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1 The Will of Stone [Training] on Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:49 pm



Tenjin has an epiphany as he wakes this morning. He has no clue how he is got to master Fire Release better than Earth Release considering that earth is his true affinity. Tenjin required of himself some earth basic training. He could not stand to not train for a day in his life, and today was no different. There was no one else in the land of stone with earth release that will train him considering that he hasn’t officially met his senai. On his way over to the training grounds he thought over his epiphany this morning and what he might do about it. Just meters away from the field he remembered that everything he did now, he did for the future Tsuchikage. That would be one of his only chances at a decent career in the shinobi world. Tenjin then cleared his head and started his training once arriving in the Fissure Training Grounds. He started the day with attempting the Earth Release: Earth Flow River. Tenjin gathered his chakra in his body and formed the ox hand seal, turning the ground beneath a stone within the jutsu's range into a massive river of mud (four meters wide) that threw and dragged the large stone about ten meters in a straight path back and away from the location they were previously positioned. Tenjin noticed that the mud formed too slow and took too long to use and if this was a battle, he would be in danger. Becoming more proficient in earth release means your techniques will become more potent, that is what Tenjin needed. Also his chakra with the Earth Release was not trained enough to withstand the jutsus chakra molding criteria. Tenjin repeated this process all day for his training before he ran out of chakra at about mid afternoon. He made little progress for the first half of the day, but he usually did so it was expected. By nightfall, Tenjin couldn't help but fret over his slow progress. Each attempt that did not show improvement angered Tenjin on the inside. This usually did not happen to the very calm and collected Tenjin but this was one of the hardest things he was attempting yet. By midnight, in his training he had seen a dramatic increase in the potency of the jutsu. The training cant be going on for the whole night, Tenjin thought, but by this time Tenjin usually starts to see more results than this training was producing. Regardless of the voice in the back of his head screaming, "It's useless, just go home!", his training had to continue and he had to work harder. He put even more effort into continuing the night training as if it counted on his life as a shinobi or someone was forcing him to do it. By the end Tenjin was collapsed in a pool of hours sweat, yet all he could think about was victory. His body was almost completely out of chakra and this would be life threatening if it had been a battle. Tenjin later in the night had earth release jutsus not looking as potent as they were mid training, of course due to lack of chakra and chakra control required for the jutsu, but he was getting closer. His eyes started to get heavy under the night sky. He still could not move a muscle in his body except for the permanent half grin that has been there since he collapsed after his training. "I think I might just have to sleep here for now..." Tenjin said in decreasing volume to himself as he drifted to sleep peacefully.

It was 3:33 in the morning and Tenjin got a rude awakening from the dark cloud-filled sky. Large, heavy raindrops fell directly onto Tenjin's face and body as he laid in the same exact spot that he fell asleep in. His body had slightly recovered and he was able to move. He felt like his body was on fire, after effects of using so much chakra in one day. Tenjin stumbled on up and made his way back to training till the sun rises, he felt as if he had enough rest for his body and his mind. Tenjin appeared to have emerged feeling better than he remembers feeling before he started this training. His body was rejuvenated and he was ready for his earth release training once again. He made his way over to the where he first casted the jutsu. He brought his hands together, formed the seals, and created a large puddle of mudd. It is apparent that the rain already made the ground muddy, therefore reinforcing the technique. Creating the technique was now much faster than it was originally and even faster than it was initially in the beginning of the training session. While sitting on a rock he focused on his chakra control and counted in his head to see how much longer, if any, he could stay training his earth release. As he was reaching the morning he started to waste chakra from the technique and was forced to try something else. His chakra control still needed to be worked on, and that was an understatement. He got back to his feet and attempted now the Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique. This time he would make sure not to over due his chakra so he could continue his training until he literally can’t any longer. Tenjin began to think to himself, ‘Make sure that your chakra is maintained the exact same amount through every part of every jutsu, there are not supposed to be higher or lower chakra levels at any time throughout the jutsu.’ Tenjin finally was understanding, earth release was about balance in chakra. He made his way to gain an abundance amount of confidence in the continuation of the training. Maybe today the could master the earth release further, but maybe not. He gather chakra throughout his body distributing it equally and attempting to keep it at the same levels the entire time. Digging himself underground, he was able to stay within the ground for a full three minutes, double the result of his last attempt. Tenjin began to understand how important chakra control and how you use it differently for each technique, this really makes it easier to perform them. The earth release was completely different from fire, with fire everything is controlled by one big burst of chakra aimed at the enemy, but earth release was all about maintaining equal balance.Tenjin continued his training and was able to do it all day because now he was not wasting near as much chakra as he had before. The element is not yet mastered completely, but it will be if Tenjin keeps up his training. He made his way to train all through the sunset as it moved in the villages horizon.

Tenjin started his training in the early morning, and since then he has been repeating the same routine he had been doing for this training. About half way through the day he could stay inside of the ground for three minutes and thirty seconds, a thirty second increase since he started, and took him the expected amount of time for anyone to enter the ground who has already mastered the jutsu. With the speed at its max, he just had to focus on chakra control. The morning ended with few more recent results. A fifteen second increase for staying inside the ground concluded his morning. Cold air blew hard inside of Tenjin's black gi as he realized he would be continuing his training until nightfall once again. He always looked for patterns in his body so he knew what his limitations were for training. He decided to continue his training anyways. Sweat drenched every inch of Tenjin's body as he repeatedly enters and exits the grounds on the mountainside wall, trying as hard as he could to put every ounce of his soul into his training. By midday he had increased the duration of how long he could stay hidden within the grounds by another thirty seconds, making the total time Tenjin can stay submerged about four and a half minutes. He knew that chakra control was hard, but this was the hardest thing, by far Tenjin had done yet. He still needed to learn earth release to a more efficient level, nothing had changed, so he continued. The day ended with another thirty seconds being added to his total time he can be submerged within the grounds. By night time, Tenjin continued trying sustain sanity by keeping a positive outlook on this whole situation, as he suspects this would help Tenjin master this training, he could feel it. Tenjin realized that he has been training nonstop without eating, he was hungry but training came first he decided. Must to his dismay, his skipped meal was shown on his training. He started having trouble controlling the chakra and his submerged intervals were shortening. It had only been two hours and Tenjin's focus had been shot. The morning speed bump of not eating did not slow down Tenjin's afternoon of progress as he kept up with his rhythm. With food taking the back seat in his mind and training in the front seat of his mind, his interval times started to increase in time once again. His maxed time just two hours before nightfall in his training he could stay submerged in the wall of grounds for six whole minutes. This was a larger increase in earth release potency than yesterday but not the largest he believes he can attain. Tenjin also started to notice that some points in the day his progress was slower, and some other points, it was noticeably faster. This remained in the back of his mind until he came up with an answer. Some days Tenjin's chakra from the day before is completely restored overnight, but if he uses too much, his full amount of chakra will be not restored; and Tenjin has been training for two days straight.

Tenjin would have to watch out on his chakra consumption every minute from now on. The final result of the training for the day was a twenty second increase in how long he could stay hidden within grounds. Tenjin was not satisfied and started training to break night once again, just an hour or so after the sun went down, he was still hard at work. He made his way to complete the same technique, and then to the same ground, just like he had since he started the training. He gathered chakra, and entered the ground. During this first attempt, Tenjin was able to stay submerged within the mountainside ground wall for seven minutes and two seconds, very god improvement. Tenjin could tell it was just a matter of time before he had mastered this training and he could complete his quest to be more proficient in the earth release fighting style and learn earth element more efficiently. Tenjin, completely inspired by this training by this point, was getting irritated by this repetitive training, nevertheless, the village of Iwagakure needed him to work hard. By 2:33 am, Tenjin punched a tree next to where he had be entering and re-entering the ground. The chakra control to this level was very difficult for the taijutsu specialist. Almost ready to break something he quietly continued the training. By the end of the night, he had remarkable progress for his level of inspiration he had while doing it. He had successfully extended the time he could remain submerged within the ground wall to a full eight minutes and began his travels back to Iwagakure. Still tired from the long training Tenjin began to wonder about his progress, and what it would take to train particle release. Because Particle release is a long way from now, tenjin can’t complain about his progress and must instead feel determined to advance and continue his endeavours.  

WC: 2005

Training element:
Earth Release
C rank – B rank: 2000 words


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