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Discover The Pervert{Mission/Solo}

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Hizomi Hyuga

Hizomi Hyuga


Mission name: Discover the Pervert
Mission rank: D
Objective: Go undercover as a cashier in store and find out why so many employees have been quitting their jobs after a few days.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 80 ryo
Mission description: A store owner has requested help in finding out why - in only one of his three stores - newly hired employees are quitting within a couple days. Go undercover as a new employee, find and report the problem.
Mission details: The source of the problem is the store manager, who is in charge when the store owner is busy tending to his other two stores. He is a major pervert, and will do little actions like grope new employees and make 'subtle' suggestive comments. By abusing his authority, he threatens new employees into silence by saying that he will blacklist them and make sure they don't get another job if they tell anyone about his actions. Upon discovering that he is the problem, you may deal with him how you wish without seriously injuring him, then report back to the store owner.

Hizomi had received a mission and felt apprehensive about the detail’s that were described for it, she is tasked with the mission of going undercover as a cashier in a convenience store. She couldn’t decide if it was more humiliating or more degrading that she had to work at a convenience store for the day, The only reason she’d had bothered to undertake task was because the manager expressed concern over new employee’s quitting within days of being hired that gave her enough reason to investigate under the authority of her kage.

Once Hizomi made it to an alley near the shop she used the transformation technique to turn herself into a much older looking blonde village girl as to not warrant any suspicion to any possible suspects, she was supposed to be looking for the reason new employees kept quitting after only a few days which she considered would be more difficult if nobody trusted her. It had been a couple of minutes into her “Shift” but so far there was nothing wrong with the place she could find other than the fact that there seemed to be a surplus of customer’s floating in due to the morning rush making her task of finding any suspicious activity that much more difficult, As Hizomi was handing a customer change left over from their order they paid for as she was smiling she was also thinking “Hurry up and clear out already!!!” Seeing that she would be stuck for a little while as she served customer’s she started to take in the condition of the shop for any clue’s which ended up in utter failure as she could not locate any reason someone would want to quit. The air conditioning worked great, the food was delicious, the store wasn’t craped and allowed for movement space and even the customers seemed friendly, It was clear to Hizomi that the task ahead was going to take a while.

Hizomi who was now humming a low soft tone to herself as she continued to observe her surroundings was brought out of her day dreaming when the tone of the small bell at the front door of the store chimed to announce a new customer. Hizomi slightly glanced up, catching sight of her manager in charge of the store. He gave Hizomi a lustful glance followed by a long whistle as the man turned begun to make his way towards her, Hizomi felt very suspicious around the man and decided to lure him in to see where the situation would go. She then returned a smile to the manager as he had stopped when he reached the cashier checkout table, Hizomi then started playing hard to get as she returned to doing regular business as she started to organize the register, write down a list of all the transaction’s that happened on her shift in a notebook that sat in a drawer underneath the checkout desk. She might not have had to do it but considering it was her first real mission as a genin she wanted to make sure she left nothing to chance and decided to be diligent on her task.

The manager made his way towards the door that lead to the area Hizomi was working in, the man was clearly checking her out as Hizomi noticed the very brief eye-contact he was doing as she maintained her focus not to say something. The manager then continued to move behind the aisles and keeping away from the customers as he slowly moved towards Hizomi’s backside. She vaguely caught him out the corner of her eyes and noticed his name tag read Mr. Kuroa but continued to pay the manager no mind. Mr. Kuroa was certainly a character, the man was of no significant stature. He stood slightly taller than Hizomi even with her in disguise, though he was portly and not in a good way. He boasted a second chin, a large bulbous nose, and a greasy beard to cover the fat of his neck. The man seemed perpetually sweaty, having a greasiness about his hair. Not that he had that much to begin with, Mr. Kuroa was balding and wore his graying black hair in an ill-suited comb over. If Hizomi had to bet all her cards on the table, she would guess that the increasing rate of employee’s quitting had something to do with the man.

As the man moved closer towards Hizomi she was starting to get a chill that crawled up her spine, she was more than enough to handle the manager but the feeling and lust in the manager's eyes were starting to affect her in a way she couldn't shake the feeling off. She  could now hear the man breathing heavily even though they were a aisle apart from each other and Hizomi compared the sound to a dog who was panting from exhaustion, It made the situation even more unsettling.

The manager continued to move closer until he was standing right behind Hizomi, he then made a daring but sneaky move  as she felt the shape of something gently  pushed up behind her against her as. At this point Hizomi was sure that the man behind her was the culprit but she needed more proof, she then took a small breath in and turned her head half-way while containing her anger deep inside as she turned around to face the manager and looked him directly in the eye's while giving him a happy smile "Manager would you like to check out this item today?" and gently rubbed her hands slowly through the thinning hair's of his left arm.

Mmm.... yes...this item looks perfect for my use's, but i think we should discuss the confidentiality issue's of this purchase. I would hate to see such a rare find have her life ruined by a little white lie,hmm?" Mr.Kuroa then slowly moved his hands towards Hizomi's ass but with that final statement she had all the evidence she needed to finish the mission, her hands quickly shot down to her side's as she grabbed both the manager's arms and placed her finger's on a pressure point that caused the manager to let out a short scream but Hizomi quickly covered let go of one of his hands flicking the grown man's body around with her superior strength while he had no guard up and moved forward until the manager face was shoved against the wall.   Hizomi then released her transformation jutsu but kept her grip on the manager and his face lit up with terror as he gazed at her shinobi head-band, the manager now tried to squirm away as the fear of his freedom being taking away now took over his reasoning but it would be no use as Hizomi held the man tightly in her grip and kept her index finger tightly against one of the man's pressure points just encase he got brave and decided to make a run for it.

Hizomi then pressed her finger against the man's pressure point slightly to add to his discomfort before speaking "I hope you touched enough of the new employee's that came here, because after today the only thing you will be touching is yourself and the hard steel of your cell doors. Im taking you to your boss for your final goodbye's"

With that said Hizomi quickly found some rope in the storage room and proceeded to tie the man up by his arm's and legs, she then closed up the store for the day by flipping the opening sign to close and using the store key to lock everything up encase someone gets the idea to rob the place. She then picks up the man and throws them over her shoulder until she finds a nearby cart and horse and throws him on it, she then gets on the rider's seat and whips her hands in which the horse took as the response to move forward and they were now on there way to the other store the boss was watching over that day based on the work schedule.

After traveling through the village for about seventeen minutes Hizomi and the criminal reached the other store and Hizomi quickly got off before walking to the back of the cart to throw the man over her shoulder once more, now that it was the second time she could truly feel the crushing weight of the man's body. Once she made it to the door Hizomi walked over to the check out counter and dropped the man to the floor as his back hit the cold floor causing him to make a small yelp in his pain, Hizomi then stated to the cashier "I would like to see the head boss that's visiting today please, it's official business"

The cashier person did exactly as they were instructed and out came to head boss who once his eye's caught Mr. Kuroa's gasped in surprise as he then barked with his authoritative voice "What is the meaning of this?! Why is he tied up!!?" Hizomi kindly explained "Your manager Mr. Kuroa is the reason new employee's are leaving your working force quickly, he tried to molest me and blackmail me before i apprehended him. I can only assume he's done the same to the other's that were assigned to that shop"

The boss then uses his index and thumb to pinch his nose in obvious stress before looking down at his former manager with a very disappointing look before speaking "I see, im sorry for any trouble he may have caused you. You have completed your task leave the rest to me." Hizomi then smiled and gave a polite bow before walking out the store and heading back to report the mission details to the hokage's office.

-Exit thread-

Chakra: 145/150

jutsu used:

Name: Transformation Technique (変化の術 ~ Henge no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: -5 every other post.
Cooldown: Duration +1 post.
Description: Given all the missions ninja are assigned to--battle, intelligence gathering, diversions--this is a priceless ninjutsu. It is typically used to change into people other than oneself, but one also has the ability to change into animals, plants, and even inanimate objects like weapons; however, the object can be no smaller than 1 foot long in at least one dimension. Despite this, this technique has an abundance of uses. The transformation of a master of this technique (which is generally an Academy graduation requirement) makes the user physically and visually the same as the transformed person or object in question, giving the user the exact mass and physical qualities of whatever they transformed into. This is one of the most basic ninjutsu, as such most shinobi know how to perform it. This technique does not give a ninja the abilities or jutsu of a person they transform into, nor can give the user the damaging ability of a weapon (however, this can be used as a bluff). Sensory techniques can easily pick out someone transformed using this jutsu: the user's chakra would be active, as well as the fact that their biological functions and scent are not masked by this jutsu. Costs 5 chakra on activation, and an additional 5 chakra every other post after that.


Mission completion: 750/750(951 Left)

Perception Stat:
E-2 ~> E-3, 225 words 225/225(726)
E-3 ~> D, 300 words 300/300(426)

Strength Stat:
E-1 ~> E-2, 150 words 150/150(276)
E-2 ~> E-3, 225 words 225/225(51)


Discover The Pervert{Mission/Solo} Black-10

"The terrors of the ninja world is like a lightning storm, it can hit anywhere at a unpredictable rate and the only thing you better do is prepare yourself."

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