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1Sōseiji Empty Sōseiji on Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:53 pm



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Clan Name: Sōseiji
Location: Scattered
Specialization: Ninjutsu
Elements: -

Sōseiji HhU72Pp
Clan History: The Sōseiji clan was originally one of two armies fighting in a civil war, from an expansive village in a minor country. They overcame their enemy using a powerful ninjutsu that their leader (a man whose name has been lost in history and is now only referred to as "Genten") created which allowed for hyperrealistic, semi-permanent clones. Having won the war and assumed control of the village, they thrived there as a booming community, and the clone technique became their hiden. Shortly after the Genten's death, the Sōseiji's village was bombarded by attacks from raiders and missing ninja alike who sought to steal the secret to the clone technique. Higher-ups in the village were killed ritualistically, often symbolically cut in half by the invaders and held up in public places within the village as a warning to others who dared to resist. The survivors, rather than giving up their hiden to be abused by the raiders, set off a trap and destroyed the village with a large-scale collaboration jutsu using their clones and paper bombs. Leaving the ruins of their past behind, they became nomads, and now live in places across all five great nations, their glory days are long forgotten but their clone jutsu stronger than ever.


  • Genten
  • Sōseiji, Nagare

Sōseiji Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: 二星映像分身の術, Second Star: Eizō Bunshin no Jutsu
Kekkei Genkai Description:

  • Eizō Bunshin: The Sōseiji's biggest claim to fame is hiden clone jutsu that has been passed down through every generation and remains unknown to anyone outside of the clan. The clones that they can create, often called Eizō, are formed by essentially splitting the chakra and life force of their creator in two; this makes them unique from other clones in that they cannot be dissipated through typical physical damage, and thus must be killed the same way a human would. An Eizō is made of flesh and bone, and it possesses all of the characteristics, jutsu, and even personality of the user, it is also able to communicate with its creator telepathically since they share the same mind. The cooldowns of jutsu are shared.
    The Process:
    Creating an Eizō works differently than a regular clone jutsu. Only one Eizō clone may be active at a time, and the creator's chakra pool is split equally between their original self and the Eizō. The Sōseiji concentrates all of their energy to divide into two; they cannot use any other jutsu during this process (ongoing jutsu are not affected), and it takes two full posts at Genin, one full post at Chuunin, and it is almost instantaneous at Sp. Jounin and higher. To end the clone jutsu, they must reabsorb the Eizō, which requires physical contact with it and takes the same amount of time as creating it. Ending the jutsu in this way returns the Eizō's remaining chakra to the clansman. If the Eizō dies, they cannot be recreated during the same thread, and their remaining chakra is not returned to the user. If the Sōseiji dies, the Eizō fades away.
    Chakra Examples:
    Scenario One
    1. Nagare is in battle. (Chakra: 150/150)
    2. Nagare divides into two.
    (Nagare's chakra: 75/75)
    (Chakra of the Eizō: 75/75)
    3. Eizō is stabbed in the heart and dies.
    4. Nagare's chakra remains at a maximum of 75/150 for the rest of the battle

    Scenario Two
    1. Nagare is in battle. (Chakra: 150/150)
    2. Nagare divides into two.
    (Nagare's chakra: 75/75)
    (Chakra of the Eizō: 75/75)
    3. Eizō is reabsorbed when it has 60 chakra remaining.
    4. Nagare's chakra cap returns to 150, and he regains the 60 chakra the clone had left (Nagare's chakra: 135/150).
    The Sōseiji may begin a thread with their Eizō already in place to avoid taking the time to divide during the thread, though if this is done, the Eizō cannot be reabsorbed for the first five posts of that thread.
    Members of this clan may utilize the Eizō as a method to train and improve as two individuals rather than one, which makes their training faster and easier. Therefore, members of this clan get 5% off total word count when learning a new element, specialization, or jutsu as well as when training them, so long as they maintain the Eizō throughout the entire training thread, from start to finish. This stacks with other word count discounts. Traditional clone jutsu of any kind also come as second nature to the Sōseiji, so they get need 20% less words to learn them.


  • Ninjutsu Reliant:  Sōseiji are trained in Ninjutsu and clone techniques, but they have a hard time utilizing multiple fighting styles and elements, and thus are less versatile as a result. Members must either take the Hesitant (Element) or Hesitant (Specialization) negative special characteristic without balancing it with a positive.

  • Chakra Split: In order to create an Eizō, the user sacrifices half of their max chakra and it becomes the Eizō's source of chakra. If an Eizō is killed, the user's chakra is not returned to normal for the rest of the thread.

  • Other Half: Finally, when they don't have their hiden active, Sōseiji have a much harder time taking in their surroundings and adjusting to them accordingly due to being used to having more than one perspective; as such, their perception and reaction time stats are both two tiers lower without a clone on the battlefield.

Credit for the majority of this clan goes to Nagare

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2Sōseiji Empty Re: Sōseiji on Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:54 am



Ah, one of my old favorites making a re-return! Great my thanks for this service is. Though enough pleasantries for this already long introduction. I've delayed you long enough <3


  • You can allow your clones to communicate verbally as well if you wish.

  • Since these 'clones' are essentially another you, splitting the chakra and life force of their creator in two, and require that they be killed in order to dissipate. What would happen in case the original died or was incapacitated? Would the Eizo continue to function independently or would it vanish? (Both are equally tragic like those tear-jerking anime scenes T_T). As beautiful as that would be, if that is your intentions I can't let that pass for now. Though I will check in with the other staff and check their opinions on it.

  • With this absorption and splitting off part. Since the Eizo is a clone of the user would they recover damage if they were absorbed and split off again? Example: If they were sent off to fight and to returned to the user when they were gravely injured. Would they be able to be return to peak condition once they were absorbed and then split off again?


  • I would prefer that your last drawback only apply to when they don't have an Eizo clone active. To make it a more impactful drawback.


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3Sōseiji Empty Re: Sōseiji on Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:05 pm



Alright, Kisei did a bit of modding on this already but he and I have different opinions a bit here.

First: I’d like to say that the clones should be able to speak some other way than telepathically, but if he wants them mute that’s fine, I’d just need clarification that they must be within a certain distance of each other to do so, even with sharing the same mind.

Second: I think the intention of having the original caster of the Eizo clone die and the clone itself taking up the mantle of the caster is fine. It makes sense to have something  that is flesh and bone not just dispell when the caster is killed. But maybe add a drawback for whether or not this happens? Say if Caster dies but clone lives they take some sort of debuff?

Third: The time it takes to create an Eizo clone and reabsorb it seems fine to me, but I’d probably ask to clarify that the clones don’t get duplicates of say.. Weapons and tools the user had upon creation.

Fourth: Creating a clone of flesh and bone through a sort of mitosis sounds like it should have medical ninjutsu as a component and not just nin. Since you’re creating a living being of flesh and bone. Not to mention the example doesn’t show chakra costs so you should likely clarify they split for free, or ‘Eizo Clone costs no chakra to create but split your chakra in half.’


First: Given the power of the Eizo clone, I’d recommend they take both Hesitants.

Second: I’d like a drawback to be included for if the original dies and the clone has to take up the guise of the original. Something like a non-stacking (at least with itself) buff of +20% wordcount  to training new jutsu or socials after losing a piece of you (In all reality that’s what this is.) Doesn’t have to be this sort of drawback but it needs planned for.

Third: For Missing Pieces this makes sense to have them retain a debuff for not using clones, but as Kisei pointed out it should definitely be just the eizo clone that eases this debuff.

All in all I think they could add another drawback and get away with learning clone-type jutsu at a discount.


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