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After months with no word from the Tsuchikage, Shigeki Kanetsu had had enough. He marched upon the administration building with the fury of a raging volcano, his pink cat ear headphones and clipped on pink tail really adding to the effect of angry person. He wore pink and black striped thigh high socks and fingerless elbow length gloves to match. His short white short and white tanktop underneath of his hoodie with cut off sleeves made him look very...well to be fair he didn’t actually look overly threatening, but he certainly was. People often underestimated the strength of Shigeki Kanetsu, and he wasn’t having any of it today. He hammered on the doors of the Administration building, which of course were not locked as someone told him to walk in, and demanded to see the Tsuchikage, who the people at the front desk told him had been missing for some time. Shigeki had heard it all before and he marched past the front desk, stomping his heeled buckle shoes as he went as the receptionist yelled after him “But lady Kanetsu, please listen!”

Shigeki ignored the fact that she somehow didn’t know that he was a male as he was simply too angry to even think of her words. He walked up to the door of Karumo’s office, smashed the door with his fists once more, which caused the door which was slightly ajar to open, and saw that it looked exactly as it had last time he was here, including having the Tsuchikage hat with the hole in it from Karumo’s kunai when he had thrown it at Shigeki and ruined his perfectly good nap. He grabbed the hat and put it on his head, cracking his fingers as he sorted through the insane stack of papers on the desk of the Tsuchikage. He had been in a particularly bad mood because he had a perfectly good squad of exceptionally attractive people that he could have fun messing with, and all of them had simply stopped showing up when he summoned them. He found several requests for squad members on the desk, a couple of which seemed like they had been put in several times. He put the hat on his head and rotated it so that the ears on his headphones poked out of the two holes from the Kunai, and very quickly boiled water and poured himself a tea as he read up on the people who were looking for squads, looking for the ones he thought he could have the best time training.

He found some food around the desk and took a handful of assorted nuts, nibbling on it as he found three candidates whom he figured would be a good choice for him. Each of them knew Genjutsu, and as far as he was concerned it meant he could train three more people to **** with people the way that he did, which was right up his alley. He grabbed a pen and some paper and wrote three separate letters, instructing the three genjutsu using genin of where he would like them to meet him, which would be outside of the Fire Temple, and he sent them out with another ANBU agent before impatiently making his way out of the administration building. As he walked by the desk he mentioned to the woman that it was unacceptable that there hadn’t been someone in charge of the village for a long as it had been, to which she responded “But Lady Shika...Karumo left you in charge.” He wasn’t listening, however, as he slammed the door behind him.


The sun was setting over the village of Iwagakure, a cool breeze beginning to pick up as the young Kanetsu impatiently tapped his heeled foot upon the ground, arms crossed across his chest as he stood there. He hadn’t removed the “holy” Tsuchikage hat from his head and he still had his headphone ears poking out of it. He had been waiting at the temple for hours, not having assumed that it might take a little while for the messenger to reach the three genin. As he stood he wondered what the chance was that they had met one another in the past, not knowing the reality of the situation. He didn’t care that much, though, as he only had one thing in mind. He had really enjoyed training a squad of genin, and it was something that he was quite good at, or at least he believed so. He had trained at least one of his students well, as Kokai had been quite successful, at least in beating up the rest of his students. The temple behind him was lit up with flame, and because of that he was at a comfortable temperature, members of the Kanetsu clan not particularly feeling comfortable in any type of cool climate. He hoped they would show up soon...



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Kejido had woken up a little earlier that morning. In time to shower and cleanse himself of all the sweat and grime from the day before. A daily thing for him but he liked to smell fantastic when he went about his daily activities. Still he exited the shower smelling of lavender into his own personal apartment studio from the clan compound. he moved to get dressed himself. Slipping on a white under shirt and a pair of boxers before opening his closet and unzipping one of the clothing bags hung within. With that he pulled out his coat. Four bronze buttons up the front to hold it closed. His headband stitched into the left shoulder and not a spot on it. The shoulders, neck and wrists had red lines stitched into it while the coat itself was black with one white stripe over the left breast pocket. He tucked that into a pair of crisp black slacks before putting on a white belt with a copper belt clip with his clan symbol on it. Finally he would slip on a pair of new black socks and polished dress boots. Tightening it all and straightening it in the mirror. He would look himself over before running a hand through his now dry hair. Letting it fall about his face and perfect features as he admired himself with silver eyes. Finishing up he selected a kunai with a white handle to sheath into his belt on his left side and hid the other two in his boots. However he had all the senbon from himself and Ryo. Which the packages had been modified to wrap around his forearms up his sleeves. All he had to do was twitch in just the right way and the next senbon in either would slide free into his hand. Like an auto loader. Satisfied with this he slipped on his white gloves and exited his room.

He had only managed to make it just outside of his apartment complex when a shinobi messenger spotted him from across the way. Having asked directions from his clansmen as to where they might find the specialist known as Kejido. It had been an odd thing to use to them as such ranks were clan only. Still Kejido would raise an eyebrow as his silver eyes took in the messenger. The man arrived in front of him and confirmed his identity before handing Kejido a letter he recognized as he had forged one just recently. It was a squad invite to a sensei he didn't recognize. He smirked to himself as he glanced it over. The fire temple eh? Likely this would be a warm lesson. Still he would keep his cool as always. He would prove himself here just like he always did. He was the best for his rank. Whoever his squad mates turned out to be they would find that out quickly. He always established himself as the alpha of anyone his rank he met. This would hold little difference for him. It never did.

He would still turn and pocket the letter. Making his way at a casual pace towards the fire temple. It was a simple matter to him to arrive without having broken a sweat. So he took his time, controlled his breathing and even picked up four canned tea's for the group on his way there. Sweet tea's of a variety of flavors. Fruit punch being his own favorite. They placed the four cans into a paper bag and he paid them with a smile. Still he would take his time but still make a direct route to the front of the fire temple. He was right when he assumed it would be warm there. Even outside he could feel the sweltering heat and was ever that much more happy in his choice to bring beverages. Still his silver eyes fell on a young looking lady...but the note had implied a male....He could assume that it had been a typo or risk that it had not...or use a gender neutral term. He figured the latter was the best bet as he approached with a graceful stride and a solid stature. A charming smile as the bag was tucked under his right arm and his left hand rested casually above his kunai. The sheathed one on his waist. More his wrist on the hilt than anything. Still he would bow his head as he saw no one else there. Gender neutral term it was.

"Sensei Kanetsu? Specialist Heishi Kejido reporting in."



Ryo sat at his kitchen counter with another letter unfolded in front of him. The letter arrived late in the evening with the sun close to setting. Ryo didn't really think much about the letter besides being slightly shocked to receive a second one. The first one instructed him to go to Koudo Satajiamu, the underground arena of the village. It was there that he met his schoolyard bully Aikiko and the man of his dreams Kejido, both of whom were now apart of his squad. So why was he receiving a second letter to go to the Fire Temple? And who was this Kanetsu person who sent the letter? Despite Aikiko being at the previous meet up, Ryo quite enjoyed it. He hoped that he wasn't already transferred to a new squad, with his words about wanting to leave the first one being taken seriously. The letter only stated that the Kanetsu guy wanted to meet him, so maybe there was hope that it wasn't a squad announcement. The hope was small, because who would want to meet Ryo if it wasn't some sort of official thing?

He didn't really want to go out this late anyway, with the rest of his day being free he would've preferred to stay home and probably read a book or two. However, with the arrival of a letter with an official summoning, he couldn't refuse. Reluctantly, he went to his room to get dressed in his social clothes, getting out of his more comfortable t-shirt and shorts that he wore at home to get into something more presentable. These summonings were always the time to make a good impression, right? He slipped off his shirt and pulled down his shorts. He grabbed a white button up from his closet, quickly buttoning it up before grabbing some black slacks and slipping them on. He then grabbed a belt, pushing it through each loop on his pants before buckling it. Finally, he clipped his handy-dandy pouch onto the back of his belt, which contains his kunai and headband. He didn't bother doing anything with his hair, as there wasn't much that would change its natural messiness. He quickly went to the door, slipping on his shoes before stepping out.

As he walked to the Fire Temple, a slight frown formed on his face and his eyes held the apathetic feel they always did. Although this was close to his natural look, the frown held some feeling. He didn't really want to leave his house, but he was, leaving his house. He was a sucker for orders, after all. As he walked through the streets, he tried to remember what he could about the Fire Temple. It was one of the oldest building in the village and it was pretty hot there. That was about the extent of his knowledge. Similar to Koudo Satajiamu, he never visited the temple before, so there was a chance he's find something enjoyable out it. The underground arena had some interesting crystals that provided its lighting, so what did the Fire Temple offer? Fire, probably. Ryo didn't know how he felt about fire, but he knew he was in for a... warm experience, to say the least.

As he approached the temple, he could feel the heat coming from it. It wasn't uncomfortable, but it was clearly distinct, fighting against the night's cool air. When he got closer and closer to the temple's entrance, he began to notice a rather familiar looking man. The man's features became more clear as he approached, with his black military uniform and black slick hair being in full view for Ryo. Ryo stopped about five feet from the man that he recognized as Kejido, not noticing the other guest at that moment. He opened his mouth and spoke to Kejido, not managing to notice Shigeki until halfway through his sentence,

"Kejido, what are you doing h-...?"

His voice was slow with a hint of his laziness. It held some surprise as well, making it clear that he recognized the sharply dressed military man. He was cut short when he remembered why he was there. To meet the Kanetsu guy. He quickly followed where Kejido was facing, finally noticing the m-... woman? He was a bit shocked by the person's appearance, with the cat ear headphones and flamboyant socks, but the letter stating the he wanted to meet Ryo, so that's what he was going to go with for now.

"You wanted to meet me?"

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Aikiko was the type to be up early, she loved the sounds of birdsong and the morning dew on the flowers in the beautiful garden at her home. Aikiko was still in her sleepwear, some simple shorts and a tank top. While similar to her typical everyday dress, it was not the same tank top and shorts, the clothing being far too immodest for a young woman her age to wear in public. Aikiko sat in the garden enjoying a nice cup of jasmine tea, along with a perfectly fried egg atop some sourdough toast. The perfectly seasoned and balanced meal adding to the pleasure of the morning scene. Young Aikiko was going to take the day off, a rare occasion for the young teen who usually would be dressed and in the village at this hour. She had spent quite some time enjoying her morning meal and tea in the gorgeous garden. Aikiko finished her simple meal and decided to walk around her garden. Aikiko commonly had the garden to herself in the mornings, the rest of her family while not lazy, didn't wake up until the later morning hours. Aikiko appreciated this time of silence to stop and smell the flowers. The beautiful red and white roses she was currently appreciating smelled perfect, their sweet aromas filling her nostrils and bringing a feeling of bliss. The roses were her favorite flowers. It was cliché but Aikiko didn't care. In her opinion they were the cliché flower because of their place at the top. She considered the rose the Uchiha of flowers: bold, universally recognized, beautiful, and dangerous.

Aikiko's perfect morning was not to be however. One of the household butlers approached her. Aikiko was surprised, it must be something important for him to dare disturb her in the gardens. Aikiko was not cruel to her staff however they still were hesitant to approach her in the gardens as it was the only place she was known to snap at them for disturbing her; sometimes even without provocation. Keeping with the traditional customs of the home, the butler is dressed in an evening dress coat in broad daytime matched with formal striped trousers worn only with morning dress. He would also be wearing a black long tie instead of the proper white bow tie usually worn with evening dress. Aikiko would glare at the man, momentarily allowing anger to flash in her eyes before turning back to her flowers, “Yes Daisuke?”  Aikiko always addressed her servants by name, after all even if they were there to serve her beck and call they were still people. The man seemed to be emboldened by the young woman's lack of venom, a slight fire appearing in his eyes proud to do his duty, “Apologies for the disturbance madame, but it appears there's a letter for you from the Tsuchikage's office. This time, however it was delivered by personal messenger. Would you like to read it or shall I?” The butler held the letter out to her, the envelope clearing sealed with the administrative seal of the Hidden Stone Village. “Read it to me please, I want to have another moment with my roses before I must attend to duty.” The man nodded and expertly opened the letter, perfectly parting the seal from the paper without damaging it in the slightest. The servant produced the letter and read aloud, “"Dear Aikiko Uchiha, you have been selected for a squad. Please meet your new sensei and squad mates at the Fire Temple by noon. The rest of your squad will meet you there. Your squad leader is the Jounin, Shigeki Kanetsu. Please come in your shinobi gear and be prepared to introduce yourself. ”

The letter was shockingly similar to the last squad summons she had received, except this time it sounded to be legitimate. While perturbed by his deception, at least Kejido had been thorough in his one attempts to get them together in a squad. Aikiko wondered who her real squad would include, hoping against hope that her longtime subject of loathing, Ryo Fujita, was not a part of her real squad. After all, what would the odds be that he would, they tested at completely different levels in their academy exit exams. Aikiko had been the top of her class and Ryo was a bit of a sloth. Aikiko wouldn't mind if Kejido in fact ended up being there, the handsome man was from a good family and seemed to be quite competent even if not completely honest. Aikiko would hurry off to her quarters to get dressed, exchange the skimpy sleepwear for her typical action gear. Aikiko would be sure to grab her kunai and senbon before heading out, again opting to leave her headband in it's decorative case that it was presented to her in. Aikiko was a representative of her clan before her village and her dress showed that. Aikiko would never shirk her duties to the village, however he true loyalty was always her clan.

Aikiko could see some figures in the distance approaching the temple as she approached, it appeared she was again going to be the last one to arrive. It was a good sign, perhaps she had a much more competent team than the sham Kejido had cobbled together. Entering the temple's courtyard Aikiko would look around at the figures standing within and her jaw would drop. Standing there were two very familiar people and one she had never seen. The two she knew were the same “squad” mates from before, Ryo Fujita and Kejido Heishi. While normally, her anger was a bit more veiled Aikiko was unamused, “What are you two doing here? I swear Kejido, if this is another faked attempt to get us together … You better explain what's happening, fast. The young Uchiha was staring daggers at the handsome, tall, man. Aikiko snapped out of her anger when she remembered the other person. Her focus shifted to this stranger, the man or woman (for she couldn't tell which) was certainly strange. The letter implied she'd be meeting a man here however, what she saw couldn't easily be attributed to either gender. Aikiko composed herself and bowed, looking directly at the … it, “Apologies, I'm hoping you are the Shigeki Kanetsu mentioned in my summons. I am Aikiko Uchiha, pleasure to meet you.



Shigeki’s frustrations had been mounting at the fact that none of the three students who he had hand picked to learn from him, the person who APPARENTLY had been selected to run the village while Karumo was away, were late. He didn’t understand why they hadn’t shown up when he had gotten there, not realizing the messengers would take a little bit longer to drop off his letters. As the first of his students had arrived he had began pacing back and forth, looking towards him with a scowl plastered onto his face. He barely noticed the fact that the first person to show up was quite traditionally attractive, but he was mad enough that he didn’t even make an inappropriate comment towards him. He would normally jump on the opportunity to say something along the lines of calling him something that he would likely be able to get in trouble for, but he just wasn’t in the mood. The man introduced himself and Shigeki pursed his lips and moved them towards the right side of his face.

As the second student approached him, Shigeki rolled his eyes and looked towards him, noticing quickly that he was a little bit more up Shigeki’s alley. He was cute but he looked lazy, his messy hair betraying as much. Where the other individual clearly cared a lot about his appearance, not a hair being out of place, this one simply didn’t seem too. Not that it overly mattered to Shigeki, as he liked people who had that kind of look to them as opposed to the overly composed types. He still didn’t smile however, as he had no interest in changing his mood at this point. He was determined to be grumpy and nothing could change that. He did find it interesting to note that the two of them seemed to know each other, however, which could potentially be a good thing that he could use to his advantage. He didn’t introduce himself, but he didn’t really need too. Shigeki wasn’t a fan of his tone, as he sounded kind of like he didn’t care too much. It was something that he might have to break out of him…

The most late of the three, and instantly Shigeki’s least favourite due to this fact, made her way towards the three of them. His scowl persisted until she made a comment about how this had better not be an attempt by Kajito to get the two of them together. The scowl on his face turned slightly, making him chuckle slightly at the absurdity of the situation. What were the chances that they knew each other as well? He liked her attitude as well, as she seemed like she would be a fun person to deal with. When she introduced herself to him he could see confusion on her face, which wasn’t unexpected. Shigeki had become used to people being confused by his appearance, and it was something he used to his advantage fairly consistantly through his career as a shinobi. He would crouch down, putting his hands on the ground between his knees as he did so, and looked up at the three of them, sighing a deep and annoyed sigh.

“You know, I expected you three here hours ago, and yet here I was waiting forever...I don’t like being left waiting.” His tone was clearly irritated, though there was still a hint of playfulness to the young Kanetsu’s voice. His airy tone could never fully sound angry, and he would chuckle slightly. “Actually, now that I think of it, I was always the one who left my cousin Kazu waiting when he was training me, so I guess I can’t complain too much. I guess I’ll let it slide for now.” He stood back up and stretched out, hands clasped behind his back in a large exaggerated gesture. “As at least one of you already know, my name is Shigeki, and two of you seemed to note that I am from the Kanetsu clan. The majority of the members of my clan specialize in the use of Ninjutsu and generally focus on training their bodies as well. We have produced a number of strong men and women who incorporate their yoton chakra with a physical fighting style...” He held out a hand as a bubble of lava would rise forth in front of him, a large grin stretching across his face as he did so.

“I am not one of those Kanetsu. My specialties are in tactics, which is why I am the captain of the Oracles, in genjutsu, in which there are few in the world who are my equal, and in disguise, which is the thing I am best at. I am a master at making myself appear to be someone who I am not, and it is a large part of the reason that Karumo would bring me along on missions with him. I also found out today that I am apparently in charge of the village, and because of that I was able to hand pick the three of you to be a part of my squad. I picked the three of you because, like me, you are all apparently proficient with Genjutsu, which in my opinion is the most powerful tool in a shinobi’s toolbox. There is nothing more vulnerable than the mind, and I am an expert at tearing apart people’s minds to get what I want...” He winked and chuckled once more as he said this, stepping back a step and crouching once more.

“Now, it seems you know one another. Care to tell me what kind of experience you have together, so I can get a better gauge of the history there?”



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He would smile still even as their would be squad leader would remain silent to his greeting. Choosing rather to wait for the other two. However that in itself wouldn't take long. First he would hear a familiar walking pattern arriving somewhat behind himself. He would turn and his smile would broaden. Ryo was approaching him. Oh how wonderful. He had experience with that one and a repertoire he had observed. Learning from his habits and how to expand upon them. He was a highly useful individual. After all he had been the one Kejido had selected to help him with his mission. Even if he did so unknowingly. At the very least the kid was good at following instruction and easy to please. He would inquire of what Kejido was doing well, here he would assume. He had cut himself off quickly after all as he noted more of his surroundings. Taking in the would be instructor of theirs. No greeting was given but rather a very direct question. He was actually surprised that Ryo had skipped any sort of formalities. Choosing instead to get straight to the point. Perhaps he was growing and having little time for games.

Instead of being able to muse over it he would instead have his attention drawn to the last to arrive. A young lady he was also familiar with if less so. She had left a fairly poor impression on him attitude wise before and yet he had found her observational talents amusing. He still hadn't collected her senbon from her. So close to the vest that one. Still she would do her best to stare at him with what he assumed was supposed to be intimidation. However he would only smirk as it just came off as almost cute. He wasn't threatened by her in his mind. She was perhaps the key to keeping the machine operating but he was the one with the ability to take down the target quickly. It was his specialty. Still it didn't mean she wouldn't stab him or refuse to help him. So he needed to keep his retorts playful and short. Even if she did threaten him he wouldn't lose an effective squad mate over something as simple as a duel. Instead he would move to fall in line with Ryo and her. Leaning down to whisper in her ear as he did so before turning around.

"Even if it was, its funny how you still come when I call. Even if your always the last one here."

He would wink to her before turning to look at their sensei as they crouched down. Letting their own hands dangle between their legs down to the ground. Like a cat ready to pounce. They sure were committing to this cat scene. He complained about the amount of time they had taken getting there. It seemed almost unreasonable since the message had only just then reached him. He had come as quickly and as soon as it summoned him. He was even the first to arrive if only just barely. The other two hadn't been far behind so they had been as timely as possible. Still the man would raise to his feet and describe himself. His history and his power as well as giving them a visual demonstration of his advanced element before it too faded. His explanation even covering the reason they had been selected. Choosing to take another step back and crouch down again as he asked about their history together. Kejido needed to get ahead of what Aikiko would likely say. Perhaps some misdirection. So he would speak first.

"There was a mix up before with some paperwork. We ended up in a squad invite together before hand. It was a brief but illuminating meeting. Truth being I had requested a squad leader but none were available at the time. I suppose the administration took my request and had my preferred squad mates gathered without one. Ryo and I have spent time together as friends outside the wall exploring while these two I think have a jolted history in the academy. I admire your choice by the way sensei. Our squad has the potential to be the most potent in Iwa. I myself will be their driving force. I am the skill, She is the talent and Ryo is the will. With those three things I am sure we can dominate any other genin team in Iwa already."




Was there really a point in this second meeting? They already had one before without a sensei, which was kind of an important point. But still, was this meeting dedicated to meeting the... man(?) that would be directing them? Ryo really hoped that this wouldn't be another uneventful meeting, where they merely talk and hand over their belongings. Who was this Kanetsu Shigeki, anyway? While Ryo recognized his cute looks, he couldn't take the rest of his appearance seriously. Was the cat ears and fishnets a joke? Ryo couldn't believe that this was Jounin of their village. Maybe it was Shigeki's idea of an icebreaker. If it was, it was a rather bad one. Did you really want your future students to see you as a joke? Whatever his reasoning was, now wasn't the time to think about it. He definitely won't bring that up now, so later seemed like the better option. If Shigeki was really what he was made out to be, Ryo would prefer if he wasn't around either.

Ryo's words went unanswered on both accounts. While Kejido smiled, no words were said. Ryo decided that Kejido had to be because they were now officially squadmates, even though they were previously put together. If the two of them were there, Ryo hoped the last piece didn't show up. As for Shigeki, he seemed to not even acknowledge Ryo's question. It was a rather dumb question, now that he thought about it, but was it really dumb enough to be ignored? Whatever, it didn't bother him or anything. While the three were standing around, the last addition showed up. Ryo's hope was shattered as another familiar face arrived, Aikiko. They both knew each other, and their history wasn't a happy one. Ryo didn't like or dislike Aikiko, but she definitely hated him. As she approached the group, her eyes went straight to Kejido. While Ryo was happy her hate wasn't towards him this time, he couldn't help but wonder why she chose Kejido. Her words showed that she believed that Kejido was the ringleader, but quickly realized her mistake as she noticed the cosplaying sensei. Without fail, Aikiko gave her formal greeting as usual. Maybe Ryo should pick something like that up. As the three genin lined up, Kejido leaned down and whispered something to the little girl. Jealously struck as Ryo uncomfortably shifted away from the two. Whatever was going on between them, Ryo didn't want to be around it.

With the three of them gathered and ready, their sensei crouched down in a cat-like position, which, to Ryo, confirmed the fact that they must be playing dress up. He stated that he expected them earlier, even though they practically just received their letters. He confirmed that his name was Shigeki before stating that unlike fellow members of his clan, he preferred tactics over brawn. This bit of information stuck to Ryo, revealing a similarity between the two of them. Ryo enjoyed strategy and tactic, and while inexperienced, expected that he would take the same approach when it came to combat. Maybe there was something he could learn. He brought up their proficiency at Genjutsu once again, but it didn't bother Ryo. His mind was made up in their other meeting, he was going to stick with this power squad, despite one of the members being his demon.

Finally, a question was asked. How did they all know each other? Kejido spoke first, explaining the situation surrounding their first meeting. While being an accident with paperwork, what were the chances that all three of them were paired together once more? Shigeki stated that he picked the three of them by hand, so was it really a coincidence? Kejido then stated that he and Ryo spent time together as... friends. Well, Ryo couldn't really blame him for using that word, even though he wished it was something else. He stated his suspicion between Ryo's relationship with Aikiko, before finishing with the fact that the three of them had the potential to become one of the strongest squads in the village. After he was done, Ryo decided that it was his chance to shine so light on the unknown.

"She hates me."

His words came quick and were straightforward. He pointed his thumb towards Aikiko, confirming the fact that he was talking about her. His eyes stayed on Shigeki, showing that he clearly wanted this information to hit him. The academy was a tragic time where Ryo, despite not doing anything to provoke anyone, was bullied relentlessly by the girl who was several years his junior. Maybe he shouldn't reveal that embarrassing part of their history.

"I didn't do anything to her, and yet she only treats me like I'm a piece of garbage."

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