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Raiu Mizuki

Raiu Mizuki


It was with mild regret Mizuki left the Land of Rock. It's generally better weather, the people, the tastes... they had left a good impression on the kunoichi, leaving her wanting for more. She had missed the chance to learn more about the 'Salamander Sage' Kodai had spoken about, for example. To meet someone as young as him who talked proudly about being a Sage had piqued her interest. What was it like? What did it look like? What and how exactly did the Sage form feel? She remembered Lin having talked about it when she revealed her Sage form to her and Alwen, but was Sage form the same for everyone? She couldn't say, and now she'd be stuck with an unanswered question until she returned to Iwagakure.

Likewise, she would have loved meeting Sayuri. She had wanted to preserve the lives of these bandits, merely knocking them out rather than killing them. While she had shown little restrained or discipline on her emotions, Mizuki mostly wanted to know how the woman wanted to achieve her goals. Peace, while admirable, was hard to maintain, as Mizuki had found out by now. Still, the thought of sitting together with someone of similar mind was an intriguing thought. Hopefully she'd have the opportunity to visit her when she'd decide to return to Iwagakure again.

Oh, but there was also Kejiro. He had somewhat of an air, but she couldn't deny he had taste. The food, the drink, his clothes... He knew how to impress, not to forget that his clan was one of discipline. While she hadn't revealed anything about her own love for kenjutsu and weaponry, she wouldn't have minded walking along to learn about their training routine and fighting styles, taking a look at the difference with her father's Willow Dance or Heaven Sword styles. If she returned home with such stories, she was fairly certain even her father might be enthusiastic enough to come visit Iwagakure next time. Alas, her shortage on time would not have it.

Naturally, there were Aikiko and Ryo. Mizuki wanted to hear more about the legendary doujutsu, see it in action and learn more about it. She had not had the chance to know more from Maigo, and it seemed she would not have the chance again this time as duty called her elsewhere. Still, upon her return to Iwagakure she would remind herself to visit the kunoichi for another breakfast and see if she'd have the opportunity to learn more this time - third time's the charm, they said. Mizuki hoped this would be the case. As for Ryo, he seemed nice enough as it was, if not seemingly a bit on the brooding side. Mizuki still couldn't say if he was really a shinobi, but he wouldn't be the first guy in a Village to give off the impression life itself was a burden to bear. Perhaps she had simply caught him at a bad time, but she would only be able to tell when she returned to Iwagakure.

And those were just the people... She had barely seen anything from the Village and the surrounding Lands, or the diligence with which Iwa-nin handled their missions. By the time Mizuki snapped out of her memories in Iwagakure, she had left the Land of Rock well behind. Rock and dry land had become a shifting mass of sand, and the calm air had started to pull viciously on her cloak. As she peered into the horizon, barriers of sand in flight seemed to be her next destination.



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