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Mission name: Missing Cats
Mission rank: D
Objective: Find and capture the missing cats
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: A few cats belonging to an old lady have run away, she requested help on getting them back. Your job is to find the five missing cats and bring them home. These cats are quick and sneaky so expect to be put through hell when trying to track & catch them. You will need a minimum of 500 words to complete this mission. All cats must be brought back alive and well or you fail

"Cats." Chigetsu repeated the word, as if he hadn't heard it correctly. "Y-You said cats?" "Oh yes! My poor little Miku has been missing for days now, and I'm ever so worried!" "Miku?" "Miku? Chigetsu, what are you doing...?" "Oh! Not just Miku either! All of his little siblings are missing too. Sorin is such a crybaby when he's alone, such a poor baby. I can only imagine how afraid he is..." "Sorin?" "Chigetsu." "Sorin Meowkov! Such an adorable name, I know. It's a perfect name for a perfect cat, although I can't just pick favorites among my children, of course. If you're lucky you'll be able to find him with Nyacol, since they usually stay together even when wandering off. Those two are nearly inseparable. It's so adorable, they're like two little snugglebuds! The perfect little siblings." "You must stop this, Chigetsu." "If you see one you're sure to see the other. Now with Sorin and Nyacol, then you'll have to find Miku as well... Did I tell you about Miku?" "Kill her, Chigetsu. Do it now. Use me to do it."

Chigetsu had no idea how this had happened. Chigetsu didn't understand what was happening now. He was stuck standing in front of this incredibly wealthy elderly woman as she ranted about her missing cats. "Is this what missions are these days, Chigetsu? Is this the life of a ninja? Will you make your living through collecting missing cats?" "I-... I, Uh..." He would stammer a little bit. "Run away while you still can, Chigetsu. Abandon this life. You deserve better." Chigetsu's mind would be clouded. He would be unable to actually comprehend what was happening with the unending chattering of this woman and his kunai combining into a mix of nonsense. It was so difficult for him to think. Telling his own thoughts apart from what the kunai was saying was difficult. Telling what the kunai was saying apart from what the woman was saying was difficult. Understanding what was going on was difficult. He would be stuck there, staring blankly with wide eyes that saw nothing.

The boy would stumble backwards, as if the full force of his mental inability had just smacked him in the stomach. Back and back and back, until he would steady himself. Whoever this woman was still was going on and on about her cats that she had lost. Chigetsu wondered now if she just wanted somebody to talk to rather than a mission completed. That might explain the cats. Actually, it made the cats make perfect self. "Excuse me..." He would call out to the woman. His voice wasn't loud enough to interrupt her from her rambling, drowned out by discussion over the comparative fluffiness levels of her babies. He would try again. "Excuse me! I accept your mission! I will find your cats!" Chigetsu would close his eyes tight as he called out to her, speaking as loudly as he could. Without waiting a second he would turn around on a heel, marching as quickly as he could away from her and out of the building. With his eyes still closed Chigetsu would end up walking right into a wall, making a bit of a liquid splatting sound as his liquid body hit against it. It would take a bit of readjustment before he managed to actually reach the door, having his eyes held closed the entire time. The woman would be left in the middle of her ranting, having stopped in place as he ran into the wall. It would become much easier for him to think once he would outside of the range of her bickering. Luckily his kunai had gone silent as well. It was a weakness of his, something he would need to work on. Being so easily overwhelmed and confused by the various voices that went on inside his head could be something that would kill him in combat, especially if it happened at the wrong moment. This would be amplified once he started carrying around multiple weapons too, each adding another voice to the mix. It was something he would have to think about before it became a problem.

It was only as he exited the building that he remembered that he was on a mission. He had accepted this mission to find cats. He had just remembered that. It had been so hard to focus while that woman was speaking to him... He hadn't been listening at all. Chigetsu had no idea what the cats he was looking for even looked like.

He sighed. It would be another long day.

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