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It was night time and after a short nap, Tenjin decided to train at this hour. Tenjin decided to go to the University Library and as he moved through the Library, quietly making his way toward the back into a secluded corner where he hoped nobody would disturb him. He had a few books in his hands on different subjects regarding the shinobi sensoring such as training to track, utlizes your senses for getting hidden opponents, and sensing trap arrangements, etc. Of course he was in a rather expensive looking, black gi, netted undershirt with a gold sash on his waist and black kung fu boots. On his forehead, his protector with no insignia as Tenjin does not believe he deserves to be a full fledged shinobi just yet, and still, he stood proudly for all to see that he is from Iwagakure. He would sit down in a corner and begin to read through his books at a quick pace, absorbing the information rapidly before moving on. Should anyone come back here and join him he wouldn’t leave and read in another location as he wanted to be alone. After all the library was meant to be used by all.

After a little while of reading he would start to get a little sidetracked mentally a he read about a particular shinobi discipline. The power of ‘Genjutsu’ Now, Tenjin himself had absolutely no interest in the ability to weave illusions, but he knew he would need to be prepared for those that did utilize them. He read up on the technique used to free oneself from illusions, the Genjutsu Release technique, and then couldn’t keep his mind on his books anymore. ‘All I gotta do is release my chakra in such a way that it disturbs the flow of it in my system huh? That shouldn’t be too hard at all.’ He would think as he stared absently at the page before him. Another method of freeing oneself, is by having an ally disrupt your senses while in a genjutsu i.e. shake you if its a weak genjutsu or cut you if its a major genjutsu. Tenjin had enough reading, and he realized that he was almost late for the late trip to Kumogakure.

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