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An encounter of destiny? [Kamikira | NK]

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1An encounter of destiny? [Kamikira | NK] Empty An encounter of destiny? [Kamikira | NK] on Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:21 pm



Michi had trouble training properly ever since he was given the Gunbai and Kusarigama. He just wasn't able to focus whenever he was training. The words that the man had left him would always just echo through his mind. It had almost this nagging feeling to it, as if you were a young kid being told for the thousandth time to go and clean your room. He was only able to block out the thought of the weapons doing nothing in his rented room for so long before it would disturb his state of mind during training. He had to do something about it, this couldn't go any longer. It was probably a crude way to solve his problem, but giving it to someone he didn't know, whom have or not have an actually purpose for them, might be the quickest solution. But would that really solve the problem? Would he not just remind himself day-in, day-out that the weapons didn't reach a proper purpose? No, just giving them randomly away was not the way to go. He had to find someone.

The situation was starting to really aggravate Michi, he shouldn't have accepted the mans offer, he should've just let him go and find someone else for those damned weapons. This was taking away time from his goals and his training. The training he hadn't been able to do properly because of the damned weapons. The sound of broken wood could loudly be heard as Michi slammed his fist into the wall out of anger. Not soon after you could hear someone running up the stairs and open the door abruptly. It was the owner of the inn. "What the hell do you think you're doing? Explain yourself!" He yelled at Michi. Not having been yelled at for quite some time Michi and with his current state of mind Michi couldn't restrain himself. He gave the owner a dirty look, one that would've killed him if glares could kill. "What?" he exclaimed with a deep threatening voice. It shocked the owner, he was rather dumbfounded by the response that was given to him. "Pay up for the repairs and leave this place, or do I have to call the village police!" the owner shouted after getting his composure back.

It was only then that Michi realized what he had done, not wanting to get into troubled and kicked out of the village he decided it was better to pay-up and just quickly leave the inn. And so he did, quickly grabbing the few belongings he had and paying the owner without looking at him again after the last sentence that was spoken. With his belongings in tow he roamed the streets with an annoyed and angry face. The people that were walking on a 'collision' course quickly scattering to the side as not to invoke Michi's wrath upon them. He had to get to some place quiet and just think about what to do. And so roamed towards the outskirts of the town, there were hardly any people here and so whenever there was no one insight, Michi would punch the nearest object as hard as he could. Having punched quite a few objects along the way with his knuckles a little torn up and a few stains of blood he had finally calmed down. Just as he came across a nice sloped patch of grass, he sat down on it and fell backwards. His arms spread wide and gazing up into the sky, wondering what he's going to do with those damned weapons and his living situation now.

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So clingy, so attached.

That's how her partners always seemed to end up after a night spent together. They seemed to completely misunderstand what they had the night before, and wanted it to be more. Kamikira would explain it time and time again, only for them not to acknowledge what she'd said. She was a short woman of a curvaceous nature, meant to be pleasing to the senses, and not to be taken as anything more than a pushover. She did not, however, allow such things to continue.  The victim the night before was a beautiful raven haired lass who smelled of lavender and honey. Quite the buxom woman, and almost as easy on the eyes as Kamikira. However, she fell to the woman's spell much as any other woman or man would. The night was a heated dance of passion and pleasure, which left such a woman, such a love-struck girl, wanting more than she could handle. Still, Kamikira would dress quickly and push her way past the young woman asking her to breakfast, or brunch, or whatever the hell it was, and move out of the door to get into the streets of Konohagakure no Sato.

The short, peach skinned woman smiled up at the sky, the sun accentuated her beautiful skin well and she smiled even wider at this thought. She was truly a sight to behold, wearing a school-girl's top with no under shirt and a low cut in the chest area to show her voluptuous breasts' cleavage off. Paired with this she wore a short uniform skirt, thigh high socks and black knee-high boots. Upon her left thigh, just barely visible under her skirt's hem was a tool pouch tied around her ankle, and upon her neck was tied an Otogakure no Sato headband, as if a mere fashion accessory. The people of the village would stop and stare or turn their heads as she walked past them, a different sight than normal in the leaf, to be sure. Still, she'd ignore all the looks she got, turning down a street to see a peculiar sight. A rather broody looking oyung man was walking through the street carrying some belongings and two interesting looking weapons. People seemed quick to get out of his way, for fear of his anger, but the woman couldn't help but desire the Kusarigama and Gunbai he carried. If not both, at least one. She licked her lips with a devilish grin before she set off after him.

He seemed to be in a rush, and with a lot of anger. He'd hit things every so often, eventually leading her to the outskirts of town where he could presumably be alone. There he hit a few more objects, and continued on his way, reaching a sloped patch of grass, slumping down into it, staring at the sky. Kamikira tilted her head, he red hues looking him up and down, judging the look of him. He was rather attractive and fit, seemed to workout a lot. His hands were bloody from punching objects, but he seemed in no pain, meaning he was probably trained enough that he barely noticed. He definitely didn't strike her as a practitioner of unorthodox weapon use. Still, a lot could be gained from talking to him, and the woman smirked to herself, moving around him until she was at his head, looking down into his eyes and obstruction his view of the sky. She smiled sweetly, and spoke, her melodious sing-song voice coming out in a beautiful sonata of words. "Well hello there, handsome. What's a guy like you doing out in a place like this alone? And with two strange weapons?"

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With his dark almost lifeless eyes gazed upwards to the sky. Not looking at anything in particular. If anything he was trying to look for the emptiness in the sky. Hoping it would take away his problems, if only for just a bit. Just long enough for him to not have to worry about things and just go back to the business he wants to do. His search for that nothingness got interrupted by a vibrant shade of red that looked straight at him from above. It had taken him a good second or two before he realized someone had bent over him and looked down upon him. She spoke in a soft harmonious voice to him, wondering what he was doing around here and reminding him of the weapons he was carrying around again. Which he had forgotten about, if only for a brief moment.

Before Michi bothered to reply he was first looking up and down the woman’s face before he would get himself up in seated position. Turning around towards the woman he inspected her some more. She was quite on the short end, if not just straight up tiny. Her clothing made him wonder if she was still in school, and if she was she didn’t really have to body for it though. Her height and the shape of her body just didn’t match up. The height was telling him she was still a young child, a young teenager most likely. But her body that she was almost willingly throwing at people suggested she was at least a young adult, if not older. Not that it mattered to him really, Michi cared not for such impulses. They were a distraction from what really mattered to him and so had cast them aside. Looking at how she dressed, she probably used those impulses in people to get what she wants. He had seen that kind of power at work when he would pass by the brothels, men and women a like giving into their primal instincts. Just to get satisfaction for a moment. They would only crave it again when they could no longer get it, as if they were enchanted by a sirens call.

After having examined the person that was standing in front of him he would finally decide to speak up. “I’m here to get some peace and quiet. Away from responsibilities and the like. These weapons? There was a man I encountered on one of my training sessions. He was on a quest to look for someone to take over his weapons. He saw me using my training katana and asked if I was capable of using these unorthodox weapons. I gave it to him straight and told him no, but I might be able to find someone down the road. I also told him that I come from a clan where we train our specializations a lot and that I might find someone from the clan that would be able to use them. Normally I wouldn’t have cared for his story or request, but I just couldn’t help it but help the man.

Michi sighed whilst looking down at the grass, wondering why the hell he took up on the request. He really just should’ve let the man deal with it himself. He continued talking. “Anyway as for why I’m here. The man had said something that has been echoing through my mind and it’s making me pissed off and annoyed. So I punched the wall out of frustration, not holding back my strange in my ‘rage’. I ended up punching a hole in the wall and got kicked out of the place I was staying at. So now I’m left with no place to stay and still not having found a new owner for the weapons.” He sighed once more wondering why he had just told the stranger the whole story. But at the same time it made him feel relieved, like a weight falling off of his shoulders. “You don’t happen to know anyone that could use these, do you?

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