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Mission name: Teacher’s Pet
Mission rank: D [Repeatable]
Objective: Act as teaching assistant for a day, teaching students on the ninja art of your choice.
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: Attention: Teaching assistant wanted for the Iwagakure ninja academy. Requirements: Must have graduated from an academy somewhere in the world, and must be skilled in at least one of the ninja arts. Remember, kids are our future.
Mission details: Try not to yell at the kids; they tend not to like that.
A cool wind blew across Tenjin’s face as he strode through the streets. He was on his way to his next mission. He was told that he needed to teach the ninja academy for the year. Another lovely day in Kumogakure, and Tenjin had a serious mission. It wasn't a super hard mission, but ryo was ryo and experience is invaluable. His mission for that day was to watch over the class of academy students that hes had for a couple of weeks thus far, as their regular sensei was sick. Because it was a slightly larger than normal class, Tenjin felt like he was teaching a college level course. Just so that he doesnt gets overwhelmed by the 30 students that were supposed to be in the class, Tenjin reminds himself that he was once a student and their issues should be anticipated. It would be a good indicator for Tenjin sinde he was meant to be a professor at some point. He felt the easiest way to learn was by doing. And it definitely didn't hurt to gain some experience in an actual classroom environment. As such, Tenjin would wear his regular gear and make his way to the ninja academy to meet his students. The lesson plan was already figured out, it covered the basics necessary for graduation. The things should be fairly simple, especially with the teaching method that Tenjin provides, so Tenjin was confident that the mission would go smoothly. After making sure he had everything he needed, he then made his way to the Academy.

While walking to his job, Tenjin was just thinking about how to reteach these youths so that they can have more proficiency in the academy basic ninjutsus. These thoughts were quickly dispelled out of Tenjin’s mind as he arrived at the hustle and bustle of the academy. It seemed to be a much calmer class since Tenjins last time he worked. Regardless Tenjin just wanted to make his way to class, making a beeline for his desk and relaxing before most of the student get there. Tenjin enjoys teaching but he also appreciates his alone time as well so that he can relax and prepare himself for the days teachings. Tenjin walked by the Academy front yaed, and into the school.

At 8 A.M. Tenjin would be walking to his classroom at the ninja academy. It felt normal to be here, as he had just graduated from the ninja academy just a couple of months ago. That being said, it was quite strange that he wasn’t sitting in a student’s desk, but instead at the teacher’s desk. When Tenjin asked for this mission at first, he was expecting to be some sort of assistant to the teacher and do some sort of combat against him or her and probably even other shinobi, however he was instead told that it was his job to teach the students at the ninja academy while their teacher, was unable to attend class for the year. He wasn’t given the specifics, and figured that it wasn’t a good idea to bother the administration, asking for more information. There was only three things in Tenjins head before entering the classroom.
1. The transformation jutsu
2. The clone Jutsu
3. Substitution

Pulling open the door Tenjin was expecting to be the first in the class but to his surprise he was greeted by the sight of a teacher's pet, sitting at his usual desk. Getting up from his desk, the young student greeted him: “Hello Tenjin. Long time no see?” he joked, since they last saw each other yesterday. “I read the syllabus and it appears youre here to teach us the three basic jutsus. Oh here the kids come now.” This young shinobi hadn’t changed a bit, he was a teachers pet who expected to be the teachers friend regardless of the difference in rank. He didn’t even let Tenjin say hi. So it appeared as if Tenjin was ignoring the young student so Tenjin figured it was better to just say hi before the entire class sat down. It was a slight drag that he had to reteach these students about the basic jutsu; Tenjin had been hoping for something more continuous and different on a daily basis, but no matter, these kids needed to perfect these jutsus and Tenjin knows more than anybody that practice is needed. While the kids were collecting themselves, Tenjins thoughts were interrupted by the children filing into class. They were all similar in size to Tenjin, but they respected him as a teacher, which surprised Tenjin.

Tenjin stood in the front of the classroom and began the daily speech: “Ok today class we will be breaking up into groups to practice our three basic jutsu: the clone jutsu, transformation and substitution. You will assign one student in your group, and he will act as the group leaders. Any questions?” The class remained silent. “ok then lets get to it.” Three students walked up to each other and grouped up all over the classroom, and each of them chose their group leaders utilizing great teamwork. Tenjin went to a group that he suspected would have the most trouble practicing the technique, the female of the group did not look so happy to be grouped up with his pair-he seemed like a rebel. Each of them introduced themselves. Each one was not in any major clans, but Tenjin liked that. People from major clans seemed so…stuck up. The youngest student had a shock of midnight black hair and stood about five feet tall. And the oldest in the group, was a bit taller with brown hair. Finally, the female had long blond hair that reached the middle of her back.

Tenjin started: “Ok you three show me what you can do First the clone jutsu then substitution and lastly---“ “Yeah yeah we get it lets get it over with” the female interrupted. “Ok then you will go first” The girl stood up straighter and made the hand signs and a clone appeared next to her. The clone was ok but at times it shimmered. Next the female executed the substitution jutsu. That one was flawless, but before Tenjin had a chance to test the substitution it vanished. A bit dismayed Tenjin nodded and the young women finished with the transformation jutsu. That was a good one Tenjin thought. He was now looking into a mirror image of himself. “Ok how was that?” demanded the young girl. “It was ok at best” replied Tenjin “I want to see the other two perform their jutsu first. Then I will give you three tips” The girl made a face at Tenjin and sat down. Tenjin then watched as the other two performed their jutsu. Each time he saw that their jutsus flickered a bit.

“Ok you three. What I noticed is that your chakra output fluctuates a bit when you activate your jutsus. So what you guys should be doing is practice keeping a constant chakra flow. I find that mediation helps with this. If that is not your cup of tea then just perform the jutsus with a concentration like no other. Try again one more time you three. All together.” The three students activated each jutsu in turn and by the end of the hour block of teaching their jutsus were already looking ten times better. Who knows in a little while they may graduate. The students were yet again called over by Tenjin and were dismissed. Tenjin still wondered about the young girl he taught though, and why she had been so…curt. He thought to ask her, but when he turned around she had left. Tenjin then took his own leave walking out into the academies and into his office in order to place his belongings.

WC: 1,307


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