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1 Village Repair (D-Rank Mission) on Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:10 am



Mission name: Leaky mess
Mission rank: D-rank
Objective: Fix leaks
Location: Kumogakure
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: A recent storm has swept over Kumogakure, as such some houses have gathered a few leaks in their roofs and your job is too fix them.
Mission details: Mostly up to the writer, you need to fix at least three roofs before the mission can be considered complete.

2 Re: Village Repair (D-Rank Mission) on Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:31 am



Raphael rushed outside when he heard the siren signaling the all clear, to find that the streets of the village were still for the most part flooded the storm wreaked a lot of the village. Luckily for Raphael his apartment building seemed to weather the storm, unfortunately the same could not be said of the rest of the village that had taken a hard hit from it. The siren was more than just an all clear signal it was also an all hands on deck situation, there would be people hurt or trapped in a collapsed building or anything really. Raphael wasted no time jumping from his balcony he landed in a sprint as he took off for the administration office down the street. The street of the administration office was a buzz with activity, both those like Raphael coming to receive orders and those who were already given orders heading out. Raphael could not explain why but for some reason he was excited, of course he knew what had happened had been a very devastating event and many could be hurt, but it was finally his chance to to show the village leaders that he was ready and more valuable for the higher rank missions compared to the mundane missions that they had been sending him on. He arrived at the administration office to find that it was crowded with shinobi of all ranks waiting to get orders, 'this might take a while' he thought to himself as he considered trying to squeeze through the crowd. As it turned out though he did not need to try, he was quickly waved over by a official looking man that was lead a group of shinobi. "Your a genin right?" The man asked, "yeah" Raphael replied in a solemn tone as though he knew what was about to happen. "You'll be with us, the Genin will be charged with helping rebuild from the damage the storm cause you can take your pick from clean the streets or helping with roof rebuilds or whatever else need to be done to help those hit worst by the storm get back on their feet. Raphael groaned in his head 'just great, another day of the mundane' he thought to himself but just dropped his head and followed the man without objection. It is was it is he supposed, but helping the village is still helping the village and Raphael would do whatever it took to prove to the village he would be a valuable asset in the future.


3 Re: Village Repair (D-Rank Mission) on Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:41 am



The group of genin followed the man down the road until the reached the houses damaged by the storm, though damage to the buildings were clear it was not as bad as Raphael had expected. 'No doubt the buildings that have severe damage have higher ranking shinobi probably Chuunin's working on them or even those with the special skills needed for those type of situation while he was left on clean up. "Alright now those of you wishing to help clean up the debris go to the left over there to get the gear you need for the clean up." The man said pointing over to the left, "those wishing for roof detail follow me," he continued waving his fingers as he turned to signal to the group to follow him. Raphael decided to stay with the group and follow the man, if Raphael had to choose between cleaning up trash and putting shingles on a roof he would choose the roof every time. It was not that he felt himself above the task of picking up trash, the truth was he felt he was above all the tasks they assign to genin but at the same time he was in no position to complain. He would just rather stay away from trash and the job that involved having to touch it, and he always did prefer to work with his hand in hard labor and fixing roofs fit that bill. The man lead the small group of genin to a group of houses, a bunch of the houses already had someone working on them it even looked like there were a couple of special join in working on the roofs. 'I guess it is not such a low level task after all if they are doing the work too' Raphael thought to himself when he saw that it was not just genin that was helping to rebuild the village but all of the village shinobi were working together to get the job done. "All the tools and materials that you will need you will be able to find over there," the man said pointing to stacks of shingles as well as some carpenter belts and hammers, "nails are in the belts, if you have ever worked on roofs and know what your doing your welcome to strap up and pick a roof and begin, we want to get done as much as we can today before nightfall. Those who don't have experience please follow me to the training area, for a brief tutorial." The man stated continuing down the path towards what Raphael assumed was the training grounds, Raphael decided to hang back he had worked on roofs before he had helped shingle many of the houses within the Kozai Estate.


4 Re: Village Repair (D-Rank Mission) on Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:58 am



Grabbing a carpenter's belt and hammer he lifted up a small stack of probably twenty five individual shingles more than enough to get him started he figured as he headed in search of an unoccupied rooftop that needed to be attended too. When he reached the roof of the building he was to be working on it seemed as though this one did not have too much damage to it, merely a few patches here and there and the roof would be good as new. This roof wouldn't take long he thought though no matter how long this one took him there would still be more to do, this was going to be a full days job everyone in the village was working as hard as they could until the job was finished. Raphael smiled as he began working on the roof striping away the broken and damaged shingles to make room for the new ones, remembering the first time he had worked on a roof and his grandpa teaching him everything he needed to know about how to do the job. In less than an hour Raphael had the firstroof completed and was moving on to the second roof, it was a slightly more damaged roof and took him a lot longer for him to complete. It was nearly sunset when Raphael set out for the third roof of the day, his hand ached as did his back after having to carry all the shingles across the road and up the ladder on the second roof, he must had made at least fifteen trips if not more. He groaned when he finally made it to the last house, all the others were either finished or already being worked on. This house must of got the worst of it Raphael thought to himself as it looked like the house did not have a single shingle remaining on it, this will take forever he thought as he climb up the ladder and started working with the shingles he had with him. After he finished with what little shingles he had, he went to grab more but before he reached the ladder to head down he was greeted by another boy, "oh hi, we finished with our roofs and this one is the last one in the area so we figured we would all work together to finish it." The boy said with a smile as Raphael looked over the edge of the roof to see that the 'we' the boy spoke of was a line of people all carrying shingles and wait to climb up the ladder. "Glad to have the help," Raphael replied taking some shingles from the boy amd returning to work as the others came to help. In the matter of an hour or so the final roof was finish and the group all cheered it was a job well done and it would not of been so if they had not worked together to finish the last one.

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Mission Completed: -750
Additional Words: -600
Total Payment: 300 Ryo

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