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Mission name: Teacher’s Pet
Mission rank: D [Repeatable]
Objective: Act as teaching assistant for a day, teaching students on the ninja art of your choice.
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: Attention: Teaching assistant wanted for the Iwagakure ninja academy. Requirements: Must have graduated from an academy somewhere in the world, and must be skilled in at least one of the ninja arts. Remember, kids are our future.
Mission details: Try not to yell at the kids; they tend not to like that.
Tapping his nails against his desk, Tenjin grinned, his excitement growing with every little student that marched into the room, his room. Oh, yes... He was simply ecstatic to be teaching, only because it is building his reputation as a scholar. It was now 7:56. It was about to begin. Today, Tenjin had dressed in his usual attire. For all intents and purposes, Tenjin stern face looked the perfect part of a dedicated substitute teachers - in the academy school, anyway. It was 8 am. Tenjin slammed his empty coffee cup against his desk, startling the young students that had dared to doze off in his class. "HELLO CLASS," Tenjin yelled. Several children winced. "My name is Tenjin as you may all know by now. As the normal announcement goes, your teacher will be out for the rest of the year and for now, I am your academy school teacher."

A student raised his hands and went xhosen to speak he began to yell, “HELLO SENSAI, I WANTED…. "Okay okay okay… (Tenjin cut the young student off) I understand that you may have been fooled by my tone of voice in the beginning of class," he began, squinting with poorly-masked rage, "but in the Academy, we like to use inside. Voices. Do I make myself clear?" "Yes sir. Just wanted to know what we will be doing today?" Tenjin smiled, clasping his hands together with a quick clap, “he spoke with his inside voice this time around.” He said sarcastically, but in an obviously joking manner. At the imploring looks from the children, Tenjin scratched his chin. "Was I not supposed to tell you that? Anyways, Sorry. I'm going to teach you a few interesting things right this instant. Now, can anyone tell me what area of the neck is most vulnerable to puncture by senbon?"

The class was wide-eyed and silent. Tenjin tapped his foot, giving them a moment to answer, but none did. Well, this was annoying. Did the kids learn anything? he perked up, though, when a shaky hand rose in the back of the room. Nearly bouncing in his heels, Tenjin pointed to the scrawny boy, tossing him the opportunity to answer.

"Your name...?"


"Ebiki. Alright, go on then; tell us the answer."

"Uh... I... I don't know, But-"

"What do you mean you don't know?" Tenjin snapped, portraying confusion to mask his internal frustration. "You raised your hand, Ebiki." "Yes but..." Ebiki trailed off, looking unsure. He just barely opened his mouth to continue when another child did it for him. "What Ebiki was trying to say, sensei," the girl began, her nose raised, "We have gotten to that type of material yet. We're only first-year students, so we learn it later. My mommy says we're too young to know that stuff." Tenjin listened patiently until the little girl was done speaking. he nodded, considering his words, and nodded to show he understood. "That's all very valid. What's your name?" The girl's chest puffed out. "Hanna” When the girl was done, Tenjin nodded once again. "Thanks for your input.”

Tenjin decided to continue on. "Hmm... I know what we're going to do! We're going to have an easy science lesson, if your parents don't want you playing with knives yet." two students in the back looked disappointed once Tenjin said that... but they wouldn't be for long. "How many of you like science?" A few pockets of kids raised their hands, with one little nerd in glasses absolutely flailing his. "Hmm... Fewer than I hoped. Okay. What about animals?" Every single hand shot into the air. Tenjin clapped his hands, grinning widely. "GREAT! Okay, how about we go take a trip to the forest? We're going to go get a rabbit." Everyone was cheering, Tenjin included. he proceeded to lead his little troopers out of the classroom and towards the nearby woods, their innocent hearts set on a bunny to call their own.

---2 Hours Later---

Tenjin led his band of followers back into their classroom, each child talking avidly amongst each other. They were very excited and very, very happy, and all were begging to pet their brand new rabbit. They were able to catch one, training their speed, and reflex while in the process. The group ended up choosing one, the one they believed was the strongest with the most abundant and colorful fur, as the kids were taught of genetics and the dominant and recessive traits, thus they chose the most dominant.

"What'll we name it?"

"How about Fluffy!"

"I like Snowball!"


Tenjin laughed alongside his children, setting their bunny and its cage on his desk. "Now, now, kids," he began once they all were settled into their desks, "we can't give him a name." Immediate groaning from all corners of the room. The geeky one, raised his hand high above his head. "Otonaaaaariiii-senpaaaaai," he whined, "why nooooot?" "Because, we have to finish our experiment first. That will give us time to think of a name as well." Tenjin then said, "Kids... what did you think was going to happen? I said we were going to have a science lesson! The science lesson: discovering the value of life." The entire class was in sudden uproar, every tear forgotten as the kids all screamed with joy. Tenjin was quick to quiet them. Did kids always roar when they were happy? He doesnt remember himself doing it.

Tenjin gave a quick lesson on biology and the functions of ones anatomy, and for the remaining two hours of Tenjin's time, he would let all the kids play with their new bunny, which they named Naruto. Poor thing. It was probably going to be absolutely terrified… So Tenjin gave the class some rules when petting and even touching the pet. Tenjin then took the time to actually do his job. he taught them all about caring for rabbits - and, in turn, other animals. Where did animals live? How could you use their behavior to know what's going on in the forest? Did they know that, by watching birds, they could figure out edible plants to eat as well? All of his notes, Tenjin wrote across the board, each letter diligently copied by a class of very satisfied children. The homework he assigned was very simple -- sit outside for 30 minutes , in the woods or in the swamps, and watch the animals. Write down what they do, and give some ideas how it could be useful in a survival situation.

Finally, it was nearing noon. Tenjin helped clean up the bunny and his cage while the kids washed their hands and ate their lunches. He then began packing away his own belongings, regretful that his time with the kids was coming to an end. he'd grown to somewhat like them all. Tenjin shook his head, smiling to himself, before finding himself face to face with two kids that were able to express how much they loved the science lesson.Tenjin smiled. "I'm glad. You two had fun today? I could see you were excited for science."One of the kids smiled and said. "Yah... But, maybe sometime, you can give us more science lessons?" while the other responded, "Yeah! We really wanna learn about animals and stuff -- like, the scientific way and summoning contracts and stuff.” Right. Tenjin smiled, ruffling both their heads. "You mean you want to learn about kuchiyose."

Both nodded vigorously. "YEAH," they said, "kuchiyose." Tenjin pretended to consider their request, pondering for only a moment before nodding with a smile. "Alright, kiddos, I may not know much about the specialty but I can certinly point you to the right direction as to who can teach you such arts." "Kuchiyose!" they both screamed. Tenjin couldn't help himself; he laughed in a way he hadn't in years. Eyeing his temporary class, as well as the you student he inspired to work more alongside animal summons, Tenjin vowed to be a damn good sensei to his students. He'd treat these kids well... better than he'd been treated by his own teachers. Tenjin was then able to collect himself after all kids were able to leave the classroom.

WC: 1,366


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