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Tenjin would figured that he would continue going through class notes for another hour before class started. As the hour came, student’s came in and took their seats, they looked at Tenjin, trying to figure what they would be doing on this date, but decided not to ask any questions. As 9 came, Tenjin felt like it was time that he started class. “Hello, as most of you are awear, my name is Tenjin, your teacher will not be able to attend class today or for the rest of the year for that matter, so I will be your teacher until he returns. As most of you are already awear, I only graduated from this academy a few months ago,” he would smile at the class, “I hope that you have and will all be able to learn something from me as I have gone through what you are going through recently.”

Tenjin would bow to the students, and look over the students and make a mental count as to who was in attendance. Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, we are missing four students. Tenjin didn’t even have to ask who the student were that had yet to arrive. As he was thinking this, suddenly the door slammed open and a familiar student would dash in, Making a huge declaration. “HERE!!!!!” One of the late students would declare at the top of his lungs as they came barreling in 5 minutes late to the lesson. As he would enter, the three other student’s would follow in behind him. “Did the teaching start?” another would ask, “We are only 5 minutes in, you havent missed anything.” Tenjin would reply. “Yes!” They would all happily say, Tenjin would give an innocent smile as he would interfere at this point “I think you are ignoreing an elephant in the room.” The boys would look at Tenjin for a minute, just trying to figure out why he said that, Tenjin would smile and respond, “Now please, sit down, we were just going to go over some situational problems.” Once the students sat down, Tenjin went on with his studies. “Ok, the first one we will go over is what you should do if you find a shinobi on the ground, unresponsive and unmoving.”

The students would stay quiet for the next 30 minutes while Tenjin went over various different situations. Prehaps the information is to hard for them, the situation that he had described was a situation he has heard happends a lot in battle, and the students were debating wether or not they will be in the same situation. Tenjin would finish up that lesson, and would move onto the clone technique. “Part of the Genin Exams is to show an understanding of the clone technique. That means not only the ability to use the technique, but also to explain what that technique is used for. The clone jutsu is a technique that can be used to confuse/ distract enemies. More so enemies that have little to no chakra experience, such as Bandits, or even some Genin, unless used with tremondous creativity, then one could fool a more experienced shinobi. The jutsu makes an illusion that is the clone of the user, but it isn't a physical force, as such it is quite easy to determine which one is fake and which one is real. The clone can't interact with things, so it can't leave foot prints, make noise as it moves, and doesn't leave a shadow as from any light sources. For now, I would like each of you to come up and preform the clone jutsu for me right now.” A groan went through out the class. They obviously didn’t want to waste the chakra, and most of them felt like they have already trained and were pretty good at this and didn’t want to waste class time on this. As each of the ninja academy students came up to Tenjin and preformed the jutsu, Tenjin was quite surprised at the level they were preforming it at. Most of them weren’t at the level they needed to pass the exam, but all of them were close. Tenjin would give tips and pointers to each student as they performed the techniques, before moving onto the next jutsu, the transformation technique.

“So, the next jutsu on the exam is the transformation technique, the transformation technique has a wide variety of uses. Just to list some of these, one could use this as a way to disguise yourself as an object to avoid capture / set an ambush, or one could use it to transform into a hostile to get behind enemy lines. It could also be used as a way to impersonate someone such as a high profile target to act as a double. If either of the latter two are used, it is recommended to have an ability to change your voice also, either through some sort of jutsu, or through natural abilities." Tenjin would then tell each of the students to come up and try to perform the jutu themselves. As they did, Tenjin found them not nearly as good as they were with the clone technique, but most people were close to passing the exam. He had the students transform into himself, and Tenjin noticed that with more practice, these students were surely able to pass the exams. Tenjin saw as the students creations included a lot of weird things, some made Tenjin fat, others made him supper skiny, some even made him with blue hair, while even other have created a Tenjin with pointed ears. This would continue until one of the more skilled students came up, and Tenjin knew there was something up, just in the way he walked with a confident smile, how he was talking to to his friends while they were waiting his turn. Tenjin would wait, and he would perform the proper hand sign’s before he suddenly transformed. This transpofrmation was near flawless, and Tenjin began to ponder whether he should further help this student with his ninja training. When he was done, Tenjin would start to approach him. Tenjin let him procced, as he inspected the technique and noticed little to no errors. Tenjin would look at him, and approvingly nod as the techinque will the canceled and the student turned back to his original form. A silence would fall over the students, before Tenjin began to smile back at the ninja student.
“Five ” he would say with a smile, “That is how many times I would like you to run around the Academy School. Also, as soon as you are done, I would like you to return here.”

The student’s had been out of class for 2 hours, Tenjin was grading the kids to see who would return in a timely manner, pretty much everyone passed, so he felt like he did a good job. After the two hours of waiting, the last student to finish the laps would come in, and judgeing by the sweat on his clothes, Tenjin would presume that he had been doing the running he was supposed to do.
“Well, I presume you finihed?” he would ask, “Y….yeah…” He would complain, “Why did you do that?” “To work your endurance of course!” Tenjin would say, as he would slightly raise his voice but in a non-threatening manner, “You are almost full fledge shinobi, you should prepare for a life of combat and running is the least of your problems. You are about to become a genin and when you are one, one slight mistake could be the difference between not only your life, but the life of your team, and overall the livelihood of the entire village!” Tenjin would say, before he grabbed his stuff and started to head out, letting that sink in for the student. Tenjin waved once more to his student and headed through the door, shutting it behind him. Tenjin smiled. Mission success... both for the kids, and for himself. Tenjin decided to go home and read the book that he left in his house, The Blind Watchmaker, by Richard Dawkins.

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