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Tenjin woke up on this date with just one thing in mind, and that was that he needed to improce his reflexes. Tenjin always knew that he was going to be a Taijustu and Ninjutsu specialist; he found out at an early age that in order for him to be an effective ninja, he excelled in hand to hand combat and that he would be most powerful with a heightened reaction time as well, but he also knew that his jutsu would combine the powers of earth, and maybe fire to exponentially increase the power of his Taijutsu. When Tenjin was younger and discussed topics with older members of his family, told him that they never reached a skill level high enough to be useful ninjas during a time of need, saying that the family is due for a legendary ninja to come from their bloodline, amazingly strong and swift in hand to hand combat and always focusing on improving his reflexes in order to better dodge enemy attacks, using chakra through his muscles to give him the advantage. Tenjin ran to his destination while punching the air as fast as he can.

Tenjin decided that until he could find a book containing these better training techniques that he must train his hand to hand combat the same way hes been training his other muscles, for if he was going to be a hero for Iwagakure and have his name renown, he must be a great Taijutsu specialist. He decided early on that his weapon of choice would be his very own reflexes, strong and swift, his reflex would help him ward incoming attacks and would someday be used to augment his growing power. Although he could do some limited training as a genin, he would be able to accelerate his training when he became of higher rank, and that was all that he wanted to do now, train his reflexes and become the best Fighter and Taijutsu master that the stone village has ever seen.

When Tenjin finally reached the Fissure Training Grounds the first thing that he did was run laps around the grounds. Tenjin was excited to start training Taijutsu in the Fissure Training Grounds, and he was also excited to experiment with his reflexes to make it more heightened, using chakra to make it faster. Tenjin wanted to get stronger today, and now is not the time rest, for now he wanted to spend all his time training. He started with some basic reflex training, using his fists to hit trees constantly for as fast as he could, he wanted to gain more strength and speed to go along with prestene reflex in hand to hand combat. Before Tenjin tried to use his reflexes in actual combat, he needed to enhance his skills further. At first for the first few hours of constant Practice it was hard for Tenjin to keep his pase fast, having the feel for the battle proved to be difficult but much needed if he wanted to dodge incoming blow. If he just tried to use raw power and strength he would only get so far with that, because he might put all of his power into an attack that was not aimed correctly or the form was off, so he must get his reflex up to its full potential for his advantage, no, if he wanted to use his reflex to his full potential he had to train balance, form, and increase his overall skill, and if he wanted to be a great Taijutsu specialist he would also have to train his body.

Tenjin asked a few shinobi in the training grounds to assist in his training. When Tenjin was done running he asked that these shinobi throw shuriken at Tenjin as Tenjin was tasked with dodging the attacks. Tenjin lied to the shinobi and said that he was a medical ninja so that they wouldnt have any problems targeting Tenjin without mercy. As Tengin stood 20 meters away from the ninjas, they began to toss their shuriken as fast as he can. Tenjin was able to dodge the techniques by ducking and weaving passed the flying metal, the closest one to hit him actually made contact with his left cheek. Tenjin asked for the shinobi to attack again, but before they were able to, they needed to grab the weapons they already threw. Tenjin let them retrieve the weapons as he repeated the dodging scenarios three more times before calling it a day. Tenjin believe he trained his reflexes the most he could for now, and he needs to begin the travel to KUmogakure in order to witness his first Chunin Exams. Tenjin thanked the shinobis for the training, and when a true medic in the area bandaged Tenjins face wound, the shinobis realized that they were lied too and smiled at the fact that Tenjin was willing to go that far for some training. It was the will of stone, and we all shared it. Tenjin dashed home in order to clean up and get ready for the trip, but while travelling, Tenjin didnt stop his training as he ran swinging his fist around like a boxer in order to improve his reaction time.

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