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1Finding the Shoe [mission/solo] Empty Finding the Shoe [mission/solo] on Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:27 pm

Akira Fantasy

Akira Fantasy

The fragrance of peppermint waffered through the room as Fantasy curled her hands around a warm cup of tea. Bringing the cup to her lips as she sipped some of the sweet peppermint liquid. She would be leaving her apartment soon to search for a certain individual's house. Wearing not one of her favorite gowns, but her combat uniform. She was about to take on a mission. Although the mission had nothing to do with fighting, she felt that her uniform would be more appropriate and make her look a little more professional.

Her combat uniform consisted of a black leather crop vest with the hem of the vest hovering above her navel, showing off her slim waist. She also wore black tights that hugged her leg all the way down to her ankle. Although the right leg of the tights was cut off four inches from the waist line. It was an odd but appealing view. Fantasy didn't bother putting on her combat boots as she moved to leave her apartment. Locking the door behind her and leaving her empty tea cup sitting on her kitchen table.

The female's fiery crimson hair flowed behind her in lavish layers as she sprinted through the village. She enjoyed the cool air that whipped through her hair and cooled her from the hot beating sun above her. Today was a hot day for sure. No welcoming clouds hung in the sky as the sun towered with its blinding beauty. Fantasy could already feel sweat gathering along her hairline. She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand as she continued her way past the blacksmith. Exchanging a welcoming nod to the fellow smith as he appeared by the forge.

Her target location would be around the corner at a old shabby house. The house was obviously not in the best condition and had a sloppy yellow roof. The door to the house looked battered and weak as Fantasy knocked against it's wood. She stood with a hand on her hip and her wind-blown hair pushed back out of her face. She waited for about half a minute when the door finally opened. Standing at the doorway was an elderly man wearing a long plain robe with a welcoming smile on his face. His eyes was proud yet worn dim with age.

"Ah- you must be Stella! From next door."

Fantasy wrinkled her brows in confusion. This old man really wasn't all there. She had not known how seriously true that had been until now.

"Actually sir, I'm the Genin who's here to search for your missing shoe. You've mistaken me for someone else." Fantasy spoke in a polite manner. Something that's rarely witnessed and is usually only done so as an act. She watched as the man stood for a moment. His expression clearly showed that he was lost and was unfamiliar with the situation. After a few moments ticked by Fantasy started to feel like she should leave. She was about to excuse herself when the old man finally spoke. His face brightening up as he remembered who she was.

"I know who you are! Your the nice young lady who took that mission for me. The one who agreed to search for my shoe."

The female nodded her head in agreement. She was relieved that the old man had indeed recognized her.

"Yes that's me. I was wondering if you had any information I can go by? Like what the show looked like and where you last saw it."

The man though for a moment as he placed his hand against his cheek in thought.

"I think the shoe was leather.... no it was soft. Like a slipper.... I think. Last time I saw it was when I had been wearing it outside and the next thing I knew it was gone."

Fantasy took note of what he said. Knowing that she couldn't depend on his information all that well. He probably didn't remember for sure where he lost it and hopefully was going by the appearance of the lonely shoe he should have somewhere that matched the missing one. Either way Fantasy would do her best to find it. Fantasy bowed to the elder man before heading out the door. She was going to search the outside surroundings of his house first.

She searched through the yard only finding a few stray tools and trash, pushed her way through empty bushes, and looked underneath the porch. So far nothing resembled a shoe. She continued on with her search as an hour passed by. Not giving up or stopping for a break as the day seemed to grow even hotter.

Fantasy began to believe that the old man was off his loon and wasn't missing a shoe at all or that it wasn't outside at all in the first place. She decided to move inside the house to continue her mission. Her jaw almost dropped as she moved past the doorway. The house was a complete clutter inside with boxes and books scattered everywhere. Surprisingly there was not a show in sight within the living room. She decided to move into the kitchen. There she was welcomed by a yapping mutt with fluffy golden fur. The little dog yapped at her heels viciously as she narrowed her eyes at the animal. A soft growl rippled from her throat as she warned the dog.

The yapping dog tucked it's tail and headed underneath the kitchen table. It plopped down onto a small fuzzy cushion letting out a defeated huff. Fantasy realized that the cushion was actually a fluffy pink slipper. The dog had it stashed away and claimed it as its bed. Fantasy grinned with triumph as she bent down to recover the slipper. The dog was resistant at first but soon gave up and let her take away it's bed.

She walked proudly to the elder man and gave him the shoe he had lost. He was delighted and handed her the reward that had been promised.

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