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Field Trip [mission/solo]

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1Field Trip [mission/solo] Empty Field Trip [mission/solo] on Tue Feb 27, 2018 10:37 am

Akira Fantasy

Akira Fantasy

The day was blistering hot and the Academy had been taken to an outside lake to swim as a field trip. The Academy was filled with noisy immature students along with several devious trouble makers, so the teachers needed helping hands to help watch over the class. Akira Fantasy was one of the few that had offered to help. She was a red-haired shinobi that was at the age of sixteen. She was quite old for her rank as a Genin as she had started late in the Academy.

Fantasy stood watch by one of the nearby cherry blossom trees. The sun beat down angrily on the now crowded lake. Academy students were dressed in their swim suits as they herded to the splendid cool water. Fantasy didn't mind the heat. She would much rather stand basting in the hot sun then splash childishly with the others. She wore a simple light kimono of thin lavander silk. The kimono was short sleeved and tied at the back. The hem of it ended somewhere above her knees. As for shoes, she didn't wear any. Letting the soft grass tickle her toes.

Fantasy pushed her long crimson hair back away from her face. She wished to relax and just let herself free. But she continued to hide away her vixen tail and ears. Her golden eyes trailed across the lake, so far everyone was on their best behavior. Girls giggled excitedly and the boys showed off in the water. Swimming and splashing about like excited ducks with no care in the world. Fantasy leaned against the tree with her arms folded in front of her chest. Her stomach rumbled softly but she went on ignoring the low hunger that was starting to develop.

A few moments passed when she finally made her way to one of the picnic baskets. Searching through it until she plucked out a few red plums. She returned to her position at the cherry blossom tree and nibbled away on the soft fleshy fruit. Savoring the sweet juice that hydrated her and dripped from her milky fingers. She nibbled away and let the large seeds from the middle drop to the grass. By the time she licked away the juice from her fingers, she caught one of the boys grabbing ahold of a girl by her hair. The girl was yelling at him to stop but he ignored her words and continued to yank on the hair. Thinking that he was being funny at his little prank.

Fantasy moved from her position while grinning to herself. She knew that someone would have eventually cracked and do something that would get them in trouble. A few of the other watchers had noticed the incident as well but she was the first to take action. She advanced to the lake and tred through the water until she came upon the two. The cool crisp water came up a little past her bare ankles. The boy knew instantly that he had been caught as she dragged him to the beach of the lake. Ignoring his protests as she told him that he was to sit out on the sandy bar for twenty minutes.

As soon as she delt with the boy she turned around to find three other kids circled around a snake. Two boys and a girl was poking sticks at the hissing animal as it coiled it's body angrily. The snake ended up striking one of the kids before anyone could get there. She hurried over and shewed away the other two. Having them sit at the beach as well in time out as she carried the crying girl to the teachers. The girl had been bitten on the ankle and thankfully the snake had not been venomous. She still was checked by a medical ninja just in case.

The day dragged on as it started to cool down. No more trouble was caused as the children continued to enjoy themselves. The day was nearing to an end and the bitten girl was already back out and swimming. Eventually it was time to pack up and head out. The field trip was decent and it was time for it to end. Fantasy and the other helpers were congratulated and praised by the teachers as they headed back. Today had been a long hot day and Fantasy was ready to end it at the bar with a spicy alcohol drink in her hand. She had a serious drinking problem but everyone had their flaws. If she wasn't to drink then what else would keep her from losing it? Of course she'd need to hand in the mission before anything else.


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