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1 The Chuunin Exams (Information Center) on Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:13 am




This chuunin exam event will be for Genin of any village or wandering status to come and show their might, vying for the right to be at the title of chuunin. Chuunin and above may take part in miscellaneous tasks that have to do with clearing stages of dangerous beasts and environmental hazards, proctoring, or simply spectating and improving relations with other villages. It all comes down to what the ninja choose. The main focus is of course our genin, who will be put through multiple tasks, rewarded for each in different ways.

Description (OOC):
Contestants will have to pass through a series of trials before managing to land a spot in the actual exams themselves. Genin will be able to earn EP based on how well they do in the trials of the first stage, and the final stage. Winning battles, completing tasks, being runner up, these all have rewards. Tasks for those above genin will be provided, so that EP may be earned for those who can not participate. Genin who are knocked out of the running or who forfeit will also have tasks they may do for EP, so they still get a fair shake. Genin have their best chance of gaining EP through actually participating in the exams, so genin who enter may take tasks, but will not see as high of a return for it. For those not participating but still looking to earn EP: 2,000 words equals 1 EP. This only counts for designated areas: which happen to be areas inside the village itself, rather than near the exams area(this excludes the kage manse or other secretive places in the village/This part only excludes the Raikage and their Guards). It should be noted that only ninja that are affiliated with a village are able to enter and win. If you're a wanderer(not a nukenin/wanted) you may sign up through one of the major villages if you prefer. For village ninja that live in the hosting village (Kumogakure no Sato), you may assume tasks of welcoming visiting ninja/dignitaries from other villages(Which can be 1EP for each PC greeted), arresting criminals that enter during the event(PC, 1 EP Each), and even proctoring exams!(1 EP for each Staff/Kage designated, may earn more if modding is needed). As an added note for wanderer ninja, only three ninja may be sponsored by any major village and will receive a tag which states who is sponsoring them as well as a headband for that village given by Kage/Staff. Foreign ninja, you may be asking yourself: "Hey, how do I earn EP for that sort of thing?" Well there will be tasks for you as well, such as assisting village ninja in guarding a gate(1 EP), or even sparring other ninja(Must be consented to/No Death, 1 EP), even meeting with Kumogakure Clan Heads or the Raikage!(1 EP for each, works for any other visiting kage).

Chuunin exam Trials:
The trials consist  of three "missions" a participant must undertake, to pass and gain access to the Exam's second round, participating genin MUST post HERE rolling a 6 sided die to select which of the trials they will undertake for each one. Each trial has a required word-count the first requiring 750 words, the second requiring 1500 words and their final trial requiring 2000 words before the end of the trial time period. For those who finish this stage, 1 EP for the First, 2 EP for the second, and 3 EP for the third will be rewarded to the ninja. Dropouts or failures will unfortunately get nothing. Max Participants are 16-24 and this portion will last two weeks, the official start and end dates designated by staff decision.

First Trials:
Roll Results:
1-2. Target Practise.
A ninja is placed in an urban arena where one of the Kumo Proctors activates a specific Raiton clone technique before entering the arena themselves attempting to evade the ninja. A ninja is given 20 Kunai / Senbon and is tasked with eliminating the clones, but not the ninja. There are 4 clones in total, and though they move with D-3 speed, they are almost totally indistinguishable from the original ninja. D-3 perception allows a ninja to see a soft flicker effect that they emit, distinguishing them. While D-3 Reaction Time throws objects fast enough to force the clones to move too quickly, giving away their raiton nature as their forms distort . Finally, with a Endurance of under D-1, a ninja is able to feel the waves of electricity the clones give off.

  • Co-operation Not Available

3-4. Your Ninja Way?
The great forest on the back of the Giant Black Tortoise Genbu, is a mystical place used for training ninja of all ages, though that training has been increased as of late. Within the forest, there are encoded symbols and their translations carved throughout the forest, on rocks, upon trees, in hard to find and difficult to reach places. You’re tasked with answering a single question. “What identifies your ninja way… what does a ninja fight for?” The answers to their question, lay within the forest. Each ninja is expected to announce and reason their answer to the proctor upon their return… if they return. The forest is filled with large and strange animals and rife with predation. Every contestant must watch their back least they be devoured by animals that have fed and stalked ninja training here for centuries… making them far beyond the league of mere Genin.

  • Co-operation available: Allies. Ninja doing this mission together may each seek their answer against the environment as a team.

5-6. No Mere Obstacle Course.
A live ammunition obstacle course, little more than a straight forward time trial run. It’s not enough to finish, but rather to not fall below the fail line on the results ladder. The run is largely straight, down a street in Kumo with the crowd perched on rooftop bleachers. But down the street hides arrow traps and darts that fire at 15mp/s, near invisible razor sharp or even electrified wire or meshing that extends across the street as well as other potential hazards among the hurdles, sand traps, climbing walls balancing beams and other obstacles that are part of the course. The genin undertaking this course will have to be on their A game to make it to the other end intact, yet alone in time.

  • Co-operation available: Enemies. Ninja doing this mission together race side by side, but as the task requires your time to be higher than all the others, losing does not mean failure..

Second Trials:
Roll Results:
1-2. Rite of Ascension.
Four ninja, one pyramid, and a race to claim one of only three prizes at the top. Beginning at the base of a four corner pyramid, at each corner one ninja from each village will ready themselves to race to the top. However, it won’t be an easy run. Traps lay in wait up the surface of the pyramid, from low grade bomb seals, false tiles and other means to knock the other ninja down the almost fatal tumble back to the base of the pyramid if one’s not careful.  Also, after half way, each of the ninja will be able attack one another with ranged jutsu before even potentially able to fight at the top.

  • Co-operation available: Enemies. Ninja doing this mission together must be of different villages and each agree to a joint thread.

3-4. Assassination Class.
Given nothing more than a Kunai and provided with an assortment of potential clothing. The ninja must assail a protected location with 4 Kumogakure Proctors with C-0 stats and C rank weapons and armour protecting a VIP. The mission is to tag the VIP with the painted blade. However, after being discovered, the protectors will rapidly attempt to raise a flaming beacon on the roof and escort the VIP out of the 3 story building to safety. If the alarm is raised before victory, or if the VIP escapes, the Genin has failed the task.

  • Co-operation available: Allies. Ninja doing this mission together tasked with eliminating the VIP together, but 2 more proctors are added..

5-6. The Art of Escape!
The Genin is taken into a spartan room, where the door is locked from the inside with all of their equipment. Tapping the ninja on their shoulder and wishing them luck, they’re placed under a genjutsu where they believe the proctor to shackle them with a plethora of chains, combination and padlocks and a strait jacket and leather feet straps for good measure. The ninja is told to attempt to escape the second the door closes behind him… however, the chains are little more than a powerful C rank genjutsu. A ninja ‘CAN’ beat it by undoing the locks, should they be fast enough, dexterous enough and smart enough or see through the gen with B-0 perception. But it will take time… and meanwhile, in the real world, the room begins to be filled with a toxic fume that due to the genjutsu, the user cannot perceive. As the gas begins to have an effect, dulling the user’s senses and poisoning them, the genjutsu will weaken before ultimately breaking, potentially revealing it, but, at that point, will the ninja still have enough time to escape and get the aid they’ll desperately need?

  • Co-operation Not Available.

Third Trials:
Roll Results:
1-2, Roar of Thunder!!!
Kumogakure is a nation of strange and beautiful creatures, though some of them can be terrifying to behold if one were not used to them. Storm tigers, tigers that live in the high mountains of Kumogakure are sentient creatures of Kumo capable of using Raiton release techniques. Adults grow up to 9 feet long and are strong enough to break bones on impact. Their raiton strong enough to give nasty 2nd degree burns. Placed into a cage covered rocky arena with a Wild Storm Tiger, the ninja undertaking this task need only survive its assault for the one minute time limit. Though be warned, the bars of the cage are capable of conducting its lightning. Storm tigers have C-0 stats across the board except for strength, which sits at B-0.

  • Co-operation available: Allies. Ninja doing this mission together are placed in the cage together and can be of any village..

3-4. Hunted!?
Combat is difficult. Placed into the ruins of old Kumo, cameras are placed around the area for the crowd as the area is set alight, increasing the temperature to almost boiling. The Genin, in the middle of all this, is tasked with escaping alive as a B rank ninja with B-0 stats and Katon Ninjutsu is tasked with hunting the Genin down and taking them out of combat entirely by any means necessary. The coup-de-graces? Genin in this task due to a 200m radii barrier surrounding the arena, have had their chakra sealed until they exit their finish line. They’ll need stealth, misdirection, skill and finesse to escape intact as the temperature continues to rise.

  • Co-operation available: Allies. Ninja doing this mission together are placed in the city together, but only one is required to escape for both to succeed...

5-6. Trial of False Truths
Potentially once again upon Genbu, the ninja is taught by the Raikage himself to meditate under the falls of truth, telling them that the water acts as a mirror to the truth within all that the pool reflects, and that: “A ninja, must come to terms with the truth within themselves”. As they do so, the water will place them under a trance where they will wake up within their own mind, the waterfall still around them. At this moment, Hastur himself will drop a single drop of his own blood into the water, staining the mirror and corrupting the vision. In the reflection world storms will brew, and all that’s dark and twisted within a ninja will emanate as a C rank mirror copy of themselves with C-0 stats that knows every technique the user knows. The copy ‘is’ you, or part of you, it knows your moves before you make them, it knows how you think, feel, and exists only to possess you and enter the real world… and may even succeed… the only way to defeat it, is to find or sense the powerful Raiton aligned ruby gemstone within the lake that represents the drop of blood that maintains the copy and break it.

  • Co-operation Not Available.

Credit goes to: Ayakashi and Syekren  for their determination and hard work on these exams.


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2 Re: The Chuunin Exams (Information Center) on Wed Feb 14, 2018 5:45 am




Chuunin Exams!
The Genin remaining after the trials will first have to pass one last event before their grading, combat in a ladder tournament. Those who had been successful after the trials will be taken to a stadium of one kind or another where they will be watched by all the observers who'd come to see the exams play out. To compete, those who have completed all 3 Trials and handed them in This thread will be considered signed up for the exams before being paired off at random with one another and assigned an arena to do combat in in the Chunin exams sub-board. Pairings for each round and the arenas will be posted in below! and players will have until the 1st of March to complete their first round or their matches will be judged for them and a winner declared.

It's in this section where ones prizes are decided! For simply getting this far, each ninja will receive 1000 ryo and a single D rank or lower catalogue item (or E Rank set) / Library Jutsu of their choosing for free!


Ritsu Kasen
Miki, Fuyuko
Kahou Karisuma
Kisei Ushinatta
Masu Shihana
Hanza Kori
Nova Makoto
Izumi Karisuma
Akito Miku
Ilya Uzumaki
Mokuzai Senju
Shogo Misao

Valley of Clouds:

Valley of Clouds:
The valley of clouds is mountainous canyon high up in the greater kumogakure landscape, having built a squared off arena in one of the known wind funnels, the arena boasts two grandstands to either side with the canyon between them, allowing the crowd to stare down at the competitors. The Arena gains its name from the cloud-bursts that constantly flow in between the peaks of the mountains in the canyon, obscuring vision as the cumulus formations flow through like a misty river. Vision for anyone without a top-down view is exceedingly difficult. Those with perception of E-3 and lower are barely able to see their hand in front of their own face. While those with D-3 or lower perception have their vision limited to 5m, where everything after half that is little more than a shadow.
Bridge Arena:

Battle on the Bridge:
Bridges are a common sight in Kumogakure, where one might liken the city sections hanging atop their tall spires as islands amongst a hanging archipelago. However, one of the bridges in particular has been rigged for the event. Beginning as a 15.5m wide and 150m long bridge with a small 5m radii pagoda in its center, the bridge holds a nasty surprise hidden from all competitors. At the beginning of the second round after the battle begins, 2.5 meters of either side of the bridge will fall away as it has been rigged to do so, making the bridge more narrow and with no visible net beneath you. Then again after another round this process will repeat. Until finally, on the next round, the bridge will fall away leaving it only a ½ meter wide. A ninja falling will naturally result in loss.
Lightning Bluff:

Lightning Bluff:
A formerly sacred location where the cave where the Raikage once held their own trials, now little more than a shadow of its former glory as they mountain was shattered by the current Raikage during his own. The cavern is now an open basin, much of the mountain having been blown away. Tall spires within the arena call to the swirling thunderstorm above that seems to permanently hang around it, striking the spires with powerful bolts of lightning at relatively predictable intervals. Colliding into a pillar as a bolt of lightning strikes it is sure to deal considerable damage to ninja, dealing major second degree burns and paralyzing them for a post should they make contact with the raw natural lightning.


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3 Re: The Chuunin Exams (Information Center) on Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:18 am




Welcome to the first round of the duels! The contestants have been chosen and assorted into their first round match-ups, the arena's have been chosen for them, and with that, the first round is ready to begin. Those on the left hand column of the above image are those lucky enough to enter first, and remember there is a 24 hour rule on posting unless you have given a reason or grievance to 'myself' or another administrator in which you will have special considerations made. If you have not posted in that time, your opponent is available to post a second time and assume that their actions have made contact. The round has 2 weeks to complete, ending on the 1st of march.

Some other things to remember:

  • No Godmodding: You cannot take active control of another person's character or dictate their actions for them in a way they have not expressed.
  • No Meta-Gaming: You don't see the future or know everything that's going to happen. State predictions before they happen IC.
  • No Power-Playing: you're not a god who can effortlessly avoid everything coming your way.

People who break these rules will be penalized or disqualified. All rulings from admins and proctors are not to be disputed (Mitsuo, Ayakashi, Syekren and Nozomi), simply roll with the punches and have fun with your battles as much as you can! Enjoy!

Ladder & Arena Match Ups:

  • Ilya VS Yasubei: Bridge Arena
  • Masu VS Fuyuko: Lightning Bluff
  • Izumi VS Kisei: Bridge Arena
  • Kahou VS Nova: Valley of Clouds
  • Ritsu VS Mokuzai: Valley of Clouds

Bold - to begin the thread.


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4 Re: The Chuunin Exams (Information Center) on Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:27 am




After the first round comes to its conclusion the stages are reset and the people of Kumogakure and those who have traveled to witness the tribulations of their fellow ninja cheer on their champions while congratulating the efforts of those who gave their all but failed to rise to the challenge. Albiet some were wounded, occasionally grievously with the shocking brutality of this years' exams in contrast to the others that have preceded it... So it is that standing on a solitary structure overlooking a grand arena housing the next contestants, without being so much as given the names of their to be opponents until the moment before their bout, they are given the locations for their next round...

Finally! A congratulation to those who have come this far and sadly did not make the cut yet finished their final round in defeat. To all those who have posted an 'exit' in those threads bringing them formally to a close, you may receive your reward of 1500 ryo and 5 EP! Simply post your fight in the admin request thread asking for your prize. Those who have not 'completed' their battle will only receive the default prize for reaching this far, 1000 ryo and a single D rank catalog item (or E Rank consumable set.).

This match round is set to finish on the 8th of March.

Some Notes:

  • Knowledge: No participant knows the names of the person they're being matched up against or the details of the arenas they're being placed into. As fighters have been kept in relative isolation to each other between fights with the proctor's lips seals, details have been kept deftly secret without exception. Should news slip within reason ICly there may be IC consequences for showing otherwise.

  • Arena Size: All arenas are 210m across in total

  • Valley Vision: Vision in the valley of clouds for those over C rank perception is 15m total, the latter most 5 is only shadows.

  • Bridge Timing: Parts of the bridge fall away at the 'end' of the round, meaning at the beginning of the 'next' round is when players are able to react to it happening.

Ladder & Arena Match-Ups:

  • Fuyuko vs Yasubei - Valley of Clouds
  • Hanza vs Izumi - Lightning Bluff
  • Nova vs Misao - Bridge Arena
  • Mokuzai vs Miku - Lightning Bluff

AS before those in bold are to start the thread with 24 hours to do so.


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5 Re: The Chuunin Exams (Information Center) on Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:22 am




As the second round draws to its close, the trick arenas of Kumogakure's exams are left behind, massive crowds are drawn into an arena under the watchful guard of the village ninja as well as the Proctors of the exams themselves... leading them to Genbu, a massive turtle, where upon its back a singular expansive colusseum is built within the spine ridged forest that surrounds the rest of the grounds. As the people take their seats, the competitors are led into their own separate chambers awaiting what could be some of their final rounds. The Kage and leaders of the villages in attendance are invited to watch over the Semi-Final matches, the three Proctors, a masked man that seems to hold no colour, a woman dressed in bronze robes with iron barbs in her hair and a cloaked third stand at odd ends of the arena watching and waiting for the rounds to begin as Hastur makes a grand welcoming speech to the audience, as opening rounds, and exhibition fights for the crowds entertainment begin... hours pass, and finally, the main event!

I would like to begin with a firm thanks to the competitors in this exams that have made this one of the most successful exams we have seen on narutosaga, the sportsmanship has been truly outstanding. This time, to all those who have finished their time in the exams, having lost in round two and have just now been eliminated and exited their thread or roleplayed to the very end, your prize is a grand total of: 2000 Ryo, 10 EP and a single free C rank item that can be chosen from any item catalog. Just a reminder that these prizes do not stack. To those who have received a DQ or lost by failing to post, you default to the prize from the previous round. (1500 ryo + 5EP).

Time: This round is set to finish earlier than the other rounds, fighters will have one week to finish their matches. officially ending on the 15th.

Some notes:

  • Reminder:I'd like to give a friendly reminder about the rules of this competition, no godmodding, powerplaying or metagaming. Also that the rulings of the proctors are not to be disputed.

Semifinal Arena:

Genbu: The Black Tortoise
Genbu is an ancient tortoise that since time immemorial has been known to associate with the land of Kumogakure to the point that the two are synonymous. Usually used as a training ground for ninja, Genbu has been better suited to act as the staging ground for the Chuunin Exams’ glorious semi-finals. Upon the heart of the turtles’ back lays a grand Colosseum capable of housing thousands of people built for examinations, but now to stage the exams as they reach their climax. The arena is a circular 60m radii neutral field of 1m wide and 1/2 foot thick sculpted natural natural stone panels at the ninjas’ feet where grass can be seen growing between their 1/2 inch cracks. The proctors stand at the edges of the fighting stage, while ninja around them create and maintain and S rank barrier to protect the crowd from action in the arena.

Entrants enter from opposite sides, and may position themselves anywhere on their 1/2 of the arena in their opening post before combat begins.

Matchup Ladder:

  • Izumi vs Fuyuko
  • Nova vs Miku

As before those in bold are to start the thread with 24 hours to do so.


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6 Re: The Chuunin Exams (Information Center) on Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:28 am




The semi-finals ended decisively with a thundering roar from the crowd as those who contended were carted back to the medical center for treatment. Following which the Raikage would stand to the applause of the others, it seemed that he was pleased with the final result, waiting for the crowd to calm he would announce to all those in attendance. "Congratulations! to our two Genin finalists from Kirigakure No Sato that have managed to make it this far, it seems indeed the mists reputation for fine ninja is not to be underestimated! Also, a congratulations must go out to all the semi finalists and their efforts. But it seems now comes the time for the final bout! I bid you to cast your eyes to the projectors, this next challenge will surely please."

Let the finals begin! Congratulations to all those who managed to get into the semi-finals!
It wasn't easy but you got there in the end, to those who coveted this most auspicious position, to those who saw their battle through to the end, finishing and exiting their combat thread without DQ or loosing due to a time-out, you will receive 2500 ryo, 15 EP, and a voucher for a single C rank custom item! Well done! you deserve it! To those who were DQ'd or timed out, your prize will default to the prize of the round before. (2000 Ryo + 10EP + 1 C rank catalog item.)

Finals Arena:

The Forbidden Mesa
An ancient fortress castle that belonged to the first of the Kumogakure Daimyo line, the Raikage has claimed this territory as the ground for the finals at the floor of the basin far below the Kumogakure Mountain range and the Village itself. Surrounded by stands and monitors allowing the crowd to watch, their cheers carried on the winds. The Arena within the Fortress castle consists of three parts, the courtyard; an open area of a dried up zen garden with a massive old tree in its center that is 60m wide. The wall; a large that once protected the manor, 5m wide and 20m tall and made of solid stone that extends around the estate. Before finally, there’s the rooftops, a tiled and tiered volatile series of roofs of old buildings that surround the courtyard and the layered castle awnings that scale up five stories. Though, as the fight takes place primarily outdoors, the greater area outside the courtyard is protected by an S rank ninja barrier that encapsulates the arena in a dome.

Match Up Order:

  • Nova vs Izumi!

As before those in bold are to start the thread with 24 hours to do so.


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7 Re: The Chuunin Exams (Information Center) on Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:38 am




As the chuunin exams come to a close, the closing ceremony that night is held, gathering everyone together in the amphitheater to announce the awards to each of the competitors, as well as announcing those who would be achieving the rank of Chuunin after the exams! Cheers would echo for miles in every direction as one by one ninja would be called up to the stands, amongst them, the winner Nova as well as Izumi the runner up would receive their awards and promotions to Chuunin, Kirigakure congratulated for their victory, bravery and ability as ninja. Following the other semi-finalists would also be awarded with the ranks of Chuunin; Miku and Fuyuko. Finally, Hanza, as a ninja of fine skill in having made it past the rounds, only to loose against one of the finalists was also called on stage to be awarded chuunin. And all awarded free  Flack Jackets appropriate for their nations to reflect their new rank.

The celebrations following the exams would extend into the night, the ninja that competed would be treated royally within the lands of Kumogakure. As the festivities came to a close, the next morning many would bid the ninja from other lands goodbye, as connections had been built, rivalries forged, friendships blossomed and even enemies made...

Until Next time...

So comes to a close the Kumogakure Chuunin exams! Once again on behalf of the staff, I'd like to thank everyone for possibly the most successful Chuunin Exams we've had yet, and the first in a long series of them I hope! And for a matter of Prizes for the finalists, Izumi, having come in second place, will receive 3000 Ryo, 20 EP A free custom B rank item and 3 free B rank jutsu! While the winner, Nova, will receive 5000 Ryo, as well as her choice of ANY single non-ryo prize from the EP prize list.

As for the closure of the event, people will be allowed until Saturday 31st to finish their threads and claim their prizes / EP / training etc from missions here, after which this board will be archived and made unavailable. When applying for any of these items or prizes please link this your lockers / admin requests as evidence of your rewards.



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EP: 5

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