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1 The Art of Ninjutsu Part 1 [training] on Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:23 pm



Tenjin stood, in his room, staring out his window, looking at the weather. The reason he was doing so was to think, thinking about what conditions he will be training in. After passing the genin exams, he had received an instructor, a Jounin sensei which would teach Tenjin, along with two other genin. He like the prospect of his Genin squad, yes, but he seemed to have been the only genin in his team with enough time to train until he is a capable shinobi to start, Tenjin was put on a squad where he may have to act as a second sensai, he was prepared for this responsibility as he would fight for his teammates till the end. He would sigh, the weather being perfect enough for Tenjin to begin training, but this was going to be a rigorous training to begin mastering the art of Ninjutsu. He would turn around looking at the nightstand placed right next to his plainly colored bed. His bed had been colored grey, every last part. His covers had been colored grey, along with the pillow cases, and the sheets. The nightstand, had possessed Tenjins book “The Universe in a Nutshell,” an old book he had bought some time ago while in Diamond Heights University. With a sigh he continued, walking over to his closet. At the moment he wasn't wearing clothes that had been proper for anyone to workout in, currently he was wearing a black T shirt with some black pants, neither having been meant for anything other than sleeping in or staying at home. He grabbed onto the handle, sliding the door to the left, into the small place that had been built into the wall. The door now open, he would view the selection of clothes he had, from shirts to pants. He took out a black colored gi. He continued by putting on his basic attire. He then dragged out some boots, and put them on. After getting ready for training, he smiled, looking up on the top of the closet, and stared at a shelf, having his shinobi headband on it, leaning against the wall, the other end on the shelf not too far from the wall. The two ends of the cloth were folded behind the headband, leaning onto the wall holding the forehead protector up. He would reach up, grabbing it, his smile remaining. This was one object that had made him proud, having passed the genin exams with ease. Although it hadn't been a hard test at all, it was the first steps towards becoming one of the greatest shinobi. His smile slowly disappeared, as he tied the head band on, tying the two ends of the cloth in the back, to where the metal plate was on his forehead. On the metal plate there was the symbol of Iwagakure, indicating that the shinobi wearing the forehead protector was a member of the village, and a shinobi from that village.

After he had gotten ready for his training he would begin his first steps on the journey to mastering the art of Ninjutsu by stepping into his hall, walking towards his staircase inside his home. The hallway floor creaking as he took each step, the wooden floor was old. Each step made a creek sound, as he walked slowly down stairs. Once downstairs he turned to his left, and headed into the kitchen. His reasoning for traveling to the kitchen was simple, Tenjin needed to train in a full stomach, as as of now, he was hungry. Tenjin had figured to make himself something quick, so he prepared a sandwich and headed out to eat it on the go. He continued, opening his front door after unlocking it. He pulled it open, then walked out turning around to lock it once more.

He traveled down the streets of Iwagakure, listening to some of the animals who sing in the morning in order to wake those who slumber, he began thinking about the art of Ninjutsu, and the importance of the chakra within the body. While walking towards Diamond Heights University in Iwagakure, Tenjin pondered the history of ninshu and how it evolved into ninjutsu. He was heading to the University rather than a training ground due to the fact that it had a library, he was going to be doing some research into Ninjutsu, and hopefully finding anything that his studies had skipped or haven't gotten to yet. He was hoping to find something on Ninjutsu, perhaps information on certain techniques, or anything of use really. He continued, looking up at the blue sky. There were few clouds in the air, covering up only a bit of the blue sky. Other than the clouds, the perfect blue had been ruined by the sun, which had been a big ball of light in the center of the sky. It was noon, around the time of twelve fifteen. Around the time Tenjin had already eaten his sandwich.

While walking through Iwagakure, Tenjin thought about the possibility of him mastering ninjutsu. His final thoughts on that was that the possibility of him not masterning the specialty is null due to the fact that Tenjin needs to be proficient in ninjutsu to really be an effective particle release shinobi. Tenjin thought about the training he has received in studying the dust release, and considering the need for ninjutsu, this day is more than one of his most important training sessions. Still focusing on the art of ninjutsu, Tenjin would look at his hands while walking toward the University library. His palms began to sweat due to the thought of the pressure that was on him to perfect the skill. He felt the chakra, chaotically bouncing back and forth inside of his chakra network. Tenjin was woefully not prepared for any type of high ranking ninjutsu as he felt that his late start in training this specialty has greatly hindered his mastery.

Tenjin would enter a state of meditation while walking. Trying to focus his chakra network so that he doesnt feel the energy inside of him chaotically bouncing back and forth. Tenjin felt as the chakra inside of his body began to calm itself. The pressure that Tenjin put on himself acted like weights on his shoulder, so when Tenjin had time to freely think about his training, the load on his shoulders was released as tension was no longer stressing the young shinobi. Tenjins thoughts on his chakra network assured him that he was a capable shinobi, he could feel that ninjutsu is his primary specialty, and that if he does put the work on the art, then his ninjutsu would be some of the most potent attacks. Tenjin has never personally seen the particle release in action, but from what he has studied, it appears to be one of the most powerful techniques in the ninja world. The primitive detachment technique is meant to disintegrate an individual utilizing strictly ninjutsu. Tenjin ninjutsu isnt nearly as potent, nor is his power level stable enough to master such an artform, but when Tenjin is, he can become one of Iwagakures greatest assassins.

Tenjin was nearing the facilities as his thought pattern remained unchanged. He continued thinking about the art of ninjutsu, and what it would mean to his arsenal if he became more and more proficient in the fighting style. Tenjin viewed the University library and knew exactly what book he needed to grab in order to study this specialty. Tenjin wasnt trying to learn about elemental releases, although his training can prescribe that, what Tenjin really wanted to learn about was non elemental ninjutsu. Non elemental ninjutsu is the staple of great ninjutsu, and Tenjin needed to perfect this in order to be of help to his shinobi village. Tenjin focused his chakra as he neared the facility, and while thinking about ninshu, he realized that his chakra was becoming more refined inside of him. The control was becoming more apparent and Tenjin knew that this was the beginning of something great.

He continued on the streets, soon arriving at where he had wanted to travel. It was a library, having multiple books for both citizens and shinobi. It had information on techniques, and certain categories for jutsu. These categories being known as Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuuinjutsu, etc. There had been more, however he doesnt know much about the other specialties as Tenjin doesnt focus on it and he has yet to meet individuals with such proficiency. He began to walk into the library, with a smile on his face. Often he would visit this place, for information on training. This was where he had bought the books he owns. Walking in he would notice the shelves, on the walls and standing up in the room, Tenjin would smile once again as he thoroughly enjoys studying. He walked towards a certain shelf, where he knew the book on Ninjutsu would be. He began to look at the colored book covers, all having their names on the side so that the people could find them with the way they were stacked. He stopped, looking at a red colored book cover, it had been the one he was looking for. He pulled it out, going over to a table to read the information. He flipped over the cover, and with a smile began to read over the pages, he skipped over to the chapter containing information on Ninjutsu, skipping over genjutsu and Taijutsu. He began reading some facts he had already known, such as ninjutsu meaning Ninja Techniques. Ninjutsu would allow for the user to do things that normally wouldn't be possible, for the average everyday citizen. He read everything involving ninjutsu within the book completely. He hadn't really learned anything other than the stuff he had already known. He sighed, going back to where he had gotten the book and placing it neatly back onto the shelf.

He then headed for the training area in the back of the University. He rushed down the Diamond Heights campus, hurrying to a point to where he could be alone. Soon enough he arrived at a small cliff, not too far from the University grounds. He sighed, leaning back on the rocks, trying to take a rest. He began to think, being genin hadn't been too different from being a student at the University. He sighed, hoping to have been put on a mission with his genin team by now, hoping to have his team to train with. But nope, he had to train alone, by himself for now. He had to teach himself as well, he didn't have his sensei to teach him. He sighed, simply getting back up and facing the very rock he had leaned against to rest upon. He began to perform a few hand signs, to get some simple practice in. He would begin to prepare his chakra, as he finished his hand signs he would blow out creating a small current of flames aimed at the rock. The flames were at high temperatures, melting a bit of the rock as he continued to blow out the current of flames. He continued to blow, wondering. What would he be doing, in a few years from now? Would he be at a higher rank? Hopefully he thought, perhaps an ANBU, at the most. Though he wondered, what would he be doing? Perhaps he could be an ANBU who would act as the Tsuchikages bodyguard, though, the Tsuchikages life would be in his hands, and should he fail he'd take the blame. He didn't like the idea of failing, so he took the Tsuchikages life to be more important than his in the grand scheme of things, and being in the hands of himself, he would die before letting his Kage die in his watch. He stopped blowing, beginning to breath slightly heavier than normal. He had continued to blow for quite some time now, continuing the technique. He stared, at where the fire had hit, the fire melting the rock enough to make a small crater in the rock.

He continued to breath, looking up, at the sky. The clouds have began to come, more and more, they grew darker. It had appeared as if a storm was coming. It was strange, yet at the same time slightly not. From what he had seen earlier, it had been nearly, if not perfectly clear outside. However now it was nearly about to rain, maybe due to the fact that the winds were moving at high speeds, pushing the clouds over the few hours of travel it had taken Tenjin to get here, and begin his training. He sighed, hurrying back into the University campus. He ran, towards his home as the thunder above would begin to roar. The streets were clear, everyone else had been inside, so Tenjin utilized this time as an opportunity to train his ninjutsu. Focusing a great deal of chakra to his feet, Tenjin would create the ram hand sign and use the body flicker technique in order to traverse the plains much faster. Tenjin continued his dash forward until the technique was not able to support his run any longer, but even then, he would continue his run.

As he was dashing through the streets rain began to fall. He began to then walk, as the drops of rain slowly began to fall towards the ground. It had only been a few drops that had hit the ground when Tenjin passed by the University cafeteria, a man who worked in the cafeteria that Tenjin had never really known about, invited Tenjin in due to it not being a great condition to walk outside due to the rain. Tenjin took the invitation inside, and joined the man to eat hot, delicious food. A rumbling sound would be heard from Tenjin's stomach, eating a small breakfast to go out and train may not have been the best idea, and now he couldn't continue his training outside due to the fact that the weather had been bad. The old man who owned the food shop offered Tenjin some food, seeing as Tenjin was hungry and the cafeteria had extra food. Tenjin accepted the food, greedily as he was rather hungry, and then asked how much it would cost. Due to the fact that he was offered the food, the man said it was on him. He took the first bite into what seemed to be a chunk of bread, he pulled back, tasting the meat and cheese within the bread. Steam would come from the open part of the food, the part in his mouth slightly burning it, however not too much. He swallowed it quickly, it had been indeed good. After finishing he thanked the man, and headed out, due to the rain now beginning to stop. He headed home, having done a day full of training, he wanted to continue his ninjutsu training on another day.


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D rank – C rank: 1500 words

Saving 1,002 for future Ninjutsu Training


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