonous mouths swallowing the world whole as they approached faster than she could run. All demons consume their promised souls eventually. And they were coming for hers now, the shrill sound of their mocking laughter resonating in the upswept winds. They knew her name. They called out to her. Las. The lashing winds uttered her name like a whip. Pushing her forward. Urging her further. It was but a game to them. To hunt their prey down the brink of hopeless madness.

Las crawled forward, too tired to bother standing up, too desperate to think straightly on how to get away. Her tired eyes saw no haven in the distance. There were only rocks. A maw of stone teeth ready to devour, grit and dust drooling out of its open mouth. The Land of Earth was hungry. So were the demons that knew her name behind her. Urging her body to struggle on, she finally stood up and ran again. Heart beating. Blood streaming. A symphony of fear and desire adding its voice with the rapidly approaching roar of the dark clouds and the hissing of the mountains before her.

Too late. The chorus of wails rejected her. The demons threw her on the ground, her body unable to resist the sudden storm washing over her. They roared in rage. They devoured the light.

Demons always had their way.




"Harken the flap of my wings and hear my cry...
The ash crow will herald the arrival of Yomi under the World's bleak sky,
but when the dead shall walk the World and the Serpent will swallow the sun,
neither you nor I will be crying when all is said and done."

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