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Clan Name: Kōrin (後輪 - Reverse wheel)
Location: Scattered
Specialization: Ninjutsu [Primary]
Elements: N/A

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Clan History: The origin of the clan all comes down to Tetsuga Kōrin, the founder of the clan, being bad at using Ninjutsu. Ever since he had been training at the academy to become a ninja he had trouble with controlling chakra, to be more precise, the physical part of it. This resulted into him having to put in a lot more effort to get even remotely close to the results of his classmates. Because of his extra struggles with even the most simplest things for a shinobi it would result into him taking twice as long to graduate from the academy. When he had finally managed to graduate he would still be met with harsh words from his teachers. Words that warned him that he might never make it past the rank of genin. Despite hearing those words, he would push forward and try his best to eventually still become a fine shinobi.

That was until one day his sensei had thought of something. He gave Tetsuga a piece of chakra paper and told him to run his chakra through it. That was when it became clear to his sensei what was going on. Normally when one would run their chakra through the piece of paper, the resulting chakra nature would affect the paper from the outside and then inwards. Tetsuga’s ran from the middle and then outwards. He was told that it may be possible that his chakra worked differently from the normal system and that that would be the reason why he had so much trouble with learning techniques. He was basically trying to force himself into a mold that he would never fit into. With the new information Tetsuga gave up on trying to catch up with the others and instead train himself in his own way. Seeing as there were no guidelines on how to train the elements in this new unique way it was time to find out himself.

After spending a couple of years figuring out the proper way to train and control his chakra  it became much more natural to Tetsuga to learn and control his chakra. Eventually he would meet up with his old sensei and they would have a small sparring match. In which they’d find out some more things about Tetsuga’s different chakra. Not only did it not flow the same way through the body as a normal person, the techniques he created with it didn’t hold the normal strengths and weaknesses. Everything seemed to be in reverse, what a technique should be strong against it was instead weak against. While everything it should be weak against it was instead strong against. This discovery eventually concluded the full lengths of his ‘powers’.

There isn’t much more to the origin of the clans powers or its history. The members whom would also have this different strand of DNA would often give up before reaching any significant heights,  due to the higher initial bar they had to cross. However everyone did have the scrolls passed along the generations which explained how to train their young in the arts of the clan should they show any sign of it.

Members: Tetsuga Kōrin (founder) - Deceased

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Kekkei Genkai Name: Reversal of Elements
Kekkei Genkai Description: Members of the Kōrin clan have a different flow of chakra in their body. Because of this it's more difficult for them control the flow of chakra. On top of having a more difficult time with controlling their ninjutsu, their elements also work in a different way than normal. Going through the training of the clan they learn how to create the elements in a slightly different way than normal. The results from this different construction is that they have the elemental strengths and weaknesses reversed.


  • Katon (fire): Strong against Suiton, weak against Fuuton.
  • Fuuton (wind): Strong against Katon, weak against Raiton.
  • Raiton (lightning): Strong against Fuuton, weak against Doton.
  • Doton (earth): Strong against Raiton, weak against Suiton.
  • Suiton (water): Strong against Doton, weak against Katon.
  • Mokuton (wood): Strong against Katon, weak against Doton.
  • Shakuton (scorch): Strong against Suiton, weak against Fuuton.
  • Yōton (lava): Strong against Suiton, weak against Raiton.
  • Shōton (crystal): Strong against Raiton, weak against Katon.
  • Jinton (dust): It being weak to Suiton and Raiton remains unchanged.
  • Ranton (storm): Strong against Raiton, Suiton and Jiton, weak against Fuuton, Yoton and Doton.
  • Hyōton (ice): Strong against Raiton, weak against Katon.
  • Futton (boil): Nothing happens, due to the fact that it doesn't really manipulate one of the elements.
  • Void: Nothing changes since they don’t use elements.
  • Smoke: Strong against Fuuton and Suiton, weak against Doton and Steel release.
  • Jiton (magnet): Nothing changes since there are no strengths or weaknesses present.
  • Kōton (steel): Strong against Katon, weak against Raiton. Jiton remains unchanged.
  • Bakuton (explosion): Instead of being weak to Raiton techniques, they are instead weak against Doton techniques. This due to the fact the Doton that interacts with their Doton is not of the same chemical composition.
  • Gekido (wrath): Interacts normally with Doton, however it now has a disadvantage to Raiton. This is because Raiton is able to disperse wrath easily.

Disclaimer: If an element or advanced release is not on the list just assume they have their strengths and weaknesses reversed. If the clan (from which the elements originates from) only has strengths or only weaknesses assume they stay just the way they are.


  • Because members of the Kōrin clan don't have the normal chakra pathways as normal people they first spend a lot of time learning to control their different of chakra flow. Because of this they have very little to no time to spend training their elements. Members of this clan start without their elements.

  • Because of the different chakra pathways going through a Kōrin's body they have a harder time learning new elements. They have a 1k word count increase on learning a new element.

  • Ninjutsu must be taken as first specialization, further because of the initial struggle a member has to go through their Ninjutsu is still not up to par with that of others at it's rank. It must also start at A-rank instead of S-rank.

  • Because all other specializations don't have the elements as a core component they are harder to learn. They gain a 10% wc increase to train.


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okay, so, you're going to need to reword this, the way you have this written you make it sound like members can get advanced elements and releases, thats a hard no.

please alter to reflect that.


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