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1 Welcome To The Thunder God's Domain! on Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:36 am



'Not in an age had Kumogakure seemed more alive‘

Hastur looked over the land as ninja came from around the world, to join in the beautiful contest that was known unanimously as the chuunin exams. Having called out to each of the ninja nations, Hastur had sent invitations to the Kage of each nation, hoping that they would come to the land of lightning in order to gauge for themselves the kind of rule that was born from his presence in the nation in such a small time. Already, banners boasting an artistic depiction of the nations symbol lined the streets, the Daimyo of the cloud village stood at the side of Hastur while he sat, immediately revealing the power dynamic of the nation. Hastur would watch from his balcony as the people on the streets built structures and set up the arenas that he had planned for the exams, moving crates that rocked and shook with the force of some unknown creature that had yet to be seen by any of them.

'This was the path to power.'

Ninja on the street seemed to be nervous, there was an air of tension around them as the stagnant air of lightning country was virtually charged with the combined energy of excitement that buzzed among them. Markets and stalls raised in the streets, selling wares to the ninja and spectators whom had come from far and wide to view the exams, not to mention the refugees that had been taken in from a nearby fallen nation. All of the people on the streets wore a golden cape with Kumo's symbol upon it, little more than a hooded mantle identifying them as staff catering to the exams in some way, as well as some of the most loyal people to Hastur. Smiling, they would aid those lost and broker in information for the nation, hoping to orient people to the layout of the expanding bridge city that was suspended like a hanging garden atop the mountain ranges of the ninja world... as nearby, a green field of massive spikes, revealing Genbu the giant tortoise could be seen in the distance... however as the air stilled and the people gathered it would be time for the festivities to begin.

Parades would march through the streets celebrating culture unique to Kumogakure no Sato as well as their military might and their new Raikage, while many cheered the floats, glitter, showy chakra control and lion dancers that moved through the streets, there were some, notibly the ninja from Iwa that would look a little more perturbed by the showing of the nation... Having been the only nation to have glimpsed a show of the Raikage's power, bought to their by their herald and having caused a slight stir in the population, though others discounted it, some thought of it as a challenge, and others the proclamation of an eccentric Kage. Though, many were talking about it, and all those who were wondered which of the many conclusions would be true.

All of the revelry culminated in the Kage Address that night, people would crowd into a Colosseum, a booth reserved for VIP, the Kage of the other 4 nations, though one would lay notably empty, as well as Daimyo, Royalty and other honored guests. Of all the seats, one, slightly more grand would sit in the center of them all. The Raikages, though as of yet it would remain empty as the other seats filled. The Daimyo of the nation standing to a side of the throne and not upon it, revealing instantly the power dynamic of the nation, to mixed opinions and results. Once the room was settled, a hush would sweep over them all, lights would dim until all that lit the arena were the light of the stars, stifled by the clouds that crossed the skies, leaving the arena temporarily black. There would be mutterings, wondering what was going on until the clouds above them thickened, thunder would rumble, drowning out the crowd due to how close it would be to all those within the arena.

Then would come the first flash, lightning coursing through the crowds as it seemed that a veritable storm would hang above them, the lightning overhead bathing the city in light. Revealing for an instant the dozens of ninja from the shadows around the top of the colusseum holding handsigns and looking up at the light show as lightning blast after lightning blast slithered amongst the heavens before the first bolt of lightning struck down to earth, slamming into a large stone brazier within the central circle of the arena. Then another would strike down, hitting one nearing the top. Another and another until dozens of Braziers were lit around the colusseum bathing the open air in radiant and flickering light.

But just as it all seemed to be come to a head, there was a darkness that overcame the arena, a jaguars roar amplified a thousand-fold as the clouds above became black as night, and a single bolt of black lightning leaped from the heavens but landed on the ground with padded feet in the form of a raw and volatile form of a large cat, whom, standing beside it was none other than Hastur, the King in Yellow, stroking fingers along its surface as the Black Raiton crackled at his touch. Looking up to the crowds the man would call out to them, his voice rang with thunder and gravitas as well as a regality seldom seen in the ninja world...

"Greetings travelers! And Welcome! To the opening of the Chuunin Examinations! Myself, and my people have spared no expense, no sweat and no effort to ensure your comfort and entertainment! However, that is not why we are all here... is it? So I would ask all ninja who intends to enter my exams... to steel yourselves. This exams will not be like others, my land of Kumogakure, though beautiful as the stars it sleeps beneath, is treacherous and fraught with danger at every turn, much like my companion beside me. So, as we prepare for what is to come, let us eat together! Drink together! Form bonds and brotherhoods that cannot be broken by steel... Because tomorrow, tomorrow you will need to gather all your strength, your courage, your fortitude, because I can assure you. In Kumogakure, Lightning strikes twice...


After the small speech, the Jaguar would fracture like a crystal, shattering into a massive fountain of sparks and chakra that would echo around the arena like a massive firework as, as if on que, fireworks would begin to be launched all throughout the city entertainers would move into the stands as each nations ninja entrants would be introduced. Hastur himself would have relocated himself to the VIP box, looking to each of the Kage, and while not bowing, looking to each of them in turn with a mysterious smirk across his cheek, bowing to them collectively and thanking them for coming, before taking his seat, crossing his legs and moving to enjoy the spectacle.

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