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A Call For Help:
Mission name: A Call for help (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C-Rank
Objective: help the smaller village
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 300 ryo
Mission description: A raven arrived early in the morning from a small village within our boarders requesting some help with a group of bandits raiding their village, you are charged with finding these bandits and dealing with them however you see fit.
Mission details: The Village is located near to the border of the country and is raided almost every other day by a group of 5 bandits all are low level to where a genin can handle them in a fight and only wield a kunai. mission is repeatable due to multiple bandit groups being able to raid the small village and the small village can be different. when confronted the leader will send in the first to fight when he loses he will send in the second, after which the last two will jump in and the leader will try to escape while you're distracted, do not let him get away for he will go get another group of bandits and come back resulting in a failure. if he is captured the leader will attempt to cut you in on a deal, whether they are all caught or all killed mission will be complete, if one gets away mission failure.

  • Name: Bandits
    Age: N/A
    General Appearance: they all wear tan colored clothing with a bandana wrapped around their face hiding what they look like, the leader's bandana is red as opposed to the black the others wear
    Personality: self interested
    Motivations: gold and all things shiny
    Fears: not having shinies
    Abilities: basic Taijutsu D-Rank Boxing, and 2 kunai each. The four bandits all have D-Rank Stats while the leader of the bandits have C-Rank stats
    Other: only the leader of the bandits actually talks all the others only make noises like whooping and hollering.

It was time for Aikiko’s first mission, an occasion that she had long awaited. Aikiko and Kejido’s sensei was doing some sort of one on one training so it was up to the two of them to get it done. Squad X-2, was quite the unit even with Aikiko’s sharingan dormant, the young woman was quite capable. The man who was to be her partner in this endeavor, Specialist Kejido Heishi, was more than capable as well. Kejido was the spearhead of their squad, the one offensive force that they all relied on. For this mission, Aikiko was glad that it was him that could come. Her sensei, Shigeki, would have been overkill for a C rank mission but Kejido was just right. This was on the more dangerous side of a C rank mission. They were being called to help a smaller village on the border of the Earth Country that was under siege by bandits. Aikiko’s specialty was in disrupting her opponents, as much as she hated to admit it Aikiko was coming to terms with the fact that she needed her squad mates. They truly did complement each other in ways that made them stronger as a whole than as a person. Aikiko had even begun to develop techniques with this purpose in mind whereas before her techniques were solely for her own use. The genin had even begun sharing techniques among the group so that they could use them more effectively. They had come to the conclusion that their illusions would be far more effective at breaking their opponent’s minds should they be stacked one on top of the other. Enemies would escape from a technique only to find themselves still under its effects.

Aikiko would find that her staff had already laid out her combat gear, a kunai and eight senbon, knowing her preferences they had elected to leave her Iwagakure headband in its place in her vanity. The young woman slid on the black tank top that featured the famous emblem of the Uchiha on its back its soft fabric hugging her body, allowing for a wide range of movement with little restriction. After sliding on the black shorts that she chose for much the same reasons as the tank top, the young Uchiha would gather her weapons, the 8 Senbon in a pouch and the kunai tucked into her tank top, able to be drawn with ease should she need to. Aikiko was admittedly vulnerable in hand to hand combat, while she had easily bested her peers while in the academy Aikiko understood that this meant very little in a real situation. The young teen was far better at defending herself and parrying blows than dealing actual damage with her strikes. The dagger wasn’t even that useful either, it was more to have something that could help than anything else. Aikiko in truth was terrified of close combat, and was glad that Kejido would be there since he was great at it. Aikiko had even begun to warm up to Ryo as well, while she still didn’t exactly like him she could at least respect him, he too had shown growth and Kejido had been successful in motivating him. If one day Ryo started to self-motivate she thinks even she could come to like the man. If he ever did rise to the level of being able to control his clan’s famous advanced chakra nature, Dust Release,  even Aikiko wouldn’t be able to deny his usefulness and power. Aikiko had begun to learn humility in her time with her new “friends” and it was quite becoming of the young Uchiha. Aikiko even went so far to thank her butler for ensuring her needs were met and that she was informed of her mission. The young woman set off for the village gates where she would meet up with Kejido and set off to help break the small village’s siege. When Kejido would arrive, Aikiko would smile at him and hold out the pouch of senbon to him "I believe you've asked for these. I have no use for them. Keep me alive out there please." The last sentence would be said quickly and sheepishly, Aikiko immediately regretted it. It was a sign of weakness, and Aikiko felt ashamed showing it.

730 words.



Kejido had been informed he was to take his junior member of the squad on a two man mission together. One fraught with danger for the both of them. A village had sent word for help against a group of bandits raiding them repeatedly. The two of them were tasked with handling this however they saw fit. The concept concerned Kejido somewhat though. He had no mission experience with her and unlike the mission he had dragged Ryo along with this one actually implied combat. He would need to be prepared to handle the given situation. He needed to take this seriously and as such his typical outfit wouldn't be suitable. He was aware that Aikiko was more of a support role in most cases so he would be the driving force. As such he would take the part seriously. His schooling in military tactics of the past came to mind as he settled himself. This was going to be a hell of a time. He also knew one thing. The village had left it to their discretion for how to handle the enemy but sent people with little sense of how to take a target in alive. They intended for the bandits to die. Or for the two of them to give their lives for the village.

Regardless he wasn't know for his hesitation. He would slip into a pair of black shinobi pants that were fairly well fit to his legs. Not tight but not loose enough to make any noise as he moved. He slipped into a pair of padded shoes and slipped a kunai into his belt on either side of his hips. He would then slip into a form fitting black tank top that had a turtle neck that went all the way up to his nose. After that he wrapped a scroll around his right forearm so the letters were facing outwards and pulled on elbow length gloves over each arm. Finishing with a pair of tonfa over his shoulders for weapons. The scroll was connected to its other half at the bottom of his weapons chest. If he needed more weapons he had access to them via that bridge. Still he would head for the door of his apartment and grab a black bandanna on his way out the door. Tying it around his hair so only his eyes and upper arms were showing. If he had the flack jacket and armor pieces he would look every bit an ANBU.

It would take him a minute to reach the gates before he noted his would be partner there. Not exactly as decked out for combat as he was but still looking like she was taking this seriously at least. Their lives were on the line. Still this would be the first time she had seen him out of uniform and dressed for work. She might not recognize him at first he realized. So he would approach her with his silver eyes all that was visible on him. He would wait for her to recognize him before she handed him a pack of senbon with a smile. This was certainly a change in pace. She mentioned how she had no use for them and asked him to keep her alive. He would almost scoff before taking them and tucking them into the small of his back. After which he would hold out his right hand and with a puff of smoke two head sets were on his palm. He would pick one up in his left hand. Wrapping it around his neck like a collar and putting the ear piece in. Handing her the other one. Speaking in a humored tone through his face coverings.

"I could say much the same to you. After all if either of us are wounded you become the most important member of the team. Shall we?"




Aikiko didn’t recognize the tall figure approaching her, he was clothed all in black and had weapons all over his body as well as a flak jacket and additional armor. The man at first appeared to be an ANBU so Aikiko stood up straight as he approached. Once he got closer Aikiko had a moment of realization. The tall “ANBU” was in fact Kejido, her partner for her mission. The man would take the senbon and they would pop out of existence, presumably he had sealed them. That would explain the scrolls that Aikiko had noticed on his person. Kejido would pull out a radio set and put the earpiece in his ear before offering one to Aikiko. The man was prepared to the extreme, Aikiko hadn’t much equipment to speak of mostly just herself and her medical knowledge. Kejido agreed that her skill was valuable to their operation and suggested that they set off. The black haired teen would nod and set out, Kejido easily keeping pace with her as they left for the border of their country. The roads in and out of Iwagakure were busy and their progress initially was slow, giving them time to talk with one other. ”Kejido, how do you plan to deal with the bandits when we get there? I’m sure they won’t be subdued easily; they’ve terrorized the border village from what I’ve read in the reports. I’m not saying they are a match for us simply that they will be emboldened by their success and likely to fight to the last man. Growing up, my family forced me to see death at a young age so I’d be ready to face it. I’m not afraid of killing them. It would be our duty as Ninja to put the wretches out of their misery.” Aikiko was excited truth be told, while it would be nothing on the scale of her first shinobi kill, killing a group of bandits was still a good first step for her. In her family you were not truly considered a Ninja until you had killed another Ninja in combat. Aikiko would wait for a moment before adding on to her statement saying in a suggestive manner, ”I suspect there will be no survivors among them once we’re through.” Aikiko’s usual smug confidence bordering on arrogance would appear during her speech.

Aikiko’s grey eyes would be focused on Kejido, awaiting his thoughts on tactics. Her thoughts wandered to the first time she’d seen someone killed, she was too young to fully understand what was happening. It was probably best that way, Aikiko had become desensitized to violence and death at a young age before it was too late for her to be normalized to it. The young Uchiha was a kunoichi of a different sort, bred for and taught from birth for her family’s lifestyle. Kejido was from a similar sort of a family, one that even Aikiko would consider good. The Heishi were well respected in high society of the village’s elite clans. Her mother had told her that they were a strange family that handled ranking a bit differently than the average shinobi did. Aikiko didn’t fully understand or know about it however she suspected this is why they were set apart, similar to her own self. Aikiko was excited to get to know the man, they’d surely be good allies going forward and Aikiko thought that she would be able to boost the young man to heights neither of them could achieve alone given her unique skill set. Aikiko’s second specialty was using techniques that made her allies stronger and faster. First and foremost, Aikiko was a specialist of genjutsu many of her best marks growing up having come in genjutsu practice.

645 words.



”Kejido, how do you plan to deal with the bandits when we get there? I’m sure they won’t be subdued easily; they’ve terrorized the border village from what I’ve read in the reports. I’m not saying they are a match for us simply that they will be emboldened by their success and likely to fight to the last man. Growing up, my family forced me to see death at a young age so I’d be ready to face it. I’m not afraid of killing them. It would be our duty as Ninja to put the wretches out of their misery.”

His attention was drawn to the question. He supposed directly attacking the enemy head on would be fool hardy and risky to the missions success and their teams survival. Just attacking them wouldn't stir up enough fear for a partial retreat in all likelihood. They were outnumbered and easily flanked so they needed some sort of advantage. Aside from them not knowing that the two of them were coming. Well there was an idea. These were bandits and she had the appearance of a well off young lady. Though her callous attitude toward the slaughter of men was intimidating. He knew it was likely just a part of being an Uchiha but it was still difficult to ignore. If she were to turn against him one day it meant she would intend to kill him. As she did these men. His silver eyes glanced back to her in silence a moment while they moved at whatever pace she seemed comfortable with. Before finally speaking in return. Having thought through a plan.

"You are going to need to trust me on this one. I want you to hide your weapons on your person and keep the appearance of a lost girl. Nothing to indicate your a threat. Stumble upon them and appear like an easy mark. Frightened and lost. I will circle behind them. The moment one of them approaches you take advantage of their lowered guard and kill them. In the shock of that moment I will end their leader from behind and together we will mop up the remainder in the confusion with their leadership dead."

He wouldn't really wait for her reply before he noticed the trail leading into the woods where the villagers had claimed they came from. It was distinct as if they weren't trying to hide. He would shift into the woods to follow it and move up into the tree's. Indicating for her to stay low and follow. Together assuming she followed they would progress through the woods in radio silence. It was getting dark by the time they came across the camp indicated easily by loud whooping and laughter around a bright campfire. Kejido would stop moving on a thick branch well above them. His left hand bracing him against the tree as he stood tall and his right moved up to press the button on his radio. Allowing it to crackle to life. To talk to her. If she had hers on.

"Five bandits ahead. Scattered around a camp. I believe I have identified the leader. You're up."


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