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The First Steps to Being a Shinobi
After being pressured by his foster parents to enroll in the academy, Ryo graduates a bit late and becomes a Genin. He's not skilled in any category, and he's extremely weak. After going through his life doing the minimum amount of shinobi duties, he's enlisted in a squad? What will the bring for the local sloth?

  • The Unofficial Meeting of the Unofficial Squad X
    After receiving the letter informing him that he's required to attend a squad meet up inside of Koudo Sutajiamu, Ryo reluctantly shows up. He's greeted by the bully from his past and a sharp military man. Is this really what his future will be like?

  • You Go By Squad What Now?
    With the unofficial becoming official, Ryo and the other members of Squad X are called together by Kanetsu, Shigeki, a perverted Jounin who saw the potential in the three young genins paired together. However, after a short and abrupt meeting at the Fire Temple, Ryo ultimately decided that assigned squads weren't fit for a sloth like him. Who knows what will happen to him now?

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