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1Drowning Sorrows and Regret [Yui|Inv|NK] Empty Drowning Sorrows and Regret [Yui|Inv|NK] on Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:48 pm



Clinking of glasses, gaudy music, stripping women upon poles, and even the cheerful sounds of men and women alike enjoying themselves. So many sounds would fill the air of the Siren's den, one of the local hotspots that Kirigakure no sato was known for. Just about everywhere you looked someone was drinking, someone was smiling, someone was laughing. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. If one looked on the very back corner on the left of the establishment, they would see an older, bearded man drinking alone. He didn't seem to be smiling or acting jovial. In fact, he seemed rather downtrodden and regretful. He was spending his time in a strip club alone, nursing a bottle of amber liquid that smelled of smokey ciders and cinnamon. He wore a black long sleeve shirt, blue jean pants, black sneakers, and a black leather belt. On the back left of his black leather belt one would find a tanto in the hilt, with the symbol of Sunagakure no Sato upon it. On the pommel one could scarcely make out the symbol of the ANBU as well.  He wore no headband as of yet, but he was definitely a ninja. He had trench knives on his belt as well and his right leg had a tool pouch. All the telltale signs of a shinobi were there. As the man stroked his beard, he looked about the place with different coloured blue hues. He had a scar running from the top of his left brow through the middle of it down to his cheek, cutting through the middle of his eyelids as though someone had slashed his face.

This was Syekren Uchiha, a man who used to be a leader of the ANBU in Sunagakure no Sato, and a man of the people. To him, no sacrifice was too great, and that's why he left the village after trying to expose the corruption of the council to the Kazekage. Yet she ignored his warning and the evidence he procured for her. That's why the village fell, and that is why her clan was massacred. There was too much for him to regret, so he decided as he stared into his drink, that regret was for those who didn't know true sacrifice. He'd done everything in his power for his thirteen years of service to ensure his village would prosper and succeed. Then the council and other ninja spat on it and made it worse off. Well, good riddance to them and anyone who ever lived there. The man sighed to himself and shook his head, taking a long swig of his Firebrand Whiskey, a bit on the watery side due to the climate he was in, and stared off into space.



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