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Training Time![Mokuzai Senju Private]

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1Training Time![Mokuzai Senju Private] Empty Training Time![Mokuzai Senju Private] on Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:48 am

Mikumi Senju

Mikumi Senju

As the sun rose high in the sky to give light to the new day in the Hidden leaf village some would still be sleeping as it was still only five forty-five AM but not Mokuzai was  awoken by the sound of his alarm clock ringing at Six Fifty close to his left ear, his upper body quickly rose up from the comfy mattress underneath him as his eyes shot open as if somebody had told him a good secret. Mokuzai eye’s closed just a little bit as he pushed the button on the alarm clock stopping it from ringing and then turned his head slightly to the left to look at his calendar and saw the big red letters written on it “Chunin Exam Sign-Up” and he kept looking at it for a second before his mind caught up with him "AH THE EXAM SIGN UP!!" he then jumped out of bed and started putting on simple black shirt with a V-cut and covers it with a small vest jacket with gray and blue thin fire along it’s edge’s paired with dark gray shorts and then he begins to attach a dark red pocket strap to his left and puts a  kunai  in it, he then continuous to put on a black sandal’s and then wraps up his wrist and legs in bandage’s before turning towards a picture on the wall of his dad where a necklace hung right below it and he reached for it before saying “Wish me luck today dad” and then he goes to the door and leaves the comfort of his room.

Now that Mokuzai was ready he quickly grabbed some toast and run offed to go to the exam sign up location, Mokuzai would often say goodbye to his mother but after the death of his father she begun to often visit the village’s medical hospital and after the years went by became able to use medical ninjutsu and now worked they’re as a nurse. As he continued to run through the village he hoped his mother would be a nurse at the actual exam, but that thought was quickly pushed back once he arrived to the Chunin exam sign-up line and begun to wait until it was his turn. Soon after getting in line it was his turn to sign up for the exam they had him feel out some basic information and his current rank but when Mokuzai explained to them he only graduated recently and they laughed at his face which made him angry, but he contained it and walked-off as he begun thinking about what they said. Mokuzai was in deep thinking as he walked “hmmm I hate to admit it but there right, if I go to the exam how I am I wont even be able to do anything…. alright then! The answer is clear, I must do some training!

Mokuzai now determined to do some training for the exam was now in his way to see a a fellow academy student by the name Kuma, Tsukareta who he dared called his rival, he wasn’t born in Konaha but after he moved to the village and graduated from the academy scoring as high as Mokuzai it was clear to him that he was not to be underestimated. Once he made it to his address he kindly knocked on the door and heard rustling inside before Kuma came out but his face looked as if he had stayed up all night as bags from under his eye’s were clearly noticeable, “Hey Tsukareta, I think we should do some training today!!” Tsukareta then looked at Mokuzai with a blank stare before saying “Why would I want to do that?” Mokuzai was at a lost for a second before he said “Well…your aiming to be a great ninja like me right? Certainly, a great ninja is not afraid of a little competition at the Chunin Exam right?” After he said that Tsukareta crossed his arms and grumbled before saying, “Alright,fine lets go before I get tired.” Mokuzai and Tsukareta then started to run towards the village’s training grounds.

Upon arriving at the village’s training grounds Mokuzai and Tsukareta begun to challenge each other in the way of contests, there first challenge would be a contest of strength as they each grabbed the biggest boulder they could find and set up point A and B that was about half a mile for the starting and finish line, as they walked its path while carrying the heavy boulders to strengthen their muscle’s. After a grueling forty-six minute’s they had finished a full three laps of their course and could carry no more as they sat down to take a small break but happy for the workout they did.


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