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Train the Academy!:

Mission name: Train the Academy! (Repeatable)
Mission rank: D
Objective: Teach the academy students a skill they need to learn
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: One of the classes at the Kiri ninja academy, training 8 year olds needs a ninja to teach the class academy level skills.
Mission details: The ninja takes a class of Acadamy students and teaches them the principles, ins and outs of academy jutsu or skills.

Chigetsu blinked, staring down with glossy eyes at the three children who were standing in front of him. It was almost hard to look down at them. Just the way they were looking at him made him somewhat uncomfortable, with their big eyes and child-faces. If it weren't that he was in a public area and they didn't know his name, Chigetsu probably would have considered just walking away from them without a second thought. He was not that fortunate to have such an easy escape. Instead, he had three sets of eyes staring up at him waiting expectantly for a response. These three were the same he had taught that one day when he volunteered at the Academy and had subsequently beaten the crap out of after they gave him lip. There had been a little anxiety afterward that they would report him for it, but luckily it didn't seem like they had.

Instead, Akari Kayuga, Daiki Osada, and Kosuke Sabuku were staring up at him, wanting to go for another round. He would twitch a bit, his eyes narrowing as he stared down at them. It wasn't often that people would come back and ask for another beating, especially when it was done with the obvious intent to harm. For some reason, these children did though. They did it all while smiling too, which somehow made it even worse. It just wasn't something that Chigetsu could understand.

"You want me to... Train with you again? Just like before?" He was still a bit incredulous. "Yes!" "Yeah!" The three of them would all nod in unison. "... This isn't because you're expecting me to buy you all ice cream again, is it?" There would be the slightest amount of hesitation before the three of them would nod their heads again. It seemed like they did, in fact, want some, but not so much that it would dissuade them. "... Well. Too bad." Chigetsu would shrug his shoulders before turning on his heel and walking away.

"Hey! "You can't just-" They would follow after him, making a bit of a nuance as Chigetsu strolled through the market district. "You can't just say no!" The male would snort, ignoring the three brats behind him. How annoying. "Why not? It's my decision whether I do it or not. Why would I?" He would stop, turning his head as some exotic looking fruit caught his eye over in what appeared to be a stand selling Iwagakure produce. As he stopped the sounds of three pairs of shoes skidding to a stop would follow, the three of them all nearly running into him. "You were so much better than our dumb professor... We never get to do any real combat training! When you fought us it felt like I was actually learning something!" "I need to know how to defend myself in a world like this, especially after my homeland was..." "With how it is in the Acadamy I'll never be able to live up to my clan..."

Chigetsu would snort again. "You know what. Fine. If it'll get you to stop following me around I guess I could give you some instructions." After a quick glance down at the variety of fruit displayed across the stands, he would turn to look at the three of them. "Actually... I think I have a pretty good idea for some training for the three of you..." He would smile.

[WC: 584]


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Chigetsu couldn't help but smirk. The quick plan he came up with was a perfect success. Despite how eager they seemed for him to give them further training, Chigetsu really didn't have any intention of beating the crap out of a bunch of eight-year-olds a second time. Especially when it wasn't going to be a sanctioned event by the Academy. Just too risky, especially when these were all members of pretty affluent clans in Kirigakure. It was obvious that he had to mislead them in some manner. Given how he had already refused several times it wasn't as if he could put no effort into the lie either. That's why the excuse of them needing 'underwater combat training' to increase their endurance was the perfect lie. It allowed for Chigetsu to distract these children without actually requiring any effort on his part. His first 'lesson' in this case was for them to gain the sort of lung capacity and endurance that could even allow for underwater combat in the first place.

It was why he was watching the three of them standing at the bottom of the community pool, all struggling to hold their breath. It had turned into a competition, with Chigetsu promising whoever could hold their breath the longest a day of personal training at some point in the future. He would also be in the pool, lounging about in the shallow end while paying half attention to the children. As long as they didn't accidentally drown themselves he should be okay. The lifeguard was there to help with that anyway, so he shouldn't have to do all too much.

"Keep up the good work." Chigetsu would call across the pool towards the three kids. It wasn't as if they could hear him, but he it would be good to pretend as if he were giving them advice. Just after the words left his mouth Kosuke would rise up from the water, gasping for a big breath of air. He would be left panting afterward, breathing is the only thing the child could focus on. It was a bit surprised he even got this far, considering his nature as a refugee from the Sand. It would be down to the either Akari or Daiki as the winner then. Either way, Chigetsu wasn't particularly concerned.

[Story will be continued in the "Fieldtrip to the Pool" mission]

[WC: 397]
[Total WC: 397+584=981]
[Mission: 981/750 = 231 remaining]
[Training: Perception E-1 => E-2 231/150]
[81 Words Wasted]


Training the Next Generation II [ Private | No-Kill | D-Rank Mission | Training ]  GSmttz8

Training the Next Generation II [ Private | No-Kill | D-Rank Mission | Training ]  2uLtLjA

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