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Mission name: Teacher’s Pet
Mission rank: D [Repeatable]
Objective: Act as teaching assistant for a day, teaching students on the ninja art of your choice.
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: Attention: Teaching assistant wanted for the Iwagakure ninja academy. Requirements: Must have graduated from an academy somewhere in the world, and must be skilled in at least one of the ninja arts. Remember, kids are our future.
Mission details: Try not to yell at the kids; they tend not to like that.
     Tenjin woke up today with a special mission, he was tasked with teaching a classroom full of children virtually the same age as him. When Tenjin walked into the class, the kids weren't able to believe that their teacher was the same age. The kids of Iwagakure were respectable though since they say the headband and knew that Tenjin has worked hard to be where he is."OK class. My name is Tenjin. I will be your teacher for the year. By the time you are done with this class I will already have turned you into strong genins. Today I will teach you basic ninjutsu. We'll start with the Rope Escape Technique. This basic ninjutsu is important for any situation that includes hostages or if you ever get tied up. If you cannot perform this technique, you will be an embarrassment to the village and to shinobi everywhere." He says with a serious look on his face. "You will be tying each other up with rope, I will check the strength of the not and the one that is tied can only break out with this ninjutsu.You will not be able to use any hand seals and hand signs as your hands will be restrained. Try emitting or expelling your chakra into the rope to untie it. Good luck everyone." He says sternly. He walks up to every other student to hand them the rope so they can tie it around the student's arms, hands and waist that are next to them. He takes about ten minutes per student as he makes sure the rope is secured tightly so that the student cannot escape with any other means but to utilize the jutsu.

     Tenjin walked over to a kid that appeared nervous and younger than his peers, the youth reminded Tenjin of himself, so he said with a grin, "Are you ready? This technique should be easy for you. I expect you to do well, ok? Make me proud." "Yes Sensei. I will try my best. I am a bit sore though, so I might mess up." The young boy said scratching the back of his head. Tenjin witnessed the rope grasping his hands tightly as the kid next to him put the rope around the young student. Tenjin then began to speak while walking around, “Now focus, and thy to emit the chakra into the knot of the rope.” Tenjin paused, “If it doesn't untie though,  try to emit a little chakra through the entire rope.” After some time, kids began to yell, "Sensei, I mastered the jutsu." And with grins, they said they were ready to learn the next technique. Tenjin then began to notice the other students' situation. Half of the class is still struggling with the rope, so the advanced students were asked to go over to help some of the struggling students."Try to feel the amount of chakra needed to overpower it. Be careful though." He says to the students. He repeats this to almost all the students, and the jutsu was witnessed by Tenjin from each and every one of them.

     "Good, now the next jutsu will be the Substitution Jutsu. This Jutsu is a very important jutsu that can save your life on multiple accounts. I will be pairing you up again for combat training. The hand seals required are the Tiger followed by the Boar,then the Ox and the Dog, and finally, the Snake. This jutsu allows the user to replace his body with an object not too far away from them. Ninjas use this to escape from the opponent or to dodge a strike. There is a lot of uses for this." He says with a serious tone in his voice. "Remember, Tiger,Boar,Ox,Dog, then Snake." He walks up to one of the students. "You will be partnered up with me. You finished first with the last technique and you appear to have some talent and may become a Genin pretty soon. I'll try to teach you as much as I can before that." He says with an honest smile. "Alright, I'll attack you and I want you to defend yourself, but try to use the substitution jutsu." The youth smiled and got into his defensive stance. "Yes, Sensei. I will do my best. I won't fail you!"

     The student moved his hands as fast to do the Hand Seals Tiger,Boar,Ox,Dog,Snake and looked to have charged his chakra evenly throughout his body. Tenjin dashes forward with a punch at the student. However, after the youth put the hand combo together, the kid got replaced with a chair. "Good, as expected, you managed to do it on your first try." He says with an approving nod as Tenjin knew that putting this kid under pressure would heighten his adrenaline and thus his will of stone. Tenjin noticed how kids were taking a few hits over and over again. He starts seeing a little bruising and Tenjin wondered if these kids were able to handle the pain while still learn the jutsu. He then started seeing kids quickly do the hand signs and getting replaced with nearby objects. You kids are really surprising me. I believe you can all be great ninjas soon. Tenjin turned to the kid who reminds him of himself and said, “I want you to attack me now, and im going to use the Substitution Jutsu to escape it. I want you all to see how its done" Tenjin then began preparing himself. "Got it Sensei. I am ready for anything." The young shinobi says ready to fight. Tenjin began performing the hand signs. He does the hand signs without thinking, it becomes easier and faster, almost second nature for him after doing it for so long "Woah. That's awesome Sensei! I'd like to learn how to do it that fast!" Some kids said excitedly. When the kid attacked, Tenjin was replaced with a wooden block. Tenjin then calmly spoke after appearing behind the class, "I'm sure you will. Just be patient. Well class, you mastered the substitution jutsu. Congratulations. Now, let's move on. I have one more jutsu to teach you today."  

        "I'm gonna teach you one more technique. It's another defensive jutsu that can help you in a lot of situations. It's called the Genjutsu Release. This jutsu removes all Genjutsu or illusions from affecting you, but you need to realize that it is an illusion and keep calm. Remove all doubt or fear from your mind and focus your chakra and push it throughout your entire body to expel the effects of the Genjutsu. Now, Im going to bring in a shinobi that is proficient in genjutsu. He'll use a Genjutsu that starts off weak but over time gets stronger so try your best to escape as fast as you can." Tenjin said as a Jonin appeared and began performing the Genjutsu. "Yes Sense-" The kids said before they all adopted a dream state. He becomes nervous as he walks around the class. "It's ok students, its just an illusion. You got this just charge your chakra." Tenjin watched as some kids appeared to have muscle spasms while sleeping on their desks but slowly but surely kids began waking up, Tenjin was proud to see that the youngest kid in the class was the first to wake up, he appeared to be getting more comfortable and confident with his skills. Once all the kids woke up, Tenjin was able to thank the Jonin and after he left begin ending the class. “Well class, this is going to be an interesting year, your teacher became ill and I will be leading your class, and as your new teacher I will promise to pass down whatever knowledge you wish to possess.” The kids then all thanked Tenjin as they left while Tenjin gleefully ended the session. Tenjin packed up his stuff and left it in his office within the Academy, not it was time for Tenjin himself to train to be a great shinobi.

WC: 1346


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