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"Oh kami, damn it, I'm late!" Mizuto screamed as she opened her eyes to the fluorescent lights of her alarm clock (which had conveniently not gone off). Jumping out of bed the genin ran around her apartment in a determined, almost daze like, manner; rushing her hair with one hand and eating an apple with the other. After an eventful five minutes  Mizuto jumped out the window and began to run towards the pool gates.

Luckily for the genin the pool wasn't too far from her place of residence and the class she was scheduled to supervise wasn't due to leave until an hour after the usual starting time of school. With a sigh of relief Mizuto ran through the gate and began walking at a calmer pace towards the kiosk, where she was asked to meet with the client. A man in his early 30's sat behind it, clad only in a layer of sunscreen and shorts. He wasn't unattractive but the sight of him shirtless was nothing compared to Mizuto's every day perversion of Ichi Ichi: Hotel Heat.

"You must be Mizuto right?" He asked, looking up from his desk and at the blue hair girl. She nodded in reply. "Let me warn you, today won't be easy. Your job is to make sure that the kids don't prank or interfere with any of my other guests. One boy in particular, Koga, he's one you'll want to keep an eye on. In fact I wouldn't be hiring ninja for this if he wasn't on these field trips. Just keep an eye on them and for the love of Kami don't hurt them."

With her mission details and a solid 5 minutes to mentally prepare for the onslaught of children, Mizuto found herself a nice spot on the side of the pool and got out her book. She wouldn't be able to read it while the kids were here so she had to enjoy what time she had left with it. After her allotted time and a quick application of tissue paper to her bleeding nose, Mizuto put away her book and headed for the front gate. There she could see a small group of small people walking her way, lead by their young female teacher, who wore a nice floral print dress.

As they arrived she greeted the woman and told them what area of the pool they'd be allowed to swim in, all the while trying to pick out the trouble makers in the group. They weren't that hard to find. Koga and a boy she hadn't identified where smirking and whispering to each other the whole explanation. Deciding to keep an eye specifically on those two, Mizuto let the kids get changed and began to chat idly with the teacher, from whom she learnd the other boy's name was Toya. Within a few minutes they were all changed and ready to go putting their towels on chairs near their side of the pool. That's when all hell broke loose.

As soon as their towels were down,  Koga had his hands on a large chunk of mud and threw it at the nearest lifeguard, laughing hysterically as he did so. Mizuto deciding now would be a good idea to interfere, began to run towards them. As she did so however, Toya spotted her and threw a well pitched mud globule in Mizuto's direction. With practiced movement the ninja dodged past the projectile and reached the two boys. With a flick of her wrist she had both boys hands in her own, restraining both from throwing the mud they now held or picking up any more.

"Toya, Koga let's go for a walk, shall we?" She asked as she began to drag them to the entrance of the pool. When outside she emptied their palms of the mud that was still there and made them sit down. She waited and watched as their sensei come out of the pool to give them a scolding. Neither seemed perturbed by the yelling, in fact Koga seemed to enjoy the attention his short lived muddy escapade was giving him. After a firm 'chewing out' by their teacher and the disposal of the their mud filled towels, Mizuto decided to take them aside and chat to them herself.

"Have you guys ever thought of becoming ninja?" She questions as she sat on a chair in front of them. "You both have good aim, neither of you seem to like the rest of your class mates and there are plenty of ways that you can set your pranking mind to good use in a strategical sense." They looked at each other with wide eyes, both completely surprised by the question they'd been asked. Sure both had played off the idea but never seriously, they both had civilian parents and didn't think they had the chakra or clan techniques to make it. Mizuto was well aware that they may never make it to genin, but at least it got them distracted enough for the class to finish their trip. Who knew maybe one of them would become the next Mizukage.

As the genin watched the kids walk off away from the, now calm pool, she smiled. It hadn't been long since she was that age but it really felt like a life-time.

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