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1 Run for your Life!{Trial 2/1-2} on Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:11 pm

Mikumi Senju


It was now the day of the second trial of the chunin exams, the numbers he had pulled at the beginning stated that Mokuzai was now to compete in a race against three other genin from different village's. Mokuzai took his place and stood behind a line with one other contestant and he took notice of her quickly as he turned to  his immediate right  that was a Kunoichi from Kumogakure, what made her stand out to Mokuzai was her long flowing black hair with long strains of white hair mixed in that reminded Mokuzai of a gentle and peaceful cow's grazing on the farms of Konahagakure village.

But there was something more about the female that cached his attention,  the girls eyes were a deep green but they seemed to be devoid of life and happiness as the Kunoichi looked more like a standing corpse then a shinobi taking the chunin exam. He couldn’t help but thin about just what type of history the girl has endured to bring her to this point.

It was almost time for the race to start, Mokuzai begun to stretch so his legs would not cramp up during his running and also to avoid the utter embarrassment of the thought of it. Once he was done Mokuzai gazed back at the women next to him but this time he was surprised to see her dead like eye's teeming in a menacing way that clearly told she meant business, He couldn't figure her out as he thought how could someone who looked so dead a minute ago be filled with nothing but rage.

Another contestant had  shown up and took their place beside Mokuzai, he observed their movements as they had walked up to the line  lazily and Mokuzai felt a bit confused by the person's looks. They sported dark brown mid length hair that stopped just below their neck as multiple different hair clips kept his hair out of his eyesight, and their deep blue eye's reminded Mokuzai of the ocean which made him feel at peace for the brief moment he looked into the shinobi's eyes, He however could not tell if the shinobi in front of him was male or female so  he didn't bother to greet them out of fear of miscalling them the wrong gender.

After a few more minute's the final contestant showed up to start the race and Mokuzai quickly observed him like the others as he took notice of the male's shinobi's pink short hair that was half cut and combed to his left side giving him a fashionable look, he wore a black and green dotted scarf that clashed loudly with his orange shorts and white cotton shirt. Mokuzai saw that this ninja was from Kirigakure but he quickly turned his head too look forward as the Kiri's ninja appearance caused Mokuzai's eyes some irritation whenever he looked at his outfit.

Now that each of the shinobi had gathered a loud whistle could be heard from the top of the pyramid that stood before the four ninja, Mokuzai and the rest all looked up to see a Kumogakure ninja standing tall before they made a coughing motion and begun to spoke "Welcome to trial two of the chunin exams!! At the very peak of this pyramid lies  three prizes, each of you is tasked with the mission of racing up  it’s side, avoiding the traps and torments, unpredictable hazards and unstable ground; those of you who survive those will only suffer a even tougher battle  beyond the midway point way as you may begin to attack each other to get to the goal, three of you will pass and move on to the next trial where you will face even tougher battle's then before. I wish you all good luck, trial two of the chunin exams." the shinobi then pulls out a mock pistol gun and aims it upwards towards the air and  Mokuzai and the other three ninja's get into a running start pose, Mokuzai gets into a unique stance that would allow him to jump upwards gaining what little distance he could once the race started.

The proctor then releases the words from his mouth "Begin!" and shoots a shot straight up into the air and Mokuzai reacts by immediately starting to run towards the pyramid but right before he gets there he releases his stance and he jumps 5 feet upwards into the air before beginning to flow his chakra to his feet and he presses hard against the side of the pyramid as he keeps his speed going and begins running to the top, his legs begun to pound and his heart racing with each quickened step. Mokuzai thought about how the other constants were doing but he could not stop his pace or it could very well spell his failure in the trial, but suddenly he saw a quick flash of pink accelerate behind him and in mere seconds they were three feet in front of him.

It had been the boy with the pink hair and terribly loud outfit, but it was clear now to Mokuzai that he had exceptional skills as a ninja but not in his fashion wear. The change of positions caused Mokuzai's thoughts to revolve around his head faster as he thought about just how wrong he could have been about the other's skills, he quickly dismissed the thoughts from his head picking up speed ever so slightly as he didn't bother to think about it anymore as he would soon find out rather he liked it or not.

Every one had been maintaining their pace well as to not tire themselves out before reaching the mid-point where the trial would become even more dangerous, Mokuzai was no more than twelve meters up the pyramid before he heard the small yelp of the pinked haired shinobi as he observed something gave way underneath their feet. A small square of stone not as sturdy as the others suddenly gave way carving in on itself. Crumbling down in to a pit, breaking apart on the metal spikes hidden deep below. But the pinked hair boy had responded  fast, as he stopped running completely and stopped the chakra flow to his feet as he begun to slowly descend back towards the ground but right before he fell past a meter he did a mid air flip and reached into his pouch pulling out a kunai and jamming it into the side of the pyramid with all his might and successfully stopped his free fall and reformed the chakra into his feet before continuing to run like the others.

Mokuzai now focusing even more as to not be distracted himself saw a couple of tile's push themselves aside to reveal a mini turret that showed the tip's of kunai's aimed at him causing a moment of panic and  terror. He could not stop himself as he was running at his stop speed but he needed some type of plan as he could hear the distant click of the contraption in front of him as if it was getting ready to stop him at all costs, Mokuzai thought for a few seconds before the answer hit him. If he could not stop then he would continue to accelerate while dodging the launcher, Once the launcher had made it's final click sound Mokuzai kept his running pace towards the machine before kunai then begun to fly out towards him, he quickly did a front flip over the barrage of kunai coming over him and landed right on the machine before jumping off of it and continuing his race up the pyramid.

Mokuzai had successfully made it past the halfway mark first but his decision had impacted another, after he had flipped over the kunai launcher the shinobi that Mokuzai could not identify which gender they were was forced to stop as a barrage of kunai came flying towards them unexpectedly causing them to slide back which was only even more unfortunate as the tile's underneath their feet gave way and they begun to fall back towards the ground before stopping five meters above the pyramid's ground when Mokuzai and the other two were reaching sixteen meters high as they now had caught up to him and the real battle was about to begin.

The pinked haired boy quickly did hand signs facing Mokuzai as a burst of wind was released from his mouth, Mokuzai slowed his pace allowing the attack to miss and hit the female kunoichi making her stumble back a few meters before she regained balance and her face seemed to twist up even more then before and Mokuzai quickly picked up his pace again but couldn't reach the pink haired shinobi's speed as he was now caught between the two ninja's in second place.

The rather androgynous shinobi had quickly caught up but was in last place still, he then made hand signs and once he was done he had taken in a large breath of air before a ball of fire was released from his lips and was headed straight for Mokuzai's and the other's direction, Mokuzai feeling the heat behind his back knew he couldn't ignore the jutsu. The pinked haired boy seemed to think the same thing as he turned around as the girl ran straight past them, the pinked hair boy weaved the same hand sign from earlier while Mokuzai weaved  another before raising his hand to his mouth,  as a jet of water spewed from his  mouth like a industrial fire hose and the pinked hair boy sent a gust of wind towards the androgynous shinobi. There attacks had covered a large scale of the pyramid heading down ensuring that there was now way for them to dodge their combination jutsu.

Mokuzai and the pinked haired boy then looked at each other before beginning to run for the honor of second place, Mokuzai again begun losing to the ninja's speed as he was now two meters behind. Mokuzai was not willing to settle for third place without giving it his all he then made a hand-sign as a water clone appeared by his side, the clone then grabbed Mokuzai arm before spinning rapidly twice as he throw him upwards giving him a slight speed boost that allowed him to soar upwards in the air nearly to the top of the pyramid as he quickly released his water clone jutsu returning the chakra from his clone back to him. Mokuzai slammed down his feet catching his footing and ran with all his might despite his legs aching with numbing pain and sweat dripping from what seemed to be every pore of his body making a desperate last power sprint for second place, the pinked hair boy had been fast indeed as he caught up quickly to Mokuzai but it was too late as Mokuzai jumped at the second prize slightly before the other boy placing his fingers on it as if to claim it and the pinked haired boy had no choice but to grab the third place, Mokuzai was reliefed as he had earn his spot for the final trail of the chunin exams.



jutsu used:

Name: Supernatural Walking Practice (Shūgyō'shikachō ~ 修業歩然超)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Taijutsu (Chakra Flow).
Duration: -5 chakra every 3 posts (every 2 posts if using on water).
Cooldown: None.
Description: Supernatural Walking Practice is a basic ninja technique. It involves using chakra flow to channel chakra to one's hands or feet, allowing him/her to walk on, or cling to, surfaces that normally do not allow it. This includes, but is not limited to, walls/ceilings, trees, and even water. Should the flow of chakra stop for any reason, the user will immediately fall off of the surface they are walking on, or plunge underwater.

Name: Water Release: Water Clone Technique (水遁・水分身の術 ~ Suiton: Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Suiton/Water
Range: Clones cannot travel more than 30m away from the user.
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Until clones are destroyed or cancelled
Cooldown: 4 posts
Description: The Water Clone Jutsu is similar to the Shadow Clone Jutsu except it creates clones out of water that have one-tenth of the original user's chakra - taken after the initial activation cost of this technique has been deducted. Like other solid clone techniques, the clones can be used to perform tasks the user is unable or unwilling to do for themselves. The range of the clone is limited however, as it can not travel very far from the original body without losing control. Like other clone techniques, if the water clones are injured enough they will revert back to normal water. Water clones are capable of only using suiton jutsu provided they have enough chakra to cast it. Regular jutsu cooldowns apply - if a technique is used by one clone, it cannot immediately be used by another clone. A maximum of six clones may be created at any one time. The clone automatically disperses when it runs out of chakra, or when hit by any attack that can cause the equivalence of a C rank technique in physical damage [major bruising, 1-2 inch cuts, etc.] or a C-rank/2 D-Rank offensive jutsu. The user may willingly disperse a clone - returning any chakra the clone has left to the user - but this can only be done under the condition that the clone is not under direct attack. Clones which have been dispersed by other means - ie. taking damage - do not return any chakra to the user.

Name: Water Release: Water Trumpet (水遁・水喇叭 ~ Suiton: Mizurappa)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: D
Type: Offensive | Defensive
Element: Suiton
Range: 12 meters
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description:  The user must raises their hand to their mouth, giving them the appearance of playing a trumpet, as they spew a jet of water from their mouth with power equivalent to an industrial fire hose. The jet, moving at 10 m/s, can be targeted at an opponent to deal minor bruises, but its primary use is to combat other jutsu. By aiming the jet of water at a Katon technique of C-Rank or lower, any incoming offensive jutsu of D-Rank, or E-Rank projectiles, they may easily nullify the attack by putting out its flames or knocking it off-course; the jet of water will also be nullified in the process, limiting this to defending against one jutsu per use. Raiton jutsu cannot be defended against with this.


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