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1 Any port in a storm [C Rank Event Mission] on Fri Feb 02, 2018 7:21 am

Raiu Mizuki


Event Mission Details:

Her pause at the hotsprings of Konohagakure had done much good for her body and mind. The sand being washed off her body and her body soaking in the warmth had made sure Mizuki felt as reborn. No wonder the Land of Fire was so popular. It had felt so great, Mizuki wished she could have had her own hotspring back at home, including the good food and sake the owners had served her. Fresh fish as it were, from Konoha's own docks. Hearing that the Land of Fire had access to water, Mizuki had asked the owners a few questions concerning directions as a visit to the docks was something she suddenly felt in the mood for. A mood that also offered the option to check the ferry hours between Konohagakure and Kirigakure, as last named would eventually become another destination to reach to bring her diplomatic mission to a success.

With the instructions given by the hotspring owner, Mizuki was now on the road to the docks, following a simple yet broad dirt road that lead through several rice paddies and bamboo groves before eventually turning away towards the sea. The salty smell of fish and sea carried far on the wind, greeting her brazenly as she approached the Konoha's port. The clinging of ship bells, the rambunctious sound of shippers and laughter soon pushed away the sound of her feet grinding the earth below her foot with every step, and at last, the flags and masts of the ship revealed themselves, heralding the view of several fishing ships and a few transports. Men were shouting, ropes being thrown. Crates with fresh fish were systematically being brought in, their content cleaned and gutted as needed before ending in new crates with ice. Naturally, much needed inns provided the means to forget all about the hard work delivered here, including the rowdy laughter and drunks. All in all, the docks sported a rugged and rough lifestyle despite the good-hearted nature of the people.

Walking up to the newsboard, Mizuki looked for a schedule containing departing times of ships towards Kirigakure so she could have a general idea of its availability. She had yet to enter the village hidden in the leaves, hoping to meet the Hokage in person so she could deliver the Raikage's message sealed within the scroll she carried. An approach she preferred, in fact, but had failed every time so far as Iwagakure's kage was travelling abroad and Sunagakure... Well, was too occupied dealing with a war as it were. She hoped the Hokage would be available for a meeting, at least. Having found the schedule she was looking for, Mizuki memorised the general availability of the ferries and moved on.

As she turned around, a moment of carelessness, she walked straight into a rather burly drunk. The man easily stood out a full head and probably had twice the weight in muscles. He stood rather unsteadily on his feet as the alcohol distorted his balance, yet seemed otherwise unfazed by her clumsiness. Before the kunoichi had the time to apologise, however, he shoved her rudely, his bolstering voice swearing and muttering something about 'fleas' and 'privates'. She landed rather ingloriously on her behind, and jumped up greatly annoyed a moment after.

"My sincerest apologies."
"I- Ah'm gonna beat that pr'tteh face of yers till i-it unreg-unrek-un... not pr'tty 'nmore."

Not sticking to mere words, his meaty fist flew dangerously fast towards his face. Taking a step back, the fist hammered the newsboard, but he ignored the pain and already moved on for a second hit. He was fast. Too fast for a simple civilian. The second fist hit her square in the stomach, before a third hit knocked her on the floor.

"Yer ninja and yer fancy hurbands... think yer everyth'ng, don ya?"

Coughing and holding her hurt stomach for a moment, Mizuki stood up again. As she heard the man rant on about how shinobi were so priviledged and how shinobi were a cancer and more of that sort of bottled up frustration being spat out, she rubbed her cheek where the fist had hit her. It wasn't broken, but it throbbed heavily, colouring obviously red from the beating. Assessing the situation, she understood the man would not be open to reasoning, his physique preventing him from easily going down as well. Superior speed, superior strength and, from the looks of his muscles and hardiness, most likely perfectly able to endure quite a beating, Mizuki feared that he would leave her little other means than to deal with him than by making use of jutsu, considering her katana was too dangerous an option. The trick would be to harm him as little as possible, considering she was in Konohagakure and the man had every semblance of being a civilian.

"I ask you kindly to cease your hostilities.", she tried once more, to no avail. The sailor was too drunk to even consider proper communication, swinging his meaty fists with only one concern - dealing with the shinobi. It was clear from his moves that the man was an experienced brawler, most likely having picked up his techniques in the occasional tavern brawl that had ran out of hand. Still, the kunoichi grew tired of his games and moved on towards action.

Forming the hand seals of an old familiar jutsu, Mizuki spit out high-viscosity chakra infused water and covered a 10 meter radius around her with it. The drunk, somewhat startled that she was suddenly 'vomiting' in his direction, took a step back before swearing loudly. Angered even more, he started his assault again with the slightest worry for the sticky goo on the floor. Going into full defence now, as Mizuki knew it was a matter of time before the Starch Syrup Capturing Field took fully effect, she channelled chakra into her soles to avoid being caught herself and danced around the burly sailor in an attempt to dodge his fists.

By now, quite a few people had heard the commotion and had been gathering around the brawl between the sailor and the kunoichi. Because of the sticky syrup, the crowd had wisely decided not to stand in the goo, generally grimacing at the sight of it. Unknown to them, the circle of people only gave Mizuki the advantage as it meant the sailor had no means of escaping the field now, but that didn't mean they stood otherwise on her side. Notorious for his skill, the crowd cheered for the sailor, assuming this was all but a friendly spar.

Eventually, the sailor still succeeded at landing a few blows considering his superior physique, but the end result was in her favour. Suddenly, the sailor got stuck, swinging his fists wildly in the air at first before he slowly came to the conclusion he was no longer advancing. Dumb-struck, he looked about him in confusion. Satisfied at her means to pacify this misunderstanding without any necessary bloodshed, Mizuki spoke again.

"I suggest you cease this unnecessary violence and sober up. I did not come to be a target of your frustration to shinobi, but as a representative of the Raikage Hastur Miyamoto."

The crowd looked at each other in confusion, some mumbling among each other about this kage or about the odd realisation this was not a friendly brawl at all. Looking around herself, it seemed the crowd was expecting more. An explanation to the whole situation which was transpiring. Taking out the scroll from her belt pouch, she unsealed the black raiton rod and stuck it in the sticky syrup that formed the sparring area. Once more, the pressure in the air changed as black clouds formed into the sky, heralding the thunder and lighting that would soon follow.

"My Raikage wants to make it known that he has taken the hat of the former kage, and sends this display of power as an invitation to all. Those intrigued by his power for whichever reasons are welcome to visit him in the Land of Lightning."

Black thunder shot down, striking the rod. The crowd jumped back, the drunk sailor lost his balance and fell down as the sticky syrup lost its grip upon him. Mizuki waited patiently, observing the agitation in the crowd. If this wasn't bound to attract the attention of others, then at least it would be the start of the rumour mill.



Supernatural Walking Practice: 5 chakra/2 posts
Generic Sealing Technique - SS rank item: 15 chakra

Starch Syrup Capturing Field:

Name: Water Release: Starch Syrup Capturing Field (水遁・水飴拿原 ~ Suiton: Mizuame Nabara)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Suiton
Range: Up to 15 metres
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 4 post
Cooldown: 6 posts
Description: The user spits out high-viscosity, chakra infused water, aimed at a surface of wide scope. This is a stream of sticky liquid which can be used to form an adhesive trap that can inhibit a person's mobility, slowing them down by -1 tier to the Speed stat, before ultimately immobilizing them if they remain in the substance for two posts (immobilization lasts 2 posts as well). One can effectively reduce their enemy's area of activity with this technique, and has the effect of being able to take control over the battlefield. The normal scope of this technique is normally 10 meters in radius. If caught in this technique, the person is able to avoid being affected by the slowing or immobilization effects if they channel chakra through their feet (must be done by using a technique, such as Supernatural Walking Technique) - however, this must be activated before being caught in this syrup trap, or during the first two posts. Once the syrup begins hardening (two posts after activation), the victim will be rendered immobile, and it will require one jutsu of equal rank, or B rank Strength to break out before the end of the duration.


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Raiu Mizuki


The tides had turned and the crowd dispersed, throwing a variety of looks in her direction. Indifference, disdain, admiration. It mattered little to her, as she was mostly pleased that this dispute had been settled while all together having been able to deliver the message the Raikage had requested. Unfortunately, this had not quite been the place she had wanted to reveal the black rod. She had wanted to meet the Hokage, since word had it he was actually in the Village, and actually succeed at a proper diplomatic relation for a change. The Tsuchikage, the Kazekage. Both were gone. Now talk of the street was that the Chuunin Exams were occurring. Would this mean the Hokage too would be gone to meet at a Kage Summit? There was only one way to know.

Her business in the port concluded, Mizuki readied herself to move on. The road towards Konohagakure was still a while away, calculated that she'd reach the Village by the late evening. She'd then find herself a room at an inn for the night, and try to schedule a meeting with the Hokage in the morning.

Making her way to Konohagakure, a couple of bandits were blocking the road. As she neared, she could feel their malevolent intent reaching out, and not long after as they they prepared their weapons, one shouted out, "It's her. That diplomat. I bet she's rich enough to buy a boat!". Mizuki frowned and narrowed her eyes, not quite sure why a messenger as her would be swimming in riches just for doing her duty. A duty that she loved whole-heartedly, yes, but still nothing but her duty towards the Village, towards the Raikage. A pity people could see easily be fooled by ignorance.

As the three bandits charged, one holding a spear, one a staff and one a sword, Mizuki crouched and prepared herself to counter their assault by observing them. It became apparent they lacked her speed and discipline, but what they lacked on that front they possessed more on recklessness. Recklessness backed with ignorant greed. A dangerous combination. The spear came first, upon which Mizuki side stepped and pushed it out of harm's way with her left hand, allowing it to pass her body while she stepped forward to meet the man with the sword. As the man's blade came down to meet her, Mizuki shifted her entire body to have it fall in line with the direction of the enemy's blade before she kicked away one leg from under him. Losing his balance, the man couldn't help himself and fell to one knee, upon which she hit the back of his neck hard with the side of her right hand. Lights out, the man with the blade went down with a thud, his sword clattering to the floor.

There was little time to recover, as the spearman turned around and flourished his weapon in hopes to mislead her. At the same time, the man with the wooden staff twirled his weapon from behind her. Seeing little ways to defend herself, Mizuki channelled chakra into her soils and jumped back out of harms way, the raiton chakra granting a short burst of speed. The two almost hit each other, a brief moment confused at what just occurred, but the distraction was of short duration as they quickly found her. They shared a quick glance with each other and charged once more. From her side, Mizuki rested her hand on her katana, this time intending to take one of them down. With the speed advantage, she burst forward again and rammed the pommel of her katana straight into the man's plexus. The impact caused him to double in pain, the air leaving his lungs as his whole body cramped up by the strike on the pressure point. He dropped down, grasping his chest with both arms, his breathing difficult as he moaned in pain.

Perplexed, the last man looked at his allies on the floors before taking on a stance again. Despite being outplayed, he showed no sign of fear. In fact, he merely grinned at her.

"Would it not be wiser to lower your spear and walk away with your allies instead?"
"Not at all. It simply means there's more for myself."

He grinned even harder now, and charged for the third time into her direction. Mizuki wasn't sure she could even understand that sort of foolish greed, but as he charged her, she heard the sound of lightning being formed in the distance behind her.

"Raiton, Javelin"

Distracted by the volley of javelins going in her direction, she was barely able to avoid the spear aimed at her chest. Twisting her body, she felt its sharpened point press against the flak jacket still, pierce it slightly and dig briefly into the exposed clothes and flesh under it. At the same time, the three javelins fully hit her now bared flank. As her body finished pivoting, the man with the spear passed her and Mizuki dashed backwards, her eyes searching for the raiton user. Resting her eyes upon the hidden attacker, her eyes rested upon a girl about of a  year of 12.

"That was a full hit...", she uttered, having hard to imagine the three javelins had barely left a scratch on Mizuki's flank.
"Well done catching me off-guard."

The kunoichi eyed the ronin standing a little behind the bandit. She was genuinely impressed by her cooperative attack, yet also annoyed at her own mistake. If that girl had been anything close to decently trained shinobi, she could have suffered heavy damage even though wearing armour. However, what worried her more was to see a ronin kunoichi fight at the side of a bandit.

"Why are you siding with these bandits?"
"B-bandit?!", the man shouted out. "It's you who are the bandits! Raising taxes, making us work harder while you get all the food and riches."
"My duties grant me a wage, but I'm hardly worth to be called rich."
"L-lies! They said you were a diplomat with pouches full coin."
"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you were misinformed. While it is true I'm on a diplomatic mission for the Raikage, I'm a chuunin of Kumogakure. Did you take me for a samurai of the Daimyo?"

All hostilities suddenly seemed to disappear out of the man's eyes, and a moment later he looked at his companion who were still lying on the floor. Eventually, he sighed, and grinned again.

"My, what a mess this is."
"If I may offer an alternative?"

The bandit looked up questioningly.

"It looks to me that you and your friends may merely have been misguided. Since I have yet to reach Konohagakure, would you mind escorting me instead? I'm willing to pay for your services.", she then eyed the girl behind the man. "The girl has potential to become a shinobi. You could seek an audience with the Hokage about that while you're there."
"What makes you believe we won't try to rob you again?"
"I'm not so naive to believe such a chances do not exist, but as you have seen I'll be quite fine if such intentions would rise to the occasion again."
"Just... Just give us a moment."

Total: 2655



Name: Heiress to Heaven's Lightning
[Permanent -10 chakra]
Having Kaminari blood from her mother's side and being taught her father's Heaven Sword Style has improved her understanding of Raiton (and indirectly the Raiu's Storm Release as well), allowing Mizuki's affinity for Raiton chakra to bloom into a new form. Mizuki reduces all Raiton damage by 1 rank, but also suffers 1 rank more damage from Fuuton due to her strong affinity.
Celestial Step:

Name: Astral Technique - Celestial Step: Blur of the Milky Way
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Utility
Element: Raiton | Suiton | Ranton
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintained, 5 chakra/post
Cooldown: Duration x 1.5 posts
Description: Based on the Supernatural Walking Technique, this technique coats the user's body with chakra to create the same 'sticking' effect while granting a second effect depending on the element used.

Raiton: Grants a 15 m/s speed boost while maintained.
Ranton: Bright light cloaks the user, preventing identification. While better perception can't pierce through the bright light (it makes the blinding worse), tracking by sight/sensory is done with a +1 rank effectiveness.
Suiton: A fog surrounds the user in a 3m radius, masking his actual position. C-3 rank perception may see a silhouette in the fog, but details remain shrouded and continue to deny identification.

The user may switch the technique's element once per post for 5 chakra.


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Raiu Mizuki


It was with some unease that the other bandits joined the group and made their way towards Konohagakure. Considering their low rank and petty banditry, chances were slim the Konoha-nin were aware of their criminal activity but even if they knew about it, it would hardly warrant a death sentence. So with some goodwill, the girl could enroll in the Academy to be trained properly and the men could be offered a few means to walk the straight path again. Naturally, Mizuki wouldn't be the one to decide such things as she was not of Konohakagure but from the general reputation the Village bore, it was not unlikely they would be spared.

As the group escorted Mizuki, the girl was eager to grab all of the attention of the kunoichi, asking her about how the raiton hadn't affected her, how she was able to attain such a speed and where she got the armour. Her enthusiasm was genuine, making it obvious the girl had simply been dragged down by the imposed reality of necessity by these bandits, while all together assuring Mizuki the girl was deserving of a chance at the Academy. If all went well, with proper supervision and friends, she could become a fine kunoichi on her own. So rather than to explain terms and options that would be too highly gripped, Mizuki explained her the basics of the Academy and what the life of a shinobi generally entailed. Even if killing intent would become part of the training, it didn't mean a shinobi's life couldn't hold the values of peace and kindness - something Konohagakure was assumed to be reputed for.

Eventually reaching the Village gates, Mizuki walked up to the Konoha-nin to identify herself and reveal her intentions of meeting the Hokage. Likewise, having found an inkling of hope and knowledge, the girl walked up to one of Konoha's shinobi, picking up conversation about her newfound dreams and desires. While at first they seemed to be amused, they came to understand how serious she was when she showed them how she could manipulate raiton chakra. At that point, the group was separated as both the bandits and Mizuki's road split towards a different destination. Flashing them a last smile, Mizuki hoped they'd end up in good hands.


Total: 3045


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