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Yui had finally made it to Kiri, the deep depression she felt and the lack of wanting to even be alive made her heart feel heavy. She had lost everything the village she loved, the man she loved and everything she ever cared for was now dead. This village would suit the plans she had for later but for now, she wanted to simply drink away the feelings of pain and suffering she had. Some medical shinobi she was she could not even save Bokudens life, he got sick and died and there was nothing she was able to do.

She knew the village had issues and chose to ignore them leading to the very destruction of her village, she was a failure through and through, she failed the one she loved and failed the village she poured her heart and soul into. She would walk into the bar and take a seat alone at a table, she got a few looks mostly because she was clearly an Inuzuka but soon she blended in and others in the bar left her alone. After around an hour she had already drunk an entire bottle of sake as she made her way to the bar and ordered another, she would stumble back to her table and set it down setting down her cup and filling it to the brim with sake.

"Bokuden... how can I remain strong...I... feel lost without you, my love..."

She felt so angry at the world, it took everything from her, what was left for her in this world, nothing no village no love all she had was Sekkiea and herself. The world should suffer as she has, it should fall into ruin and everyone should feel her very suffering she was going through.



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